Project Risk Management

Total Mark: 100

Question 1

You are task to manage and organize trip to Mozambique for year-end function with fellow colleagues as a project manager.
⦁ Develop a risk break down structure for the trip you are organizing and managing (25)
⦁ Identify and document the risk into a risk register (25)
⦁ Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis of the Trip (25)

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Question 2

Company X appoints you as a project manager for a product launch campaign, Towards the launch date you realized that the product quality is poor. In addressing the non-conformance identify the most possible risks and all the contributory risk using the appropriate tool/diagram. (25)

Aassignment Rules – (To be followed)
⦁ Your assignment should not exceed 06 pages.
⦁ Submission method: via email ⦁

NB: Plagiarism is an offence, and this could lead to serious charges as per the University policies. This will be checked using the Turnitin system; therefore, do not copy from each other, each group must do their own work please.
No late assignments will be accepted – all assignments to be submitted before the cut off time.



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