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Accounting refers to the consolidation of financial information in order to make it easy for all stakeholders and shareholders. Accounting’s main purpose is to record and present financial transactions and financial performance of a company.

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Accounting standards increase the reliability of financial statements. The financial statements include the income statement and balance sheet as well as the cash flow statement and statement of retained earnings. Standardized reporting makes it easy for all stakeholders and shareholders assess the business’ performance. Financial statements must be accurate, reliable, and transparent.

Different types of accounting

Accounting can be divided into two types: financial accounting and management accounting.

  1. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the preparation of financial statements. Financial accounting’s main purpose is to accurately measure the business’s performance. Financial statements can be used for external purposes, but they can also be used by internal management to aid in making decisions.

Accounting principles and standards are widely accepted in financial accounting. These include the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), or the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Accounting standards are important because they enable all stakeholders and shareholders understand and interpret financial statements year-to-year.

  1. Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting is the analysis of financial accounting data. This refers to the preparation of reports on business operations. Reports are used to aid the management team in making tactical and strategic business decisions.

Managerial accounting allows enterprises to maximize efficiency by reviewing financial information, deciding the best next steps, and then communicating those next steps with internal business managers.

Cost accounting is an example of managerial accounting. Cost accounting is a method of cost control that focuses on the breakdown of costs. Management accounting is crucial in decision-making.

Why accounting is important

  • Keeps track of all business transactions

Accounting is essential because it maintains a record of financial information about the organization. Current records allow users to compare historical financial data with current information. It allows users to evaluate the company’s performance over time with complete, consistent, and exact records.

  • Facilitates decision-making for management

Internal users of an organization are especially dependent on accounting. These internal users could include those who plan, organize and manage the organization. Accounting is essential for the management team to make important decisions. The business decisions can range from making geographic expansion plans to increasing operational efficiency.

  • Communicates results

Accounting is used to communicate company results to different users. Accounting information is primarily used by external users such as investors, lenders and creditors. While investors may decide to purchase shares in the company’s stock, lenders will need to assess their risk before lending. Companies must establish trust with external users by providing relevant and reliable accounting data.

  • Meets all requirements

Accounting is essential for organizations to accurately report financial assets and liabilities. To assess a company’s gross revenue and net income, tax authorities such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) use standard accounting financial statements. This system of accounting ensures that financial statements for a company are accurately and legally reported.

Accounting Careers

An accountant’s role is to interpret and report financial information. A small business may only need one accountant. Larger companies might have an entire accounting department.

Accounting covers many roles such as bookkeeping, tax planning, audit, and more. There are many designations that can be used to make accountants certified, including Certified Public Accountant in the U.S. (CPA), Chartered Accountant in the U.K. (ACA), Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada (CPA), and so forth. Deloitte and KPMG are the four biggest accounting firms worldwide. PwC and EY are the two largest.

Accounting Business Major

A business major in accounting receives a solid education in business administration. This allows them to dive into the technical aspects of accounting and develop other skills necessary for a role in accounting, such as public speaking or information systems. Accounting students should be interested in numbers and the communication of financial information.

What is an Accounting Major?

Accounting majors learn to maintain, audit and create a system that shows the financial position of a company or business. They learn about the theory of accounting and how to analyze the financial situation of an organization or firm.

You may be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration, or a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting depending on the program you choose. There may be different names for accounting majors in schools, including accounting, accounting and financial management and accounting technology.

An accounting degree may be enough to qualify you for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam. This exam is required in order to practice as an accountant.

Future employers value organizational skills such as attention to detail, time management, leadership, and communication. Accounting majors can develop these skills over the course of their degree program.

What Common Coursework Can Accounting Majors can Expect?

Accounting majors start their education with a broad liberal arts education, which includes English literature, psychology, and physics. Accounting majors will be able to take taxation and introduction courses to accounting as they move on in their studies. The curriculum also includes math classes such as statistics and calculus. Accounting majors can take advanced courses like computer-based systems, operations manager, and theory classes in both accounting and auditing. Accounting programs often include public speaking and business communication.

Students must complete an accounting internship in order to receive credit for many programs, such as the McCombs School of Business at University of Texas-Austin. Accounting majors can gain practical experience in the field and make professional connections to help them find a job.

How to determine if this major is right for you

Accounting majors should love math and should be able to enjoy organization. This includes crunching numbers in a computer-based program and analyzing financial data.

Accounting majors must also communicate their findings to business executives and answer any questions. Accounting majors must be able to do repetitive, routine tasks, and work long hours during tax season (January through April). Accounting majors must be truthful and follow tax codes and regulations.

What is it like to study Accounting?

An accounting degree will teach you a lot about business, but the focus will always be on money. The first year will be spent focusing on the core subjects that underpin the subject. After that, you’ll specialize in areas that are most interesting to you, such as auditing, tax or management.

Through a mixture of classroom learning, industry placements, case studies, workshops and reporting, you’ll be able to master accounting skills. You’ll learn the secrets and tips of being an accountant in real life from tutors and lecturers who are professionals.

Accounting students will spend approximately 12 hours a week in class, but there will be plenty of time for self-study or solo projects.

Accounting is usually a three year degree. It can be offered as a BA or BSc. You may need to wait longer if you choose university offers a placement in industry. Accounting is a popular degree and has a high job market.

Accounting degrees are likely to include:

  • Writing essays and reports
  • Participating in seminars and lectures
  • Business speakers – Hearing from
  • Placements and industry experience
  • Group work, presentation and project management

If you wish to become a chartered accountant, you will need to complete professional training. While this is not required for all financial positions, it will help you to be accredited as an accountant by the ACCA, ACA or CIMA.

Help with writing essays and accounting reports

Accounting students are constantly analyzing and calculating numbers. Accounting students in high school, college, university undergraduate, or masters will need to write a variety of accounting writings, including accounting coursework, accounting dissertations, accounting essays, and accounting articles. Professors and lecturers will require you to complete all these accounting papers before you can receive the certificate that would allow you to become a practicing accountant.

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