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There are three major types of satire within the general definition of humor. The names of the first two are after Roman satirists, Horace (first century BC) and Juvenal (19th century BC to early second century AD), while the third is after Menippus (third-century BCE).

Horatian: Horace playedfully mocked the social norms of his time, and the satire after him is clever but gentle. Horatian satire doesn’t attack evils but ridicules all human folly so the reader can identify with the criticisms and laugh at himself/herself, as well as society.

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Juvenalian: Juvenal, unlike Horace, attacked public officials through his satires. He saw their opinions as not only wrong but also as evil. Juvenalian humor is therefore more contemptuous, abrasive and uses strong irony as well as sarcasm. This is the nature of polarized political satire, which aims to inspire change. Juvenalian humor isn’t always as funny.

Menippean: Menippean humor criticizes mental attitudes, not societal norms and specific individuals. This type of humor often mocks single-minded people such as braggarts and misers, bigots, and others.

Socrates, the son a Athenian sculptor was born in 469 B.C. Although he was trained in the art of his father, he gave up that profession to pursue truth and virtue.

He didn’t give formal instruction in the manner of other philosophers of his day, but he engaged people in conversation and sought to get his contemporaries (especially the young men) to think clearly and act rationally.

He professed no knowledge other than his ignorance. The famous Socratic irony of Socrates was displayed in his willingness to learn from others who claimed to have the same knowledge. He compares his role as a teacher to that of a midwife, or someone who helps a mother during labor. A teacher is best at helping students bring their ideas to life, just as a midwife can’t give birth for the mother. This analogy can be used to help us understand how Mark Twain helps us as readers by taking on the role of an ignorant and untutored narrator.

However, such conversations led to the inevitable result that the would-be teacher was reduced to either irritation at his pretensions or humility, eager to learn from his questioner. This was only natural, as it was a way to make enemies. Socrates was eventually accused of creating new gods and corrupting youth. His defense was based on the “Apology” and was done with his usual firm adherence to his convictions and complete fearlessness of the consequences.

If he had been willing to accept a conciliatory tone, he could have escaped death row. But he died (B.C. He was a martyr for his unwavering devotion to truth. 399. Socrates did not write anything, and what we know about his teachings comes mainly from his disciples, Xenophon, and Plato.

Stephen Colbert, in the embedded interview, pretends ignorance, much like Socrates with his students. This is to make a joke for his audience and Elizabeth Alexander (his guest), who clearly knows and embraces.

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