Business: Management Information Systems (MIS))

Benjamin Air Condition Maintenance and Repair LLC. is a medium-size Air Condition Service company that provides maintenance and repair services for approximately 1,000 government and commercial businesses throughout Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

The customers call into its customer service department with requests for repairs.

The organization assigns each request a work order number (WO#) and writes down the WO#, customer account number (CAS), the date of the request, A/C brand, size, and model number to be repaired, and a brief description of the problem.

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The service calls are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the work is complete, the Benjamin A/C calculates the cost of the work, enters the price on the work order form, and bills the customer. This approach treats all customers the same. However, management would like to find a way to provide immediate service to its high value customers (customers who spend more than $ 5000 per month). The company would also like to track problems based on the frequency of occurs to ensure resources to address them.

Read the following scenario and design an application to track customer service requests and determine the priority of customers to be served.

The application design should consist of an IPO model, flowchart and pseudocode. Submit the design components in a MS Word document. Refer to the following for examples of an IPO model, flowchart and pseudocode:

Braunschweig, D. (n.d.). Input-Process-Output Model. Rebus COMMUNITY. Retrieved from:

Application Design
Your solution will require more than one table. Create several reports that would be of interest to management, to include a list of the highest and lowest priority accounts and a report showing the most frequently occurring service problems. Create a report that prioritizes the service request.

Prepare at least ten test scenarios to validate your proposed solution.

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