Can you see your act essay1

Can you see your act essay


Can you see your act essayThe ACT with writing provides you and your schools with additional scores. This test will give you five scores: one subject-level writing score, which is based on a range from 2-12, and four domain scores that are also 2-12. These scores are calculated using an analytic scoring system. The average of all four domain scores will be used to calculate the subject-level score. Therefore, this article addresses students asking “Can you see your act essay

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These four domain scores include Ideas and Analysis; Development and Support; Organization; Language Use and Conventions; and your high school will have a photo of your essay and all colleges that you have ACT reports your scores starting on the test date.

The writing test will not impact your composite score or subject area scores. Without a writing test score, however, English Language Arts (ELA), scores will not be reported.

Moreover, our professors break down on various options on how Can you see your act essay. The evidence you provide of your ability to write an essay will be used to evaluate it.

  • Clearly state your opinion on the topic and then analyze the relationship between it and at least one other viewpoint
  • Use examples and reasoning to support your ideas
  • Your ideas should be organized clearly and logically
  • Communicate your ideas in standard English written English

Two experienced readers will give your essay a score of 1 to 6 in each of four domains. The sum of both the scores from the two readers is the domain score. If there is a discrepancy in the ratings of the two readers, a third person will assess the essay and determine the cause.

Can you see your act essay: Is it Important?

Since I was a pro ACT tutor for many years, I have been answering all kinds of questions about the ACT Writing test (often called “ACT Essay”)

Parents and students often ask me this question because the ACT essay is the only part that is “optional”. Is the entire section a waste of time or does your ACT essay score really matter to college?

Before you make a decision, it is important to fully understand the ACT Writing section. Continue reading to learn more.

Can you see your act essay: A Short Overview?

The ACT Writing assignment aims to assess your ability to make a decision on a controversial topic and analyze different viewpoints. Your ability to think clearly and with strong supporting evidence is required.

ACT Writing is an optional section, unlike any other section. It is always given at the end, so students who have not completed it can leave the testing center before it ends.

Essay prompts are often about controversial topics that can be viewed from many perspectives. The prompt gives students three options. Students are then asked to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each argument in an essay.

You must also give your opinion on the topic and back it up (preferably with evidence). The time limit is 40 minutes. You can read more about the ACT Essay grading rubric by clicking here.

Can you see your act essayYou will also need to pay an additional $16 for the ACT Writing section. This fee is generally paid along with standard registration for the ACT test.

Take care! Your ACT Writing score is only valid if the “optional” section was taken on the same day that your entire ACT test. This means that you cannot go back later and say “Oh, I’d love to add an ACT Essay score on top of my overall ACT test score!”

Can you see your act essay: Really?

Who actually reviews your ACT Essay scores and what do they mean?

Does Your ACT Essay Matter to College Admissions and Can you see your act essay?

Naturally, most students are worried about College Admissions officers seeing their ACT Writing tests. You will see that some colleges are more concerned about your ACT essay than others. Depending on the admission criteria, colleges might look at different aspects in your ACT Essay.

Parents are next on the list of those who can see your act essay. Parents are often very concerned about their children’s test scores, as we all know. As a professional ACT tutor, I often hear parents express concern when we answer questions about the ACT Writing section.

If you have them, they will be your ACT Prep Tutor or high school College Counsellor. A 1-on-1 ACT Prep tutor should have a plan to help you with your ACT Essay preparation. Your college counsellor should also be able offer basic advice. Therefore, it is possible that your tutor can you see your act essay.

Last but not the least, can you see your act essay! Your personal pride is at stake. This may seem like an academic exercise that is tedious and repetitive, but we must still show our best effort and work.

Can you see your act essay and what this mean in colleges?

What does it really mean to say that the Harvard Admissions Officer “looked over” my ACT Essay score?

Can you see your act essayIs it possible for them to see the original essay exactly as we wrote? Is it possible to see the “score report”? And how detailed is it? Are they able to access the “score report” in a general or specific way?

Also, what does your ACT Essay score actually tell colleges when they look you in the eyes?

ACT Essay scores give a quick overview about a student’s ability and willingness to complete a standardized Writing assignment. This is an example of a typical writing assignment that you might encounter in college. It’s a great way to evaluate your academic readiness for university.

This score allows colleges to compare students of different high schools and backgrounds.

Despite being worried whether can you see your act essay. Students must be aware of this essay’s score. Your ACT Essay scores will measure your Writing ability and allow you to compare it to other high school students. This is what colleges look for when they examine your ACT Writing scores.

While most colleges will be able to see your ACT essay (scanned and uploaded exactly as it was on test day), many don’t bother. They are more interested in looking at your ACT Essay subscore than rereading your entire essay in handwriting.

Why would colleges want to read your ACT Essay?

Students worried on “can you see your act essay” question must first admit that the admissions team is too busy to read extra essays.

Second, they have instant access to a score summarizing your ACT essay performance.

Third, admissions officers often prefer to read the application essays for each college.

Colleges look at your ACT Essay Scores.

So, if the ACT Writing is not mandatory and most colleges don’t even read your essay then why would colleges bother to look at your ACT Essay scores.

College Admissions Officers Accept Well-Rounded Students

Many colleges will evaluate you holistically, which helps to catch inconsistencies and red flags in your application. They might, for example, compare your 11th-grade English grade to your ACT Essay score.

Because a big difference in your school grades or your ACT essay would indicate that something is amiss, the colleges expect consistency.

Some colleges won’t look at your ACT Essay score. How can you determine which colleges will look at your ACT Essay score? Continue reading to find out more.

Can you see your act essay? Bother no more!!

We have found that not all colleges will look at your ACT essay scores. Some schools may ignore them entirely.

How do you find out which colleges will look at your ACT Essay? There’s only one way to know for sure. That’s to go to college and find out.

This is important to understand: each college and university has its own admission standards. These standards can change at any moment. There is no way to guarantee that the list of colleges who will review your ACT Essay will be complete or up-to date.

Each college should however list the ACT Essay requirement on its admissions homepage. Get out your spreadsheet and Google to find the best colleges. Then, start researching. Here are some Texas colleges who will look at your ACT essay.

Calling the school to find out if the ACT Essay is relevant to a college is the best way to confirm that “can you see your act essay” question should not worry students anymore.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. You can easily find their contact information online and reach out to their admissions department via phone or email. You won’t have to rely on outdated information.

You should not be rash with college applications. Always verify that your college of choice requires an ACT Writing/Essay score in order to submit your application.

Is Your ACT Essay Score Really Important?

Let’s get to the bottom of it on why many students get bothered by Can you see your act essay” question. Your ACT Essay score is important for most high school students but not as much as the scores in the other sections.

Take ACT Essay seriously and prepare well. Be prepared and know your opponent. If you have a high overall score on the ACT, you don’t necessarily need to retake it just for the essay.

Remember that not all colleges require you to take the ACT Essay, but that you do not need to get a high score. It’s safer to be safe than sorry when it comes down to college chances.

There’s a silver lining to all of this: If your ACT Essay score exceeds the average, it could help you stand out a lot more, especially if you are applying for English or Creative Writing programs.

Let me tell you, based on everything I have said, how I see things as an ACT tutor professional:

  • Students who are highly competitive should try to pass the ACT Essay.
  • Students in the mid-range should take the ACT Essay. However, they shouldn’t stress about it.
  • Students who are less competitive should only take the ACT Writing if it is required by the colleges to which they are applying.

An ACT Essay Score of a higher level is possible. Here’s how: These keys are the same for perfect ACT Essay scores as for other standardized essay tests.

  • Give the graders what you want.
  • Practice until perfect.

We have a lot of resources that can help you prepare. These are just three tips to get you started: Here are some notes for the ACT Essay.

Make sure you analyze all perspectives of your essay. But, it is important to keep the topic in mind. This is a delicate balance. It’s best to simply state your opinion.

Your ACT Essay should showcase your best writing skills. Your final score will be affected by your vocabulary, sentence structure, organization, and overall style. Use your best handwriting to make it easier for graders to read your work.

Remember that the ACT Essay is at the end of a 4-hour test. This means that you will be tired by the time your essay is finished. To simulate the feeling of being tired, practice writing in a “tired” mindset whenever possible.

Does Your ACT Essay Matter? Review and Conclusions

Your overall ACT composite score is more important than your Essay score, which is a supplementary score.

Can you see your act essayThe ACT Test’s cornerstones, the Reading, Math and English sections, must be secured first. Learn basic skills such as elimination. Master the most difficult multiple-choice questions. After you have mastered the first sections, focus on the Essay.

It is important to remember that nothing good comes easily. Whether you are referring to the ACT Essay or the Science Section, practice and preparation are the keys.

Do the proper preparation if you want to get a high ACT essay mark. Do not just sit there and do nothing. You can earn more scholarships and better college admissions by putting in your sweat and tears.

Get higher ACT scores today!

Instead of being bothered by “can you see your act essay” Practice to make it perfect. You will be able to score higher if you have a better understanding of the ACT essay.

Love the SAT Test Prep can help you achieve a higher ACT score to get into top colleges.

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A Quick Look Into ACT Essay Scoring

You must complete the four sections of the ACT before you can write your essay. What next?

After ACT, Inc. has received your essay, it will be scanned and uploaded into an essay grading software for graders. also states that your high school and colleges to whom you have ACT reports your scores will be able to view an image of your essay.

Two different graders score each ACT essay on a scale from 1-6 across four domains. This gives the total score for each domain. The domain scores are then added together to create a total score of 12.

NOTE: The ACT Writing Test September 2015-June 2016 used a slightly different scoring system. Instead of aggregating all domain scores to calculate a total ACT Writing score of 12, the domain scores were combined into a total score of 36. ACT, Inc. announced on June 28th that the Writing test will no longer be scored using a scale from 1-36. This was to avoid confusion. The change to 12 ACT Writing scores is still not the same as the essay scoring system of pre-September 2015. This was because the essay scoring system used a single holistic score, rather than four analytical domain scores.

Your essay score won’t be included in your ACT composite score because it is optional. However, it will be included in your English-Language Arts subscore. This averages your English, Reading and Writing scores and rounds up the closest whole number.

What are the four domains in which your essay is scored?

#1: Ideas and Analysis

This domain contains many relevant points for your discussion on the topic of your essay.

#2: Support and Development

This domain scores reflect your ability to use logical reasoning or provide examples to support your points.

#3: Organization

This domain contains scores that relate to the organization of your essay on both a macro level (overall structure), and micro level (within each paragraph).

#4: Language Use

Your ability to write standard English, including grammar and punctuation, is a key factor in your success in this domain. However, you will also be rewarded for your creativity and use of vocabulary.

ACT Essay Scoring: Official Policy

Each essay is graded by two different graders who must each score it within one point. A third grader may be called in to help resolve any disagreements between the graders. It’s currently unclear whether this means a greater-than-one-point difference in domain score or overall essay score between graders–stay tuned for more information.

Your essay will be scored in each of these domain areas. However, the domains are graded holistically. Language Use domain doesn’t have any guidelines. Instead, scorers are instructed to subtract 1 point for every 10 grammar errors.

Official ACT essay scoring policy states that accuracy is not an important aspect. ACT essay graders cannot score essays based upon whether or not facts are correct. The purpose of the ACT essay was not to create a research paper on a topic. Instead, the ACT essay asks you to defend a point of view on the topic. You will also be asked to compare your viewpoint to at least one other perspective.

ACT Writing Scores in Practice

Each domain is graded holistically. However, there are some key steps you need to take if you want a higher score than a 2/6. These ACTions were derived from an analysis of the essay scoring rubric and a review of the samples essays that ACT has on its website.

Ideas and Analysis

Your essay must have a clear thesis.It is essential that you clearly state your opinion on the topic when writing persuasive essays. How can you convince someone to believe your viewpoint is correct?

You have limited time, so you must compare your perspective with at most one other perspective. It is best to choose one of three perspectives provided by the ACT to support your thesis.

You may also choose to see things from a different perspective, which may include aspects of several ACT perspectives. However, it is important to ensure that your perspective doesn’t become too nuanced.

Recognizing that intelligent machines can challenge our ideas of what humans can be is an example of a nuanced thesis that blends aspects from Perspectives 1 and 3. Stating that intelligent machines push humans and machines toward new, previously-unimagined possibilities but also take away our humanity because of changes to our daily encounters is an unclear thesis that argues for both Perspectives 1 and 3 being true.

This second thesis is not only unclear but also will have difficulty with the next section of ideas and analysis: comparing at least one perspective.

Can you see your act essay: Development and Support?

You must: Use reasoning or examples to support your discussion of each viewpoint.

There are several ways to support your arguments. Argumentation, which is more abstract, can be used as a way to support your arguments. If you used reasoning to support your argument in Perspective Two, you could talk about how machines take over lower-skilled jobs and frees humans up to do more creative tasks.

You can also support your points by using specific examples. To support Perspective Two, for example, you might use the example of how mass-production has made it more affordable for everyone to have good boots.


It is important to group your ideas logically.

An organized essay makes it easier for essay graders. You can group your ideas logically by separating them into separate paragraphs (e.g., placing each perspective in its own paragraph), or you can link different aspects of the same idea within the same paragraph. Whatever way you organize your essay, make sure it is easy to follow.

Language use

It is important to write clearly.

Communication skills are essential for college and everyday life. Therefore, the ACT is a college entrance exam that tests your ability to communicate clearly. The clarity of your thoughts is more important than the fluency of your language to the ACT essay graders. Writing clarity is usually achieved by using clear sentences and proper grammar. If you make things more complicated than they are, fancy vocabulary won’t help.

What does this mean for your ACT essay?

The ACT essay’s most important component is clear communication. The ACT Writing test measures insight and not vocabulary. Keep this in mind:

#1: Be open about your views on the subject. Do not hide your thesis.

#2: Be clear when discussing your point of view (and discuss the relationship between you and at least one another).

#3: Provide specific examples and reasoning to support each argument

#4: Plan your time so that you can organize your essay.

#5: Write clearly before worrying about advanced vocabulary