Subject(s): Business–Accounting

Jessie has bath bombs company , attached is prepared and completed overview of jessie production cost, product cost, new sale options , promotion options and profit margins in tabs 1-4 ( given information – week 3 calculations).
Jessie would like you to share all of this information with her in person to give her a better understanding of the work you’ve done to help her business.

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To prepare for this conversation, you’ll need to create a presentation deck. This will help you organize your thoughts and guide the discussion, as well as provide something for Jessie to reference as she makes financial decisions for BeYoutiful Bath Bombs moving forward. This discussion is also an opportunity for you to share any other thoughts or recommendations you have for the company from a fiscal perspective. It will be important to remember that Jessie has no experience or education in accounting. This means you can’t assume she’ll be familiar with specific terms or formulas you’ve used in your work and will need to take the time to explain everything in the simplest ways possible. That said, Jessie understands the importance of presenting things in an eye-catching way, so make sure your deck is not only professional, but also attractive and visually interesting.

1.) Create a PowerPoint deck that helps explain the work completed in spreadsheet as well as your rationale for the recommendations you’ve made. MUST BE 4 SLIDES MINIMUM!

Question 2

1. Work Breakdown Structure of Apple iPod Nano identifying:

a. Summary Tasks

2. Stipulate the Completion Criteria for 5 of your important tasks