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People love to say “At least you’ve got your health,” and biomedical science majors are determined to keep it that way. Biomedical science is a combination of medicine and biology to address the health of humans and animals. Biomedical science is a major that studies biochemical and physiological functions, histological and anatomical structures, epidemiology, pharmacology, and other aspects of pharmacology. With knowledge of nutrition, diseases and immunology, you will learn how to maintain and promote health in both humans and animals. You will gain hands-on experience in research and laboratory work in fields like cell and molecular biology and parasitology.

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The biomedical sciences encompass a range of sciences that combine natural science and formal science to create knowledge, interventions, and technology that can be used in healthcare or public safety. [1] Medical sciences include medical microbiology and clinical epidemiology. Pathophysiology, however, can be considered basic science when it comes to explaining the physiological mechanisms that are involved in pathological processes.

According to the 2015 UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Benchmark statement, Biomedical Sciences includes science disciplines that focus on the biology of human disease and health. It can include the study of general biomedical sciences as well as human biology, but also more specialized subjects such as pharmacology and human physiology. It is supported by relevant basic sciences such as anatomy and physiology and cell biology, biology, microbiology and genetics and molecular Biology, immunology and mathematics, and bioinformatics. The biomedical sciences are able to perform a wider range of academic, research and economic activities than the hospital laboratory sciences. Biomedical Sciences will be the main focus of funding and research in biosciences in the 21st Century.

Biomedical science majors are well-positioned to make significant contributions to medicine and biology. Many go on to make important discoveries in biology that will have a profound impact on the medical world. A Bachelor of Science degree can lead to many different careers, but many students opt to continue their education in graduate or professional school.

Biomedical science majors may make significant advances in the study and treatment of cancer or AIDS. They might also be involved in research into infectious diseases. You can make a scientifically sound impact on the health of all living things.

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