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Adventure Story Ideas for Kids – Children love stories with lots of adventure. Children love to read about Harry Potter’s magic and then imagine themselves in Hogwarts. Some imagine themselves as a Jedi, flying through space with Anakin in Star Wars. Students are encouraged to create their own adventure stories using the prompts below.

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Adventure Story Writing Ideas For Kids

Writing about topics that interest children is a great way to get them writing.


Writing topics that children can relate to and that engage them fully are the best. Most people have had adventures or imagined adventures. We invite you to ask your students to write some adventures.


These fun writing prompts can be shared with your children. Encourage them to use their creativity and write their own adventure stories.



Ideas and prompts for writing adventures stories for kids

Imagine you could fly. What would you do? What would you do?


We would love to hear about your pet’s adventures while at school.

Write a story about a robot of the future.

What are you destined to do when you grow up? Write about the amazing things that have happened.

Imagine that you are in a forest, and the trees talk. What is the secret to their communication? What would they have to say?

Which holiday character is your favourite? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny What adventures have they had when it’s not holiday season?

Imagine a place you’d love to visit. What would you do?

Which team is your favorite? What would you do if you were a member of that team? What would you do?

Write about your favorite Disney character right now.

Ideas for Adventure Writing Projects for Kids


Ask your parents about the things they did as children. Write about their adventures.

Imagine you could ride an ant when you were just a little bit tall. What adventures could you and your ant friend go on?

Create a story that is based on “Amazing”

Write a story about the fridge when it is closed.

What adventures could you have in a hot-air balloon? And how would you return to the earth?

Ask your parents to give you a quarter. Write about how the quarter got to you.

Write about what happens in the school when nobody is there. Are the chairs, erasers and chalk alive? What other possibilities are there?

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