List the features of R/tableau that you can help you to provide visualisation according to data governance principles

BUSA8090 Assignment 2- Visualisation Task
Individual submission to iLearn
A Zipped file which includes
Your .R visualisation files or tableau workbook (part A)
Word Document (part B) This assessment has two parts:
Part A: Practical work
Part B: Report writing
Value: 30% (Part A 20 marks, Part B 10 marks)
Part A- Practical work Total marks 20
In Assignment 2, students are provided with a CSV file, which contains the sales data of a local music store. Students are permitted to choose either R or Tableau to attain the required visualisation tasks. Please complete all tasks in the following sequence:
Most popular genre:
Which genre sells the most?
To help determine next year’s budget, you are asked to create a visualisation determine which genre sells the most to our customers in Europe and Asia.
Your visualisation must have
One visualisation relevant to the data (any chart)
Genre on colors – like shown
Specifically explain the context of Europe and Asia
Top 20 artists:
Sales distribution by Geography:
Compare the sales distribution: how does the sales distribution of Rock tracks compare against Alternative and Heavy Metal tracks?
Decision making visualisation: students are required to do any One visualisation which can be used as predictive analytics to improve business decision making.
Consider any one stakeholder of the Music sales Store and complete one visualisation for predictive analysis so that the stakeholder can make decisions for the business.

Part B – Write 200/ 300 words report to discuss the following task Total marks 10

Describe the four data analytics process for data governance. List the features of R/tableau that you can help you to provide visualisation according to data governance principles.
Ethics is an important aspect of Data visualisation, discuss and apply any three ethics values that you have maintained.
Discuss Task 5 visualisation and provide sufficient justification on the prediction.

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