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We will give you an overview of argumentative essay examples and help you improve your writing skills. Each essay is followed with an explanation of its structure, how it went, and what could be improved. Finally, we conclude with tips to help you make argumentative essays as strong and compelling as possible.

Argumentative essays are required to support your opinion on a given topic. Argumentative essays will be the most common type of essay you’ll ever write. These essays combine convincing arguments and fact-based analysis. They can be powerful tools to convince people to believe your views. For help with writing argumentative essays or to gain a better understanding, you can view examples.

What’s an Argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay requires students to conduct research on a topic, collect, analyze, and evaluate evidence, as well as present a concise perspective.
It is important to note that the differences between an argumentative essay (or explanatory essay) can cause confusion. Both types of essays are similar, but the argumentative essay is more complex and requires more research.

The argumentative essay is often assigned as a capstone project or final project in writing courses or advanced composition classes. It requires extensive, detailed research. Expository essays are shorter, and require less research. Expository essays are used in class to write assignments or exams, such as GED and SAT.

The essay emerged from deep reflections by philosophers about all things “afflicting” humanity. The use of language is what makes it literary. You can also add multiple rhetorical figures to it. Argumentative essays, which are the most common essay type, are the most used. It is basically a text type where the discursive ordering prevails. It is an academic task. It is often difficult for students to write such a paper. This example is an argumentative essay that will help them to get motivated.

This type of text can be both useful and practical. It helps you think critically and to connect your thoughts in order to empathize. Boompapers has compiled a list with 200 examples of argumentative essays that will assist you in writing a high-quality paper.

College Argumentative Essay Examples

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Argumentative essays are free texts that move through the three discursive categories of description and argumentation. These are the key characteristics of an argumentative essay sample.

Topic The author can choose the theme of their essay. Authors have the freedom to choose their own topic. Although there are limitations on topic selection in essays that teachers have already assigned, there are still many options.

Formal Language: When writing academic argumentative essays with arguments, it is important that the language used is strictly legal. Language must adhere to grammar and structural forms.

Argumentation This is the key for argumentative essays. Combining solid approaches with supporting ideas can convince readers. You can also use quotations from other authors to make arguments. Respecting copyright and rules is essential. References are helpful for supporting the ideas of an author. These ideas can be refuted by using contradicting quotes. This increases credibility and credibility of central proposition.

Coherence This is a fundamental component to any written text. It’s all about creating a link between ideas that is clear and easy to comprehend. It is crucial to maintain order in arguments and correctly use grammar and spelling to create sentences.

The length of a paper should not be less than five pages. An essay is one that is shorter than this. It’s an analysis, opinion essay, or other thought exercise. The length of argumentative essays depends on the author’s approach as well as the subject matter. Because there isn’t enough text space, argumentative essays are often longer than five pages.

How to create an argumentative essay.

What is an argumentative article? How can you write one? The topic of your argumentative essay will be chosen by you. This allows both of you to support and defend the original author’s position. Before we can get into the details about how to create it, it is important to understand the structure of argumentative essays and their purpose.

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Examples of Argumentative Essay Structure

Hypothesis – Create the idea that will best express your opinion on the topic.

Body. In order to help the reader reach a particular conviction about your initial postulate you first listed reasons that support it or endorse it.

Refutation This optional mechanism presents opposing views to the thesis arguments, and allows acceptance. We present a counterargument that helps to justify our position.

Conclusion This is where you will connect your thesis with all the synthetic deductions that result from your reflections. This will make your argument stronger and help you justify your ideas.

Essays don’t have to follow a rigid structure. The following organization is only a guide for organizing your thoughts and arguments. This will help you to write high-quality examples of argumentative research essays.

Argumentative Essay examples: What to Do?

Many students don’t know where to begin when writing argumentative essays. Our list of wow writing and argumentative essays examples can help you to create a great piece. These steps will make writing a paper easy.

1. How to choose a topic

It is crucial to know what the topic of your conversation is. Without a goal, writing will be difficult. It is important not to confuse the title and the topic. The issue will be the location where the text will go. The title summarizes how the case will be treated.

2. Documentation

What do you know that isn’t available to others? It is important that you do additional research even though your essay is your opinion. Your arguments will become stronger and more stable.

3. Working script or outline

What difference does it make to build a house without a frame? This is your working outline or “skeleton” on which you will base the final text.

4. Draft

After organizing your ideas, it is now time to start writing them down.

5. Use appropriate titles

The topic must be able to grab their attention from the beginning.

6. Coherence

These ideas should be developed in such a way that they are clear and understandable. The sentences and paragraphs that make up these ideas must make sense.

7. Cohesion

The organization and external linking of ideas in a document requires cohesive mechanisms. For writing flow, connectors, punctuation markers, and an “ellipsis” (deletion words, phrases) are all vital. It is important not to repeat yourself by using synonyms or pronouns.

8. Stylistic harmony

Text style should be uniform in both language used and the way ideas are presented. Although I should start with a formal vocabulary, this should be used throughout the writing.

9. Impeccable syntax

It would be very helpful to arrange the statements grammatically according to the rules.

10. Perfect spelling

The best letter to inspire others is the introduction. You can capture your ideas by using punctuation correctly and have them interpreted the way you intended.

Free Argumentative Essay Examples

Best Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essays demonstrate logic and well-explained reasoning in order to convince the readers. This list has many argumentative essay examples you can use to help you get into college.

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