Argumentative essay topics on homelessness 1

Argumentative essay topics on homelessness

Since homelessness is a complex problem, learners should easily identify and concretely develop various argumentative essay topics on homelessness. It involves many causes and aspects. You want to address as many of them as you can in your essay. You can find homelessness essay topics, thesis ideas, research questions and inspiration in our website

Homelessness is still a problem in many westernized countries. There are programs that can help with housing and food costs, but not enough to provide assistance for all homeless people. Many teachers will write argumentative essays about this topic because it is still a problem. To get started with their argumentative essay topics on homelessness, students can either buy scholarship essays online or look at the following ideas.

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  • Is it right for anyone to be homeless? Only some homeless people should be assisted.
  • Is there a Bill of Rights that includes a right to food and housing?
  • Are homelessness and its effects a new problem?
  • Buddhist monks often travel the globe to become homeless or live as hermits in remote locations. According to MRI studies Buddhist monks are among the happiest people on Earth. Are people happy if they have a place to call home?
  • What makes it so difficult for people to get out of homelessness? What are the factors that make it so difficult? When writing your answer, make sure you consider all requirements to get a job.
  • Are current programs and protections effective in assisting people who are homeless?
  • Is it appropriate for child protection services to take the children away from a family that is experiencing homelessness until they are stable?
  • Do homeless people need to be drug and alcohol tested before receiving aid?
  • Are you convinced that mental illness is a significant factor in homeless people?
  • Many migrants are provided housing when they arrive in the west to work. Is it possible for homeless people to work on farms in return for food, money, and lodging?
  • Vancouver, Canada is the most popular place for homeless people to go in winter. It is because it has the highest temperature. Are you sure that there are the same types of places in America that attract homeless people during winter?
  • News outlets have reported an increase in homeless people living in legalized marijuana states since recreational use was legalized. Are homeless people allowed to live in areas with access to drugs? What could be done to stop the migration?
  • Many people are afraid of being discriminated against or ostracized by the idea of being homeless. Do you think homelessness is more serious than current statistics indicate?
  • What are the most important factors a person should have to get out of homelessness? These tools should be provided to homeless people by society.

How to develop argumentative essay topics on homelessness

Sometimes people face difficulties in their lives, and they end up living on the streets as they attempt to find a job or improve their income. Some become homeless veterans and have to give up their home.

Rare people choose to live a homeless life out of personal convictions. These people may be more fortunate than others, but they are still worthy of being examined. You will need to choose the right homelessness essay thesis depending on which category you are discussing.

Argumentative essay topics on homelessness should be discus systemic problems that affects a large number of people. While you may be able to use specific cases to illustrate your points, it is not enough for strong statements.

While statistics and scholarly articles are better sources, you can also use journalistic pieces to support your theoretical framework. You should make sure your articles are objective and do not appeal to emotions.

Poor journalism can be even more trustworthy than unsupervised websites that your instructions might have advised you to avoid. They would reduce the credibility and impact of your argumentative essay topics on homelessness.

The reasons people might become homeless can be discussed, as you can see from the examples. It is possible to link people who are temporarily homeless with the region’s economic performance and similar factors.

When developing effective argumentative essay topics on homelessness, further research is required, including economic analyses and interviews of homeless people. The discussion will demonstrate your originality and insight in connecting different ideas to explain phenomena.

This will show your knowledge on various economic and political topics, and increase your understanding of social factors. A discussion on the reasons people might lose their homes can be used as a hook for an essay about homelessness. This will help them to change their current situation.

Homelessness can be seen as a form of unemployment. However, some homelessness is necessary for the real estate industry. If people are without a home for a prolonged period of time, it becomes a problem and should be investigated.

You should address the reasons that homeless people might not be able to find permanent housing in your homelessness essay topics. Examples of physical factors include inability to get a job and high housing prices.

Talking about mental issues like depression and other conditions is a good idea. An inspection of its components will give you a better understanding of the problem.

These are some tips to help you write great argumentative essay topics on homelessness.

Research has been done to fully understand the phenomenon of homelessness at a societal level. Although you may have original ideas, ensure that your claims are supported by strong evidence.

You should be able to distinguish between different types of homeless people. You may make erroneous assessments if you homogenize them without taking into account their different attitudes and differences.

You can use historical data to find periods in which homelessness increased or decreased and to link them to other events. You might discover other ideas, such as effective or ineffective policies, economic growth, crises, and/or other solutions.

Every country has a problem with homelessness, even the United States. While many programs are focused on solving this problem, it is often not possible for countries to provide the resources needed to assist every homeless person. It is still one of the most pressing social problems in the world. It can affect all people: singles, couples, children, adults, and even entire families. Many teachers assign a homework assignment on homelessness.

This type of essay is not easy for students to write. Students need to put in a lot of effort to avoid poor grades. This is an essential part of your education. You should choose the most relevant topics for your academic paper and follow the guidelines to demonstrate your knowledge and skills within the specified pages.


9 great argumentative essay topics on homelessness for your paper

These brilliant ideas will help you decide what topic to cover in your writing.

  • Demonstrate that everyone has the right to live in decent conditions and own a home.
  • Discuss with your partner if you think a homeless person needs temporary shelter or a place to sleep at night.
  • Indicate whether homelessness is a personal, national or domestic problem.
  • There are basic reasons that some people find it difficult to leave homelessness.
  • Take advantage of current government protections, and focus on public programs that provide effective assistance to cities.
  • Consider whether a family is homeless. If so, consider whether special child protection services can take the children away.
  • Before providing any assistance, such as shelters or health aid, to homeless people, it is important that they are drug and alcohol tested.
  • Based on estimates, research into whether a mental illness can lead you to homelessness or how it affects your society.
  • This article will provide you with effective tools to make a difference in the next few years.

How do you organize your paper about homelessness?


After developing credible argumentative essay topics on homelessness, the next step is organizing your academic assignment after you have done your research on homelessness in modern times. You should stick to a system that includes:

A section opening that gives readers basic information about homelessness and includes your strong thesis statement.

Next paragraph should transition them between the introduction and the main body. (introduce your arguments, support them with solid proof).

The targeted audience should be able to see the additional paragraphs that you have written on a particular subject.

If you are writing an argumentative essay about homelessness, be sure to address counterarguments.

The concluding section should sum up your thoughts and reiterate your thesis.

To list all information sources, don’t forget about creating works cited pages or bibliography pages.

Only remaining is to revise and amend the final draft.

Argumentative essay topics on homelessness: Causes

Are you seeing people asking for money in your area who don’t have a regular income or a home? It’s possible that you think it’s their fault. Although they may be able to find work to pay rent and improve their life, there are objective reasons for why these people lose their jobs and cannot return to normal.

A property-destroying natural disaster of any kind is one of the most important factors in homelessness. This includes hurricanes, earthquakes tsunamis, fires and other types. Each year, they destroy many homes and cause significant damage.

They cause property damage, cash shortages and credit card fraud to their victims. This damage can take months or even years to fix and family members or friends may not always be able to help victims.

Homelessness can also be caused by unhappy marriages that have negative outcomes like violence and divorce. A spouse may lose their property after a divorce. Domestic violence can affect anyone of any age. Some prefer to avoid abusive relationships while others are homeless.

They may end up living on the streets because of their institutional background. People with post-traumatic stress disorder may have difficulty living a normal life and living with their family. They are not able to live in peace with others. Ex-prisoners are at high risk of becoming homeless.

Homelessness is not just caused by people’s inability to work or earn their living, but also because of other factors. Homelessness can be caused by abusive relationships, divorce, natural disasters, non-conductive backgrounds, or other risk factors. This issue needs to be addressed. The global homelessness rate continues to rise.

Six Do’s and Don’ts for writing a winning paper from argumentative essay topics on homelessness

  • Passionate about the subject you choose to write about will make it more enjoyable.
  • Only use reliable, up-to-date sources for your research.
  • You should have sufficient evidence and facts to support the position you are taking.
  • Do not use religion or morals to support your argument.
  • Do not claim to be an expert on the topic you choose.
  • Refute counterarguments and address conflicting views

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to write a paper about homelessness. Follow the steps above to create a polished final draft. Call our customer service managers for assistance if you have any questions or face challenges. We offer high-quality custom writing services at reasonable rates. Our professional and qualified writers will help you save time and ensure excellent results.

The importance of writing argumentative essay topics on homelessness

Style manuals are changing to reflect a wider range of identities and people in a rapidly changing society. Gender pronouns have become more inclusive. Many major style manuals have seen their guidance on subjects such as race, disability, sexuality, etc., evolve over the years. This is a reflection of a shift in copyediting towards what some refer to as a conscious style guide.

Copy editors have adopted a more compassionate approach to representing marginalized identities, and are using more inclusive language. Reductive terms such as “the homeless” are used to isolate a group and make it appear that they do not represent the entire society. Homeless people must overcome stereotypes and often face harassment by law enforcement. People who live in their homes might be more open to understanding their situation by using more humanizing language.

These changes in terminology don’t always happen in a straight line. “Illegal alien” has been used for decades to refer to people who entered the U.S. illegally. The AP Stylebook ruled in 2013 that the term “illegal” could not be used to describe an act, but a person. Journalists were instructed to avoid “undocumented immigrants,” since the person may have the correct documents. One year later, no one term was used in all newsrooms.

Other movements that focus on making language more precise and avoiding euphemisms have also attempted to influence public opinion. The #CrashNotAccident initiative was an effort by transportation-safety advocates to stop the AP Stylebook from using “accident” to describe motor-vehicle collisions, which kill about 40,000 Americans per year.

The use of the word “crash” is used to convey that these deaths are not inevitable, and that collisions can be prevented with safer vehicle regulations and better street design. The AP Stylebook recommended that “use crash, collide or other terms” be used in 2016.

It’s not clear when a person is technically “homeless”. Is it when they become a statistic in the annual point-in time count? It is even more crucial to be exact. “Couch surfing” could refer to staying temporarily in the home of a family member or friend, while “transient,” describes those who move around from one city to another but are not homeless.

The rise of “van living” has meant that privileged people can choose to live in RVs or campers. However, this doesn’t mean they are homeless. Depending on how many followers they have on Instagram, they may be more appropriately called “influencers”.