Guidelines to writing narrative essays

What is a narrative essay?

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A narrative essay is the type where a student tells a story from a defined point of view. These essays are different from other types of academic essays since they are often based on personal accounts rather than facts or research, allowing students to express themselves in a creative and, quite often, moving ways. It talks about a particular event or a series of events and describes the experiences that the writer got from it.

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When writing a narrative essay, the writer uses specific and sensory details to get the reader involved and interested in the story.  A narrative essay is usually written in the first person, and it challenges the writer to think and write about themselves. The composition always has a vivid and precise plot since it’s based on personal experiences. It’s usually in the form of a story.

Additionally, the essay tries to relay events that invoke the emotions of your readers. The activities should generate reactions from the readers through fear, sympathy, surprise, sadness, or anger. Most students don’t like narrative essays since most assignments require personal stories, and writing about real-life experiences can be challenging. However, students can seek professional writing services for help and guidance. writing platform guarantees unique, reliable, and satisfying writing services.

Writing a good narrative essay is not as easy as many people would like to think. There is so much more to it than simply telling a story. Everything from the choice of words to the structure needs to be done just right to do justice to the tale.

Why do students write narrative essays?

The primary purpose of narrative essays is telling stories to the reader. in most cases, students are required to tell their personal experiences, give reasons for writing it, and the significance of telling the story. Narrative essays differ from other pieces by guiding a reader and allowing them to interpret it in their way. Unlike persuasive essays, narrative essays are not critical or persuasive.

Narrative essays provide writers with an unique opportunity to understand themselves and their feelings towards the experience. Writing about Personal experiences and sharing it enables the reader to understand issues that are different from theirs. The essays teach the writer to share personal experiences in a manner that is entertaining and evokes curiosity.

Elements of a good narrative essay

Writers need to put into consideration the above elements to improve their skills in crafting captivating and memorable narratives. You will need to practice regularly to become more creative and prolific in writing your description. A narrative essay revolves around the following aspects:


A plot is the order of events in a narrative. Many writers use a scenario to lay a foundation of their story before embarking on the writing process. The plot includes background details, conflict, the peak of the story, and the conclusion. It’s meant to organize information and events logically. However, the plot not should be too predictable or too dramatic to prevent readers from becoming bored and end up losing interest.


Characters are essential in creating a story. When writing a narrative, you should spend a considerable amount of time creating character identities, actions, and circumstances. It would be best if you showed how the protagonist and antagonists relate to each other. An excellent choice of characters grabs the attention of the reader and keeps them captivated throughout the narrative.


The theme of a narrative should be clear, concise, and consistent to highlight the main ideas of the story. A bright and focused subject enables the writer to keep the audience interested and focused on the narrative. The theme of the description should be unique, creative and captivating enough to evoke the emotions of the readers.

Point of view

In a narrative, a point of view establishes who is telling the story and their intended purpose. This allows the reader to understand the motives behind the story and the reason it’s being said. A point of view can be used to express feelings, thoughts and experiences of the writer.


Symbolism is an artistic writing style that involves the use of symbols to represent particular ideas. It helps writers evoke certain moods or emotions from the reader. Symbolism helps readers visualize the writer’s narrative, thoughts, and how they conceptualize it. Additionally, it creates relevance and a connection of the reader towards the story. Examples of symbolism may include: the dove is a symbol of peace, or a red rose represents love or romance.


Conflict influences the plot and sets the theme of the narrative. Conflict in a story creates challenges for the characters by adding uncertainty as to whether they will achieve the ultimate goal or not. Having an outlined conflict allows readers to understand, relate with your characters and feel satisfied with the narrative.

Writers need to put into consideration the above elements to improve their skills in crafting captivating and memorable narratives. You will need to practice regularly to become more creative and prolific in writing your descriptions.

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