A good speech about soccer

A good speech about soccer– Assignment Help

Good morning everyone. Let me begin by thanking the women’s committee for inviting us here today and to congratulate Louise Waxler for the Award of Excellence. Charlotte Moran, who is unfortunately not here today, would also be appreciated. Charlotte was my mom away at many regional events and made me laugh every time, even in the most stressful moments of ODP.

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I must admit that I was somewhat overwhelmed when I was asked to give a speech in front of this group for the first time. Many of you are the ones I turn to for wisdom and have given me life-changing guidance over the years.

When I began to write down ideas, I realized that I was the sum of many elements. These elements were a result of learning from the people I stand in front of. These elements are the core of my passion.

since I was nine years old, trying to do 10 thigh juggles on the front lawn, my dream has been to become a professional soccer player. When I was a small girl, wearing my Mia Hamm jersey as a Mia Hamm jersey, it was a completely foreign concept to me. It was impossible for me to have imagined the future, the steps involved, and how I would get there.

But I knew exactly what I wanted and I have not wavered from my goals. My childhood dream came true when I signed my first professional contract at Sky Blue FC.

My journey is far from over, even though I am a professional player at 23 years old and a current member of Women’s National Team. While some may think that I have “arrived,” I still see my career as just starting. It is a strange feeling when you finally achieve a goal that you have worked hard for and suffered through so much. I expected to feel happy, if not just content.


It is very enlightening looking back at my journal. Because it contains a chronological account of my journey, each step of which has been stripped of any recent perspective. There are some profanities, important information written in capital letters, and even a list with players I wanted to surpass, which I have crossed off when I felt I had done so.

Sometimes my journal contains longer sections, other times it is just bullet points or tidbits. But the combination has helped me understand why I do what and how I do it.

This is why I am sharing it with you. It is my December 2009 motto that I believe captures what I have come to understand is the most important aspect of my quest for greatness as a soccer player. December’s motto was “love the process”.

This concept is very important to me. I am a very driven person. Some might even say that I am obsessed to the point of obsessive. Because soccer is my job, I’ve realized that it needs to be viewed in a different light. My drive can be best described as: I work TOWARDS a goal but not FOR it.

Let me distinguish. If you look at my training schedule, you will either A. find me a hard worker or B. think that I am crazy. I am not the former, although my family may argue otherwise. I love what I do. Even if I didn’t get the chance to represent my country, play on a professional team or win a national championship, I would still love what I do.

Recently, a friend of mine said to me that he was the luckiest person on the planet. He was absolutely right. Your hobby is your job. My goal has been to never “work” in my entire life. Because I love what I do, it’s not work. Every day I compete and train, I feel even more joy. This joy and the love of the process is what I believe is important. It will not be easy to be the best at what your do. It is our love for what we do that gives us the strength to persevere.

“But, out of all your amazing achievements, the thing I treasure most is your lasting impact on our culture. You made it fun. You never lost sight of the essence of athletic success.


When I look back at the 15 years that I have spent in this game and the life ahead of me, I see a lot of achievements. I would like to defend the WPS Championship, win an Olympic Cup, and medal with gold at the Olympics. When all is said and done it will not be just those accolades I will treasure.

When I think back to UNC, when we were about start our first 10 cones (a dreaded exercise drill), I’ll always smile. Anson shouted “GO!” and we all fell to ground.

I will always be grateful to be able to go kick the ball in the local schoolyard with my sister. When I think back to playing pickup at Fetzer Field in Chapel Hill at night, under the single lamp that remains on, I will never forget.

When I think back to the first season of Sky-Blue FC, I’ll always have a good time laughing. It seems that we had more coaches then are sitting here right now.

My eyes will never fail to lighten when I see a group of men playing soccer in a random park by the road.

These are the aspects I love the most about this game. It’s all about the journey and not the destination.

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