Industrial Sociology

Industrial Sociology
Research Assignment
Mini Research
You have been selected to lead the review and presentation of a session on the Caribbean countries and sustainable development within the context of the global Covid 19 pandemic.
For this research, you are required to undertake the following:
Provide a clear rationale/justification for the need of this kind of research
Provide theoretical/historical data on the Caribbean development models for a named period
Identify and explore three (3) key areas that have been affected by the global pandemic across the Caribbean islands
Provide recommendations for the areas identified
References (provide the link for all used references)
This assignment should be done using APA 7th edition with word count of 3000-3200


Criteria Excellent
Interpretation of Questions
Demonstrated a very good understanding of what the questions are asking and requires.
Clarity of argument Excellent expression and argument in terms of explaining answers and/or giving reasons for answers.
Technical correctness of answer
Demonstrated a comprehensive grasp of the concepts and explicitly provides all relevant technical working with accuracy.

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