n the film American Psycho the character Patrick Bateman is a yuppie

Pick a movie criminal that you believe is iconic; based on that individual’s crimes and/or behavior in the movie determine if the individual would be found competent to stand trial if actually arrested and charged for the behavior displayed in the film.

Give a short summary of the plot and crimes of the identified criminal and why you picked this particular character… For example – In the film American Psycho the character Patrick Bateman is a yuppie (google it) investment trader by day and serial killer by night. Throughout most of the movie the audience is unsure if he is a psychopath or if the murders are all in his head. I picked this character because this felt like an individual that could really be out and about in the world and it scares me (a little bit) or whatever it is that resonated with you about the character.

Utilizing all the information you learned on competency in Chapter 10, determine if your choice would be competent to stand trial or declared insane and why.

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