Assignment 11.1: Final Project

Assignment 11.1: Final Project;

Directions POWERPOINT project You now manage the Marketing department of National American Airlines (NAA) – congratulations on your well-deserved promotion! As your first big assignment, the executive team is looking to you for a proposal on what NAA’s marketing strategy should be for the next fiscal year. This is an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in this course. In response to the NAA executive team’s request, create a PowerPoint presentation that is 10-12 slides in length, not including the title and references slides, and follows current APA formatting guidelines. Your presentation should include the following: Describe your proposed marketing strategy for NAA’s next fiscal year (be sure to present bulleted information, and include any necessary details in your slide notes). Address the types of markets you recommend pursuing, and the best resources for reaching those markets. Describe your proposed tactical plan for capturing marketshare away from NAA’s competitors in your recommended markets, and identify how you will actively demonstrate that your tactical plan is being effective (that is, how will you measure progress throughout the fiscal year, rather than wait until the end of the fiscal year to report any marketshare changes, when it’s too late to make any necessary adjustment to your proposed strategy?

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