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Describe the philosophy of Manifest Destiny

Describe the philosophy of Manifest Destiny. What effect did it have on America’s westward migration? How might the different groups that migrated have sought to apply this philosophy to their individual circumstances? compare the myth of the “Wild West” with its reality. What elements of truth would these stories have contained, and what was fabricated or […]

Integrated Article Review

Integrated Article Review.Identify and develop an Organizational Behavior topic of interest to serve as the basis for this paper. Absolutely avoid choosing a very broad or general OB topic, such as: “leadership”, “communication”, “motivation”, etc. It is impossible to produce and demonstrate outstanding analysis, summary, and insight with a broad OB topic and an assignment […]

Write An Analytical essay.

Write An Analytical essay Write an analytical essay of 400-600 words addressing ONE of the following prompts: OPTION 1 Information in these sources is useful for historians seeking to understand India, China, and West Africa during the period, yet historians view some of the evidence with skepticism. In what ways is this evidence useful even when it […]

Discuss Team Development

Discuss Team Development.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0_yKBitO8M The Build a Tower, Build a Team TED Talk describes an exercise to encourage collaboration and team development. The textbook describes the five stages of team development – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. As you view the TED Talk, please observe how this exercise demonstrates the five stages of team development. […]

Multi-Valued Orientation

Multi-Valued Orientation.Welcome to exercise 2, which will focus on multi-valued orientation. In chapter 12, Hayakawa argues that multi-valued orientation makes us “increasingly capable of reacting appropriately to the many complex situations life presents” (p. 126). In contrast to two-valued orientation, multi-valued orientation allows for us to express a range of opinions or answers instead of […]

The influence of Japanese culture on its political system:

The influence of Japanese culture on its political system:I am finishing my political science degree in Europe and need to write my thesis on the links between democracy and culture in Japan throughout history. I need to write around 40 pages so I just need something to get me started. Some of the chapters I […]

Review of “Last Mile” Electricity Infrastructure Suppliers across continental Europe

Review of “Last Mile” Electricity Infrastructure Suppliers across continental Europe.Compare market opportunities and market similarities of the “last mile” electricity infrastructure suppliers across continental Europe to that of the Netherlands. The goal is to provide an opinion as to where infrastructure suppliers should expand to after the Netherlands.

Linguistic analysis

Linguistic analysis.Identify 4 different implicatures in Gricean terms ( conventional implicature, conversational implicature) in the exchange below! Argue for your case! Exchange: Dartagnan (to Portos): Portos! I need your help to bring a 500kg box to the machine shop by 1:00 pm Portos (to Dartagnan): Sorry! I connot help ypu because I have work to […]


THE IMPACT OF EXTENDED REALITY AND BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES IN THE LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY     Proposal Topic The impact of extended reality and blockchain technologies in the learning and development industry – a case study on v-learning in the workplace. Empirical context This research will cover collecting data from organisations in four sectors in […]

Discuss President’s Role

Discuss President’s Role.Reference: https://openstax.org/books/american-government/pages/1-introduction Answer each question as completely as possible. 1. Discuss a president’s role in foreign policy, domestic policy, military readiness, and governmental administration. 2. Describe the evolution of the presidency from a weak to strong office. How would you describe today’s presidency? 3. Beginning with the intention to run for office to […]