AEROFLOT RUSSIAN AIRLINES THESIS Aeroflot Russian airlines will suffer due to western sanctions, and this could jeopardize the airline to rewind decades worth of progress it has made to modernize itself. Instructions Because this is the most crucial argumentative step, I suggest that it also receive the most attention in the essay (4 pages). Develop a draft of your “Defining the Problem” section. What details from your sources might you call on to support your case? Try the following outline to help you structure your paragraphs. Defining the Problem (4 pages) How did we get here? (Quotes from 1 source): Define your key term (Use a quote from 1 source): What are some other arguments for what the problem is? Why is your emphasis/perspective preferable to these other arguments? (Quote from 1 source) Why is this urgent now? (Quote from 1 source)

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