Artificial Intelligence Projects for High School Students

Looking for artificial intelligence projects for high school students? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that encompasses a variety of technological developments. These breakthroughs are frequently created to address a societal issue or provide a tool to fulfill a particular need. High school is an excellent time to explore professional options, pursue one’s interests, and develop unique talents, solutions, and ideas. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new technology being used in various industries, including medicine, finance, and fishery. Students in high school can utilize AI and machine learning to solve problems, develop new products, start non-profits, and start businesses to exhibit their entrepreneurial skills.

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Artificial Intelligence Projects for High School Students

If you’re just getting started, you might discover that some people refer to AI for High School and others refer to Machine Learning for High School. What’s the distinction between these two terms? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that refers to a set of technologies that enable computers to perform tasks that are simple for the human brain (like forming strategies, recognizing images, forming strategies, among others). Machine Learning is both a subset of Artificial Intelligence and a set of methodologies (such as making forecasts, recognizing patterns, etc.). These terms are interchangeable in the eyes of a high school student. You’ll be able to recognize certain strategies and which techniques are best for which issues as you understand AI.

Examples of AI projects

  • Pneumonia Detection

Such a project aims to create an AI system that can diagnose pneumonia from X-ray pictures using convolution neural networks (CNNs) and Python. Pneumonia is still a problem in many countries and is taking lives. The problem is that X-ray images are used to diagnose diseases such as pneumonia, tumors, cancer, and so on, which can result in low visibility and ineffective assessment. However, with adequate treatment, mortality can be considerably decreased. Furthermore, pneumonia’s shape, position, and size might vary significantly, making its target contour ambiguous. It exacerbates concerns with detection and accuracy. As a result, a good AI project would be developing a system that can detect pneumonia early and accurately,  providing effective treatment and saving lives.

The software will be programmed with a wealth of information about pneumonia and other diseases. When people share their health-related difficulties and symptoms, the software may assess them and compare them to its database to see if there are any possibilities. It can employ data mining to find the most specific disease that matches the patient’s information.

  • Handwritten Digit Recognition

The project would aim to use artificial neural networks to create a system that can detect handwritten digits. Human-written digits and characters come in various shapes, styles, curves, and sizes, and no individuals’ writings are alike. Converting written characters or numerals into a digital format was difficult for systems previously. They used to have trouble deciphering language on paper documents well. Despite the fact that digitization is increasingly becoming the norm in almost every industry, many tasks still necessitate the use of paper. That’s why we require technology to make it easier for computers to detect human writing on paper.

Artificial neural networks can be used to create handwritten digit recognition software that can accurately interpret digits drawn by a person. In this case, a convolution neural network (CNN) is used to recognize digits on paper.

  • Chatbots

This project aims to use Python to create a chatbot that can be embedded in a website or application. When users use an app or a website, they expect good service. They may tend to give up on the app if they cannot obtain an answer to a question. As a result, whether you’re creating a website or application, you must provide the finest possible experience to your users to avoid losing them and negatively impacting your bottom line.

A chatbot, such as Alexa, is a program that allows for autonomous dialogue between bots (AI) and humans via speech or text. It is always available 24 hours to assist users with their questions, guide them, personalize the experience for users, increase sales, and provide greater insights into customer behavior and needs to assist you in developing your products and services.

  • Translator Application

You can use AI to build a translator application. Thousands of languages are spoken around the world. Despite the fact that English is a worldwide language, not everyone in every country knows it. It’s also difficult to do business with someone from another country who speaks a language you don’t know. Similarly, you may encounter similar issues if you travel to other nations. It will help you engage with others more deeply if you translate what they say or write. You can do this by using a translator like Google Translate.

  • Face Recognition App

This project aims to use ANN, CNN, ML, and deep learning to create a face recognition app. With the increased cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can compromise systems and data, identity theft is becoming a serious problem. People and corporations may experience data leaks, privacy difficulties, and reputational loss as a result of this. Organizations and individuals can utilize biometrics such as facial traits to protect their data and systems since they are unique. Only approved and authenticated individuals can access a system, facility, network, or data with the use of facial recognition technology. To construct this solution, you’ll require powerful machine learning algorithms, 3D image processing, mathematical functions, and recognition approaches.

There are many more artificial intelligence projects for high school apart from the ones Ryde Essays has presented above. However, if you find it difficult to identify a project you could work on, you can rely on us to provide you with the best.

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