4 Types Of Activists

4 Types Of Activists – Assignment Help

We can give thanks to activists whenever there is a positive change in society. They are active in all corners of the globe on social issues such as racial injustice and gender discrimination. Activists can be found lobbying their governments and calling for accountability from corporations. They also campaign for equality. While visions and goals may vary, activists all want a better world. The best activism is a combination of many strategies. Here are five different types:

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Protests and demonstrations

Demonstrations are perhaps the most well-known form of activism. People united by a common belief come together during a demonstration or protest. They may march on a particular route, take part in a demonstration, hold a vigil, or sit at a certain place to raise awareness about the cause. It is often crucial to consider the time and place of an event. There are many demonstrations that take place on the anniversary of important events such as the death or birthday of someone who is an advocate for the movement, or the death or birthday of a victim of injustice. Sometimes, organizers also choose a meaningful location such as outside a capitol to protest a bill.

It is so vital that the United Declaration of Human Rights includes the right to peaceful assembly. Article 19 and Article 20, respectively, protect the right of people to gather and publicly express, promote, or defend their beliefs. These rights together are often referred to as the right of protest. This right is also protected by national constitutions, such as the United States. Protests and demonstrations can be complicated by law enforcement and counter-protesters. Activists need to anticipate resistance and ensure safety for all.


Boycotts aim to have an economic impact on a target, such as a company that engages in exploitative practices. Boycotts work best when large numbers of people take part, just like protests. A good example is the 2009 Fruit of the Loom Boycott. After workers organized a union, Fruit of the Loom/Russell shut down a Honduran factory. Around 1,800 Honduran garment workers were laid off. Workers Rights Consortium and Fair Labour Association discovered that the company was at most partially motivated to close down because workers were organizing a union. Students from the USA, Canada and the UK urged their universities to stop supporting Fruit of the Loom. The largest ever garment boycott was joined by more than 100 universities. What was the result? Fruit of the Loom opened the factory, paid workers $2.5 million, and returned the jobs to the union. Boots must have clear goals and strong leadership to be successful.


Workers who are faced with unsafe or dangerous work conditions, low wages or other issues may refuse to work if negotiations fail or are rejected. Because there were no work protections or companies that relied on mass labor, strikes were an integral part of the Industrial Revolution. To discourage workers from striking, many countries have made it illegal. Strikes are often associated with business, but they can also be used to press governments to alter certain policies. To protest the gender pay gap, 90% of Iceland’s women went on strike in 1975. These included both women who worked in office settings and those who stayed at home moms. The closing of factories, schools, banks, childcare centers, and other institutions meant that men could continue to do the work. In the following year, parliament passed legislation ensuring equal pay. Five years later, Iceland elected the first female president democratically elected in the world.

Social media campaigns

Social media activism has taken the world by storm. It is also known as “hashtag activism” and brings activism to social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Through posts, graphics and videos, users raise awareness about issues, organizations and actions. With the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” in 2020, social media activism was evident. According to Pew Research data, more than 47 million people used the hashtag on Twitter between May 26th and June 7. Many people are skeptical of social media activism, despite its popularity. It is often limited to sharing posts, and there is no real-world action. It becomes performative. Social media activism can be combined with other strategies to make it more effective in sharing information and broadening the reach of an issue, particularly among young people. Pew Research has found that the number of young people using social media to discuss political and social issues has increased by twofold since 2018. Engagement is the first step in activism. While many will simply share posts, others will use what they learn on social media to make a difference in the real world.

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