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sexuality in Dracula

 Sexuality in Dracula The male and female characters in Bram Stoker’s novel are used to investigate sexuality in Dracula, women, and gender. When it comes to female characters, the book depicts them as either sexy or prim, which is meant to be a critical look at Victorian-era women. Character arcs in the book also explore […]

Authority in the Crucible

Authority in the Crucible John Proctor, Judge Danforth, and Reverend Parris are the three primary authorities in the Crucible. Everyone has a distinct take on the law and their reasons for breaking it. Throughout the play, several plots and deceptions exist, most notably among the village’s leaders showing authority in the Crucible. In Act 3, […]

Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology 1

Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology Introduction A better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology begins with what Alzheimer disease is. Alzheimer’s disease, also known as progressive multifarious neurological disorder, is the most common cause of dementia in later life. It is pathologically characterized by extracellular amyloidal proteins deposits and intracellular neurofibrillary knots that contribute to senile plaques. The […]

Objects in heart of darkness 1

Objects in heart of darkness What are objects in a Story? For better understanding some of the objects in heart of darkness, learners need to have an idea of what objects are in a story. An object is any item or detail that the narrator draws attention to. A function is a function that an […]


Astronomy- Assignment Help Astronomy refers to the study of all things in the universe, beyond Earth’s atmosphere. This includes all objects that we can see with our naked eye, such as the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. You can also see objects that are only visible with telescopes, such as faraway galaxies or tiny […]

Civil Rights Thesis Statement

Civil Rights Thesis Statement – Assignment Help civil rights are guarantees of equal opportunities and equal protection under law. Civil rights include the ability to vote, right to fair trials, right to government services and right to public education. Individuals are denied civil rights if they are denied the opportunity to be part of democratic […]

Synecdoche in heart of darkness 1

Synecdoche in heart of darkness Definition of Synecdoche To understand better about Synecdoche in heart of darkness, learners need to first define Synecdoche.  Synecdoche refers to a figure in a speech where a part signifies the entire thing or vice versa. It derives from the Greek synecdoche, which means “simultaneous understanding”. Synecdoche is a literary […]


Physics Assignment Help Physics is the science of the structure and interactions of fundamental elements of the universe. Physics, from the Greek physikos, is the broadest definition of physics. It covers all aspects of nature at both submicroscopic and macroscopic levels. It includes the study of the behaviour of objects in response to forces, as […]


Mathematics-Assignment Help Mathematics is the science of order and structure. It evolved from the elemental practices of measuring and counting objects. It is concerned with logic and quantitative calculation. The development of mathematics has seen an increase in abstraction and idealization of the subject matter. Mathematics has been an integral part of technology and the […]

Forensic Science

Forensic Science – Assignment Help The criminal justice system is dependent on forensic science. Forensic scientists analyze and examine evidence from crime scenes and other locations to produce objective findings that may be used in investigating and prosecuting criminals or exonerating innocent persons. The most common forensic science laboratory disciplines are forensic molecular Biology (DNA), […]