The directory tree

Create a directory Assignment1 under your home directory and perform following steps in Assignment1 directory.


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DirB DirC DirD

DirE DirG DirH DirI



Create the directory tree depicted in the above Figure. Make sure all names are as they appear in the diagram (check also case sensitivity). Navigate to DirA directory and use tree command to view the directory structure.

Navigate to DirG directory. In it, create a file (using vi editor) called file_vi.txt. Using vi editor, add following three lines. Then save and exit from the file. Again, open the file file_vi.txt using vi editor to view the contents of the file.
My name is (Your name). This is Assignment 1.
We are in Linux class.

Redirect your username at the end of the file.

Navigate to DirA in a single command. Now being inside DirA, copy the files file_vi.txt in DirG directory using single command to dirH. Navigate to dirH (using a single command) and execute a command to verify that it has been copied.

Now move the file file_vi.txt in dirH to dirE using single command. Navigate to dirE (using a single command) and execute a command to verify that it has been moved.

Here, go to the home directory using a single command. Navigate to Assignment directory and execute the tree command to view the directory structure. Redirect the output of tree command to tree.txt file.

Email to yourself the files file_vi.txt, file_pwd.txt and tree.txt. Now, create two files assignment_archive.txt and assignment.txt file that contains ALL commands from the beginning and all the commands used to produce this assignment (starting form creation of “Assignment” directory) respectively. Then email yourself these two files as well. Hint: use history command and the redirection operator >.


NOTE: Marks will be deducted if you submit incomplete history and/or used irrelevant commands.