ISIT 357 Content Management Software

ISIT 357 Content Management Software

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Executive Summary
1. Write a paragraph of executive summary, which describes a brief detail of your web
application. Research on the web application you would like to build. The information on
this section can always be modified and/or changed at later time depending on your
progress throughout the semester.
2. Provide the name of your selected theme
Requirements: You must follow these requirements.
• 100 – 200 words minimum on executive summary
• Double-spaced
• Font Type: Times New Roman with size of 12 point
• APA style (if there is any citation)
Information to be included in a software executive summary
• What is the title of your web application?
• What are the purposes of your web application?
• Who are the main audiences of your web application?
• What are the information and services of your web application?
Method of submission:
Submit via

Executive Summary (Example 1)
With the technological advancement our world has become smaller than ever – we now
carry the world on our palm. As technology evolves, we invest ourselves so much within it that
we barely get time to enjoy the nature and what it has to offer. ‘The Voyage of Lifetime’ website
is a web application which necessarily provides information and services regarding different
destinations one could visit to surround themselves with a touch of nature that has been missing.
The information is highly accessible for the age group of 18 and above, however consists of
various deals that is easily cozy for children. For the application to perform well, there is a
necessity of an efficient Administrative, which allows to edit the content as per the criteria while
also allowing a smooth operation of day-to-day system administration and trouble shooting.
Therefore, ‘WordPress’ application programming interference is being used for productivity of
the website; not only it is easier for beginners, but also powerful for developers.
Since my website is based on the nature and travels, I have chosen the theme Ascend as
its vibes close with the aesthetics that I would like to provide my clients with while they visit my
Executive Summary (Example 2)
Taste of Thai Restaurant will be dine-in, carry out, curbside pickup, and delivery
restaurant specializing in the traditional Thai cuisine. Taste of Thai’s mission is not only to have
great tasting food but have efficient and friendly service because customer service is paramount.
For us to achieve this mission, our web application must provide the background of the
restaurant, we will include the menu in both English and Thai to meet the needs of our
community. We will incorporate online reservations, online ordering for takeout and delivery,
catering and party scheduling. The target audience is any patron that likes and knows or would
like to know and try authentic Thai food. Any ethnicity. Any age. Also, Thai people who might
not be good in English by adding Thai language to the website, it will help those people in the
community that really do not speak English very well. WordPress will be used to implement the
appearance and the content of the website.
Active Theme: Restaurant Recipe
Executive Summary (Example 3)
The title of my webpage is going to be MangaAngel which is a web application based on
manga or webtoons website which provides user read different type of manga and webtoons
based on their preference and services include letting user access many types of manga and
webtoon, saving, bookmarking, notifying and membership access. The information is available
to age group above 15 plus for both male and female because some of the manga may contain
violence or inappropriate contents for age group below 15. Administrator interface which
requires authentication allows administrator to update, upload and edit content and appearance of
the website. A content management system (CMS), WordPress (latest version), will be used to
manage this web while editing and managing the content and appearance of the website. We can
install additional add on for the multimedia feature, bookmark, and notification.
Active Theme: Sydney
Executive Summary (Example 4)
A demo kindergarten’s website is a web application design to give information on the
educational purpose and on children’s activities to the user. This website contents several lessons
that spark the creativity of the child and is accessible to users of all age groups as it is made for
educational purposes. It is very flexible and versatile and also mobile responsive. It is highly
customizable with various personalization options and can only be changed by the one that has
the authorization. WordPress can be used to customize its contents and appearances. It is a type
of content management system (CMS) and is a widely used platform. Furthermore, WordPress is
safe and secure to run a website and also can handle different types of media files.
Active Theme: Preschool and Kindergarten
Executive Summary (Example 5)
This vacation website will be a web application that gives us detailed information about
places and services around the world, selected by us and provided to our customers. They will
also find a price range for the various destination, multimedia, and online booking. The
information will be publicly available to customers, but they should be over 18 to be able to
travel alone. To develop this application, we will use one of the most famous and used platforms
for building sites – content management system (CMS) – “WordPress.” It gives us exceptional
flexibility in building the appearance of the site, easy content change and secure protection.
Active Theme: Astra

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