Ken Burns: The Central Park 5.

Watch the documentary, “Ken Burns: The Central Park 5.” While watching the documentary consider the following: Who did the police protect and serve in this case? What model of justice was utilized in this case? Answer at least two of the key questions.

Key Questions

1. Why were the police allowed to interrogate these child suspects without a parent or an attorney present?

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2. Would White children accused of the same crimes have been treated in the same manner?

3. What are the tensions in this case with regard to law enforcement and the legal system? How do you resolve that tension?

4. What is the role of Police in the legal system today?

5. Should a confession that results from an interrogation be called something other than a confession i.e., confession by coercion or statement made while intimidated? Why or Why not?

6. What are your thoughts in general about the investigation and subsequent trial, was justice served?

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