Statement of Purpose

What to write about in your personal statement.


You’re telling admissions staff why you’re suitable to study at their university or college.

It’s important to remember you can only write one personal statement – it’s the same for each course you apply for. So, avoid mentioning any universities or colleges by name.

If you’ve chosen similar subjects, talk about the subject in general, and try not to mention courses titles. If you’ve chosen a variety of subjects, just write about common themes, like problem solving or creativity.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Look at course descriptions and identify the qualities, skills, and experience it requires – you can use these to help you decide what to write about.
  • Tell the reader why you’re applying – include your ambitions, as well as what interests you about the subject, the course provider, and higher education.
  • Think about what makes you suitable – this could be relevant experience, skills, or achievements you’ve gained from education, work, or other activities.
  • Include any clubs or societies you belong to – sporting, creative, or musical.
  • Mention any relevant employment experience or volunteering you’ve done, such as vInspired AwardsStep Together, or Project Trust. With the current restrictions on our lives, carrying this out in-person can be difficult. Don’t worry, unis and colleges understand this and will take it into consideration – read our advice to find out lots of other ways you can gain useful experience.
  • If you’ve developed skills through Duke of EdinburghASDANNational Citizen Service, the Crest Awards scheme, or young enterprise, tell them.
  • If you took part in a higher education taster course, placement, or summer school, or something similar, include it.

Personal circumstances

  • If there are any personal circumstances which have affected your educational performance, outline them in your personal statement. For example, this might be something that caused you to miss school  – such as a physical or mental health condition, or caring for a family member.
  • If your personal circumstances have affected your qualification choices, you can mention this in your personal statement. For example, a change of school which did not offer the same options, or having gained non-different qualifications, skills and experience to many other people (e.g. through the Armed Forces).
  • If you have suffered financial hardship during your studies (e.g. received a bursary to cover the costs of your education), you can let the university know about that here.

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What is Statement of Purpose?

Colleges and universities expect students to submit a statement of purpose (SOP) along with the transcripts. The statement of purpose provides a great opportunity to impress the admissions committee as it helps to get a deeper understanding of the capabilities and interests of an applicant. It has three sections such as introduction, main body and conclusion.

  • The SOP reflects the applicant’s personality, background and key achievements that have sowed the seeds of passion to pursue the preferred course.
  • The ideal length of an SOP is four thousand characters.

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Importance of SOP             

SOP enables the admissions committee to assess if the candidate is a right fit for the graduate program that he/she has applied. Hence, it is a valid document in the selection procedure to convince the admissions committee that the applicant is eligible for the course. This is a place to address any defects and inadequacies in the academic records. It provides an opportunity to explain how you overcame the obstacles to turn negatives into positives. It helps to showcase your persistence and resilience in the pursuit of your goals thereby highlighting your transformation into a better scholar and person. Your past accomplishments and present and future goals are a matter of concern to the university. Your motivation and passion to inch forward as well as your knowledge about the course and the university is gauged. The trick to get selected is to grab the attention of the admissions committee and to influence them.



How Long Should a Personal Statement Be?

You have finally found the right school and are ready to submit your application. However, there is one more task: writing a personal essay.

Many people don’t have the ability to create this type of academic assignment. It is difficult for them to decide the right length and structure of their personal statements.

The question is, “How long should a personal statement be?” Continue reading to find out the right length and format of your paper.

What’s a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a brief essay that explains why or not you should be admitted to graduate school. This gives insight into your personality and what makes you special.

Your statement will be used by admissions officers to assess your qualities and determine if they will help you succeed in their program. A personal statement written well can make an applicant stand out from other applicants with similar academic qualifications.

It doesn’t guarantee admission to the school you choose, and it won’t disqualify your application if it’s not perfect. It’s not an essential part of your application, contrary to what many students believe.

Your grades are more important than any one document. Personal statements allow admissions officers to get a better sense of you as a person and what you think would make the university a better place.

A personal statement should not exceed one page (250 to 300 words). It might seem like too much to fill out for the limited space available on the common application personal statement word limit. But don’t worry. You will still have plenty of time to complete it. It is best to start early and do extensive research before you begin writing.

What is a good limit for a personal statement?

Personal statements can be as long or short as you like. Personal statements should be concise and precise, with information that is not found elsewhere in the application.

The admissions committee doesn’t want to be bogged down with redundant details or extra information. Keep it simple and direct.

Avoid filling out your application with irrelevant or ambiguous information, such as “I am a hard-working individual.” Consider what makes you different from other applicants.

What length is a personal statement?

Your personal details will dictate the length of your essay. Personal statements should be about you and your reasons for applying to the program. Telling a story about yourself and your origins is a good way to do this. You should also include any life experiences that have led to this point.

Begin with a story about who you are. Next, go on to a summary of your education and career history. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to fit everything in one essay. Be sure to keep your statement short and concise.

What length should my personal statement in the UK be? Many people recommend that you keep your essay to 500 words. Some people suggest that the essay should not exceed three pages.

Is a 3-page Personal Statement too long?

It’s best to not be overly poetic or flowery when writing a three-page essay. Instead of writing flowery prose, focus on getting the information across.

These guidelines will help you determine the right length for your personal statement. This includes:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

What length should personal statements be? There is no one rule that will apply to all personal statements. However, it is important to keep them short and sweet.

Personal statements are not essays. They are not meant to be detailed descriptions of all aspects of your life. Personal statements are short and easy to read. You don’t want them to be overwhelming for admissions committee members who have a lot of paperwork.

This type of writing is more time-consuming than most people realize. If it takes too much time, it can sound awkward. If it takes you more than 10 minutes to complete your piece, then you should reduce the length.

How long should a personal statement for graduate school be?

Many students wonder how long their personal statements should be. Is a personal statement of 1000 words too long? It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, you will likely feel pressured to add more information.

It is important to tailor your personal statement to each course.

It is not a good idea to make your personal statement too long. This can cause admissions tutors to feel intimidated and may turn away from you.

If you are able to write about yourself so in detail that it covers every aspect of your life, you will be a good example to admissions tutors.

The Key Takeaways from Writing a Personal Statement

Many applicants believe that a personal essay is meant to be an autobiography, or that it proves their worthiness. This can lead to excessive writing and an essay that isn’t very informative.

You’ll be able to write multiple essays as you go through the application process. Let’s say you have been accepted, but you want to write a statement for graduate school, a scholarship committee or a job application.

This essay could be your first on the subject. It doesn’t matter if you feel awkward. Before you start writing, take some time to become comfortable with yourself.

This will allow you to decide how long your personal statement should be. It should be long enough to convey all the information you need, but not too long to lose your reader’s interest. Your writing style and ethos should be supported by the writeup.

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How to write a winning sociology research paper

sociological research question

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Writing a sociology research paper, can be challenging for students who lack adequate writing and research skills. Sociology, though a very interesting topic, can as well be very confusing. For those taking the sociology course, they are required to write several sociology research paper assignment. The key to writing a compelling sociology research paper is having a good paper outline.  Without a good research paper outline, you’re going to find it challenging to develop a logical, reasonable structure for your paper. In this article, you are going to learn how to structure an effective sociology research paper that will help you score better grades.

What is a sociology research paper?

if you want to write great sociological research papers, you’ll need to learn both the writing aspect as well as the more in-depth understanding of the topic that you’ll be covering. If you lack adequate research and writing skills, or have a tight deadline, you can order a research paper online from a reliable and trustworthy academic writing service. To make it easy to understand, we’ll look at the two parts of writing the paper.

The first part of writing a sociology research paper is, of course, sociology. If you’re writing about it, you need to understand what the topic is about. Therefore, we’ll go ahead and get into its concise definition:  Sociology is the study of human society. It covers how we developed it, the structure, and its crucial functions. Although that’s a very broad definition, it’s all you need to know to enable you to write your sociology term paper.

The second part of this project is going to be how to format and structure the paper. In college, you’re likely as familiar with the definition of different papers as you are with the meaning of sociology. Most papers have the same basic makeup such as arguments along with supporting facts as well as the main thesis. In this instance, you’ll need to understand the process of identifying appropriate sources of information, brainstorming of ideas and accurate way to acknowledge the work of other scholars thereby avoiding any plagiarized work while maintaining high quality of work.

Sociology Research Paper Format

When assigned a sociology research paper assignment, whether it’s for a term paper or just a general essay, sociology research paper will follow the same basic format:  An introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction of your essay should describe the scope of your essay while also giving a summary of the content. A strong introduction is informative and engaging.

Writing a strong introduction is not an easy task since it requires a combination of creativity and good writing skills. A compelling introduction draws the attention of your readers, provides background information on your topic, and reveals your essay’s purpose. Make the purpose of the paper clear and concise. If you need help in composing a captivating and robust introduction, visit the for the best essay writing services.

The body paragraphs are the main parts of the paper. This consists of multiple paragraphs with individual ideas along with the supporting evidence. Backing up your arguments with evidence, statistics, and examples will make your sociology paper effective. The difference between a weak and robust essay depends on the writer’s knowledge on how to structure a free-flowing paragraph. Separating your ideas through an outline before you start writing can help in organizing your thoughts and link each segment in a cohesive way that supports your thesis. Good paragraphs are crucial in enhancing the flow and readability of your content.

The last part of your sociology research paper is going to be the conclusion. Your conclusion should have a summary of the main points in the piece but avoid repeating the exact words found in the document. The best way to synthesize the main points is to show how the points stated in your article, supporting facts and evidence, integrate or fuse into one another to address the research problem.

A reasonable conclusion should not only emphasize on the thesis statement but also show the audience the relevance of your research. Your conclusion should recommend actions to be taken and provide solutions to an issue or problem. You should try to convince the audience that your solution or proposal is the best by discussing the potential benefits if put into consideration.

Sociology Research Paper Outline Template

sociological research question

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There are three types of sociology research paper outlines that you can use:  Traditional, conceptual, and post-draft. Conceptual outlines are great for those who like to think outside of the box. This one can be quite challenging because it requires one to display a high level of creativity.

A post-draft outline involves writing out what you want to cover on a piece of paper. All you have to do is write down the ideas as they come to you but you should ensure they are adequately supported. You can start by writing everything down without worrying about being orderly then you can neatly arrange everything by bullet points afterwards. The last one and the most widely used is the traditional outline.

Here, you break down the paper by the format you’ll be writing in. It generally includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The body paragraphs contain both the main idea for the paragraph and the supporting information for it. Just like in your essay. The following is a guideline of how to write the traditional outline:

  • Introduction

The introduction includes the topic of your paper, the thesis statement or the main question. Make sure to include it here and to make it clear to the reader. You should indicate what do you intend to do in this paper and indicate whether you are arguing for or against something or are you simply informing the reader. Finally, you should state your intended purpose.

  • Body Paragraphs

This is where you will discuss your topic. The purpose of the body is the introduction of facts and evidence that supports your thesis statement. Try to keep it clear and concise and not overly broad. While writing the contents of your article, each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should relate to your thesis statement to put emphasis and strengthen your ideas.

The body of your essay should provide background information on your topic and highlights the main points of your contents. Ensure you support your claims with relevant facts and evidence such as statistics, figures, and relevant examples. It’s essential to analyze and explain your evidence so that the audience can understand your content or ideas.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion of your paper includes a brief summary of your paper. You should state exactly what you covered in your paper but ensure to summarize it fairly, but briefly. You don’t need to restate everything you wrote, just the main points! Finally, include your conclusions and lay them out plainly, so that everyone can understand them. Make sure they are supported.

Writing a great sociology research paper outline will enable you to have a good framework that will keep your writing on track; keep your information organized and improve the logical flow of information. If you are unable to come up with an effective paper outline, you can ask for assistance from professionals at


Write the perfect annotated bibliography- Here’s how

diagnostic essay

A student writing an annotated bibliography. Photo:

In college, you will be required to complete different types of assignments in various academic fields with varying levels of complexity and one of the most common and challenging of these assignments is the annotated bibliography. Most students who are not familiar with it may end up confused, wondering whether it is a listing of bibliographic sources or a review of literature; an annotated bibliography is neither.

The assignment can be relatively challenging for students that lack intellectual skills such as comprehensive description, evaluation, and comprehensive research. To come up with an excellent annotation, the writer needs to evaluate relevant and credible sources before including them in the research process. The annotations can be critical, descriptive, or both. If you are experiencing challenges in writing an annotated bibliography, offers professional and reliable annotated bibliography writing help.

What is an APA Annotated Bibliography? Why Write It?

The APA annotated bibliography is basically a list of citations for various articles, books, and other sources on a topic. It is similar to the references pages, but includes an annotation after the citation of a source. An annotation is simply a short critical evaluation of material.

One of the key purposes of this type of assignment is to allow the writer to review useful sources before integrating them into research. The annotations can be critical, descriptive, or both. In a descriptive annotation, the writer is expected to explain the content of the article or book, while the critical annotation requires an assessment of the work form an informed position. In the description, you should include

  • A summation of the source
  • Details of the author
  • The issue discussed in the document
  • The date of publications
  • The reason behind the writing.

On the other hand, The evaluative annotation provides a summary of the key ideas in a document and provides judgements that may be positive, negative, or both. An evaluative annotation starts with the discussion of the main points and concept of the citation and then proceeds to comprehensive details. At the end, the writer presents his/her personal reflections regarding the citation..

Why students need to write annotations

Annotation projects are often issued as part of the coursework, and contribute to a significant part of the overall grade. Here are some functions served by the annotated bibliography APA:

  • Helps students to familiarize and understand relevant literature on a topic
  • Show the depth and quality of reading done by the students
  • Highlighting particular sources, other researchers may find useful
  • Organizing accurate and relevant sources while preparing for research.

What Writing Challenges Do Students Face?

Numerous challenges can hinder a student’s ability to work on annotations. One of the most common challenges is where students lack sufficient research and writing skills. Other students have very little to no time available to sit down and work on various essay assignments due to intense academic and extracurricular workloads. Part time jobs and family responsibilities can limit the time students need to work on their academic essays.

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography-Here’s How

diagnostic essay

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Here are some tips to help you write the perfect annotated bibliography:

  • Conduct Research and Select Your Sources

Conducting research and selecting relevant sources is one of the essential aspects of writing an excellent annotation. Before writing anything down, you should first select the most appropriate materials. Define the scope of your research so that you can determine what to include or exclude. Your analysis should be comprehensive and relevant. .

  • Read and Review Your Sources

After successfully selecting relevant resources, the next step is to gather content or information for your paper. You may be required to provide a brief overview of the research resources and analyze their importance. The primary purpose of writing an APA, MLA, or Chicago style is to help the researcher determine the quality and relevance of the sources on a topic. As you review the sources you have selected, ensure they are credible, and the information used is from an accurate and reliable source.

At this stage, your objective should be to be to cover a wide range of approaches to your topic. Go through the sources, noting down complete bibliographic details, in line with the referencing style preferred by your instructor or department. Read the sources, taking notes as you focus on the authors’ theoretical style, main findings or points, the scope of the work within your topic, and the authors’ position on the issue.

As you read, evaluate and indicate this in your notes. As a result, your work will not be mere copying of material, but an informed position on the topic and the texts. Also, consider whether the research methodologies used to gather the information in the sources is appropriate and whether the argument developed can stand up to scrutiny in the face of established knowledge in the field.

  • Writing the Citation and the Annotation

All the reading and preparation in the world is of little use if you don’t get started on the actual writing as soon as possible. Of course, the right annotated bibliography format will depend on the instruction outlined in your prompt, or your departmental requirements. Nonetheless, some common guidelines apply across the board.

Start the writing process by creating a bibliography (according to your preferred style), listing the sources in alphabetical order. Under each citation, include a paragraph, where you summarize and review each text, explaining how it informs the specific topic or contributes to answering your research question. For instance, consider whether the source offers some background information (if so, what kind?). Remember to review the weaknesses or limitations in the source in line with your topic choice.

Whether you are writing an APA or MLA annotated bibliography, always proofread and edit your work. Simple typos and grammar mistakes can take away from the quality of your work and reduce your overall score.

What Style of Writing Should You Use?

Similar to the research paper, the annotation is a formal document. Of course, detailed assignment briefs and departmental guidelines will offer some insight into the preferred citation style and how it is to be used. If in doubt, consult your instructor or supervisor. An APA annotated bibliography should be written in complete sentences, forming a cohesive snapshot of the source. This type of project should be brief and selective, so avoid using any unnecessary words and jargons.

When Should You Consider Help with Annotated Bibliography?

Writing a perfect annotated bibliography can be challenging for most students, either due to lack of time or lack of research and writing skills. Whatever the reason, there is no shame in seeking professional help as you work towards perfecting your writing. Ordering a professionally written annotated bibliography from a reliable and trustworthy writing service will ensure you receive a top-quality piece that will earn you excellent grades.

Need Help with How to Do an Annotated Bibliography? Trust Us

Effective writing is a skill that requires much time and practice to perfect. If for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to complete your annotated bibliography or other academic projects, allow writing service to assist you with your projects. Our services are fast, secure and affordable.


How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay 

process analysis essay

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A rhetorical analysis essay is one that involves analyzing a piece of writing or document in detail. When writing this type of essay, the writer studies a topic and formulates his viewpoint using effective and persuasive methods. It is one of the writing assignments which appear on the AP English exam.

The Following basic questions are essential in writing an effective rhetorical writing:

  • What is the situation discussed by the author of original piece?
  • Who is the writer or author of the work?
  • What is the primary objective of the analyzed work?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How does the content of the main message sound?
  • Does the main article’s idea successfully complete the author’s intentions and primary objectives?

For a rhetorical analysis essay to be effective, it needs to be:

  • Free from grammatical errors
  • concise
  • clear
  • coherent
  • should appear in present tense
  • Should respond to the analyzed article/speech/text.

It is essential to understand the steps involved in the planning and writing process to write an effective and engaging essay. Struggling to compose an engaging Rhetorical Analytical Essay? You can seek professional help from writing services for an eye catching and engaging essay. Their excellent services are trustworthy and satisfactory.

How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

The following steps are essential when writing a rhetorical analysis essay:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Formulate a compelling thesis statement
  3. Conduct comprehensive research
  4. Develop the essay outline
  5. Edit and proofread your essay

Identify a Rhetorical Strategy

For any type of communication to be effective, it should be based on the ability to persuade the audience. There are three main strategies used to persuade the audience. The strategies include ethos, pathos, and logos.

  • Ethos – appeals to ethics. This strategy convinces the readers that the writer is a trustworthy source. He/she uses this approach to justify the stance and exhibits his/her morality.
  • Pathos – this strategy is used to appeal to the reader’s emotion with the aim to provoke their emotional response.
  •  Logos – This strategy is used to appeal to the audience by presenting facts logically.

Choose a Topic

The topic needs to be precise so that the readers can easily understand the nature of the research. The writer needs to have a good understanding of the issue so that they can easily undertake and interpret it effectively to the audience. A excellent topic should be well structured to give something significant to your audience. The reader should feel satisfied that their question is addressed.

It should be well-defined and explain the whole article in less than a sentence. It’s vital to formulate a topic that is relevant to your target audience. A good question should indicate the importance of the study and should be consistent enough to avoid contradiction. The topic should highlight the significance of the research on the audience.

Formulate a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement appears at the end of the first paragraph and clearly identifies the topic being discussed and informs the reader about the direction and significance of your essay. A thesis statement captures the position of the primary or central ideas. It usually focuses your ideas in one or two sentences. Your thesis statement also helps guide your writing and keeps your thoughts and arguments focused.

For your thesis statement to be effective, it should be as clear and specific as possible. It should cover what you will discuss in your paper, and it should also be supported with concrete evidence or facts. As you write, your topic may change; therefore, it’s necessary to revise your thesis statement to make sure it presents what you have discussed in the paper. Thesis statements that are too vague do not offer strong arguments. The thesis statement should be well defined and arguable, and logical.

Conduct comprehensive Research

Outline your main points and present the relevant facts and supporting evidence. The main ideas or points should be backed by facts and evidence in the same paragraph. The main ideas presented in your essay should relate to the thesis statement highlighted in the introduction. The sections should also contain concise arguments that convince the reader to agree with your point of view. Backing up your arguments with relevant facts and evidence forms a strong basis for your content and enhances its credibility.

Create an Essay Outline

process analysis essay


Writing an outline may seem like a long process, but it simplifies and makes the actual writing easier. A good outline ensures you can present your ideas into meaningful and logical sentences. Once you have a concrete framework, you will be able to create and structure a well-developed, captivating, and engaging essay. A rhetorical analysis essay uses a basic essay outline. This outline consists of 5 paragraphs;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph 1
  3. Body paragraph 2
  4. Body paragraph 3
  5. Conclusion

The quality of your rhetorical analysis essay will be assessed on how well the essay outline is structured. However, if you are unsure how to start, you can seek professional and reliable writing services from the


An introduction is the first section and an essential part of a rhetorical analysis essay. An introduction describes the scope of an article or essay and gives a summary of the content. A strong introduction is informative and engaging. Writing a strong introduction is not an easy task since it requires a combination of creativity and good writing skills. A strong introduction draws the attention of your readers, provides background information on your topic, and reveals your rhetorical analysis essay’s purpose

Body Paragraphs

The purpose of the body in an essay is to develop the thesis or argument outlined in the introduction fully. Each paragraph in the body discusses one major point in the development of the main case. Readers will most likely be frustrated by large blocks of writing and end up skipping your rhetorical analysis essay. Lengthy paragraphs create confusion because there are no breaks between different ideas.

Knowing how to organize your ideas rationally through paragraphs will enhance the clarity and reliability of your rhetorical analysis essay. Paragraphs provide structure and flow to your information or opinions. They allow you to transition from one idea to another. Starting a new paragraph signal the reader that you are moving onto the next idea. Lack of structuring your ideas into paragraphs makes it challenging to follow and understand what you are trying to convey.


Your conclusion should include a  brief summary of the main points in the essay but avoid repeating the exact words found in the document. The best way to synthesize the main points is to show how the points stated in your article, supporting facts and evidence integrate or fuse into one another to address the research problem.

A reasonable conclusion should not only emphasize on the thesis statement but also show the audience the significance of your research. Your arguments should highlight the significant consequences of your research and the impact on the respective discipline or field.

Your conclusion should recommend actions to be taken and provide solutions to an issue or problem. The conclusion should try to convince the reader that your solution or proposal is the best by discussing the potential benefits of your resolutions if put into consideration. Providing answers and solutions to the issue of discussion will enable your readers to apply your ideas in real-life situations.

Edit and proofread

Editing improves the overall quality of your rhetorical analysis essay by ensuring it’s well organized, clear, concise, relevant, and compelling. Excellent editing involves deleting, adding, re-arranging information to ensure its meaningful, and the overall structure of the document is correct. Editing makes extensive adjustments that ensure you have used appropriate language to relay your work with clarity and effectiveness.

Proofreading improves the quality of your rhetorical analysis essay by checking and correcting all spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Proofreading is also essential in correcting inconsistent terminology, formatting, and referencing in an article or essay. Proofreading does not involve in-depth changes but deals with minor changes that do not include fact-checking. To ensure your document is free from all errors, proofreading should come as the as the last step when revising your work to ensure the format, page numbers, headers, fonts, are used correctly and appropriately before handing out the final report.

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How to structure a dissertation the right way


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A dissertation or thesis is a detailed piece of academic writing based on original research usually submitted as part of a PhD or master’s, and sometimes as part of a bachelor’s degree. A dissertation is probably the longest piece of writing students undertake while in college it can be quite challenging and intimidating if you don’t know where or how to start. Writing the perfect dissertation requires you to have excellent research and writing skills. Is writing a dissertation too hard for you? is a reliable and trustworthy online writing service that offers top-quality academic solutions. Place your order today and receive top-quality papers that are free from plagiarism and timely delivered.

Dissertation structure

Dissertations are structured differently depending on your location, discipline, topic and approach. For example, dissertations in the humanities are often structured more like a long essay, building an overall argument to support a central thesis, with chapters organized around different themes or case studies.

But if you’re doing empirical research in the sciences or social sciences, your dissertation should generally contain all of the following elements. In many cases, each will be a separate chapter, but sometimes you might combine them. For example, in certain kinds of qualitative social science, the results and discussion will be woven together rather than separated.

The order of sections can also vary between fields and countries. For example, some universities advise that the conclusion should always come before the discussion. If in doubt about how your thesis or dissertation should be structured, always check your department’s guidelines and consult with your supervisor.

Title page

The title page of your dissertation should include very your name, department, institution, degree program, and submission date. The title page is crucial since it introduces the research topic and focuses on the reader. The subject of the research includes the general area of research, while the focus specifies the item of your research. Many programs have strict requirements for formatting the dissertation title page. A good title should be clear, specific, descriptive and relevant to the research you have done. It’s crucial to format the claim according to the set guidelines of your respective field.


The acknowledgment section should not be more than one page and usually appears after the title page and before the abstract. In this section you acknowledge those who have contributed and supported you directly or indirectly during the research and writing process. The acknowledgements could be both personal and professional.


The abstract is the first part of your dissertation that people will read, so it’s crucial to make it short and get it right. An excellent abstract should:

  • State the main topic and aims of your research
  • Describe the methods used
  • Summarize the main results
  • State your conclusions

The best way to come up with an excellent abstract is by writing it last once you are sure of what you are summarizing. You can also start by writing an abstract to help you highlight the main points in your research, the outcome and purpose of the research. Moreover, beginning with an abstract will potentially act as a guide in the structuring of your dissertation.

Table of contents

The table of contents should contain the list all of your chapters and subheadings and their page numbers. A good table of content should be clear, concise and well-formatted to enable the reader to easily navigate the document.

List of figures and tables

If you document includes lots of tables and figures, you should include a list of figures and tables. This will enable the reader to easily find various illustrations, figure and tables. Your list of figures and tables should be listed in a clear and well-organized format.

List of abbreviations

A list of abbreviations is included if you have used a lot of abbreviations in your dissertation. You should include them in an alphabetized order the reader can easily look up their meanings.


It is crucial to include a glossary in your document if you have used a lot of technical terms that may not be familiar to your reader. List the terms alphabetically and provide a brief explain of each term.


The introduction plays a vital role by expounding the material summarized in the abstract. A good introduction should:

  • Provide necessary background information to contextualize your work
  • Narrow down the focus and define the scope of the research
  • Discuss the state of existing research on the topic, showing your work’s relevance to a broader problem or debate
  • Clearly state your research questions and objectives
  • Give an overview of your dissertation’s structure

Literature review / Theoretical framework

A literature review is an overall overview of previous research on a topic. It involves a collection of the most relevant and crucial sources on that particular topic to provide a comprehensive overview. Make sure your sources are recent and uncontested. Provide an analysis of the information collected from the various sources. It’s crucial to make sure you justify the reasons for your research.

The literature review often becomes the basis for a theoretical framework where you define and analyze the key theories, concepts and models that support your research. In this section you can answer descriptive research questions about the relationship between concepts or variables.


This is where all the methods and techniques used to collect data on the research topic are discussed in a detailed report. You will need to be clear and precise on how you conducted the research and how the findings have helped you address the research problem. It’s also important to state when and where the research was conducted.


In this section, you provide your research outcomes that are relevant to your research questions or problems. It should not include any interpretation of the data.


This is where you interpret and explain the results or outcomes of your study. Use clear statements that address your research question or problem. Discuss the implications of your research in and show new insights and the significance they have in the respective field. It’s essential to show your reader the contributions of your research and why they should care. The discussion should also acknowledge the obstacles that were encountered during the research process and evaluate the impact they had in achieving the aim of the study.


Your conclusion should provide a summary of the main points made in your arguments to ensure the reader has a clear understanding of the research. The conclusion should identify possible gaps in the study and offer relevant solutions. In this section, it’s crucial to show the importance of your research in the field and also provide recommendations for future research on the particular field.


Full details of all the sources you cited must be included here. It’s crucial to list all your references using a consistent citation style.


In this section, documents that you have used but are not included in the main body of your essay can be added as appendices. The documents can be interview transcripts or survey questions.

Editing and proofreading

Making sure all the sections are in the right place is only the first step to a well-written dissertation. Leave plenty of time for editing and proofreading. Grammar mistakes and sloppy formatting errors can drag down the quality of your hard work.

You should plan to write and revise several drafts of your thesis or dissertation before focusing on language mistakes, typos and inconsistencies. You might want to consider using a professional dissertation editing service to make sure it’s perfect before submitting.


How to Write a Compelling Informative Essay

diagnostic essay


In college, there is a great chance that you will have to write a couple of informative essays during your educational years. Your professor may either assign you a topic or allow you to choose one for yourself. An informative essay is a type whose main purpose is to educate your audience on a particular topic, to elaborate on a term, or analyze data. They are intended to teach your readers new information.

An informative essay does not include personal opinions but should compare controversial viewpoints about a particular topic. Regardless of the type of topic, an informative essay should present in-depth knowledge and basic facts relating to the chosen topic at hand. If you need help writing an informative essay, seek professional and reliable service from boompapers.

Informative Essay Topics

Students are either assigned a particular topic or given the freedom to choose for themselves. Choosing the perfect informative essay topic can be difficult if you have a wide range to choose from. The following tips will help you to select the most appropriate topic.

  • Your topic should not too broad or too narrow. It should have adequate information about your subject, but not too long that it ends up boring your readers.
  • The topic should be compelling and captivating to your audience. A good topic should keep your readers interested and motivated.
  • It should be clear. The topic needs to be precise so that the readers can easily understand the nature of the research.
  • It should be relevant. Your topic should be focus on current issues or  related to what is going on in the world
  •  Choosing a topic that interests will make the writing process easier since you will be more passionate and will let you express your enthusiasm fully.

How to write an Informative Essay

informative essay outline

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Writing an engaging informative essay can be a daunting task for many students and writers. The ability to keep readers engaged throughout an essay requires a writer to craft their ideas intelligently. Writers need to keep their readers in mind from the beginning to the end. An engaging essay should present well-organized ideas, relevant information and stay focused on the topic. You should consider the right choice of tone and language to relay your ideas and thoughts that will attract the attention of your readers. The following professional guideline will help you craft an outstanding informative essay:


The introduction should begin with a hook that grabs the reader’s attention. A good introduction describes the scope of the essay and gives a summary of the content. It should be informative and engaging. The following are characteristics of an excellent introduction:

  • A strong introduction should contain eye-catching phrases that will draw the attention of the readers.
  • Present supporting points in a logical order that leads to the main ideas. The points and main ideas need to be supported by relevant evidence.
  • Highlight your main ideas and show the purpose and relevance of your essay.
  • Provide background information that will make your readers understand your subject and its significance.
  • Should be organized logically, clearly, and concisely.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph and identifies the topic under discussion. It plays an important role of informing the reader of the direction and significance of your essay. An excellent thesis statement should be well-defined and able to captures the main ideas. It should focus on your ideas in one or two sentences. .

Your thesis statement should control the subject matter of the essay and states useful and relevant content to the reader. It should be clear, arguable, specific, and include evidence to support your point of view. A weak thesis statement is not clear and is too broad, making it difficult for the reader to understand the direction of the essay.

Body Paragraphs

The purpose of this section in an informative essay is to develop the thesis or argument outlined in the introduction fully. Each paragraph in the body explores one major point in the development of the main case. It is important to keep your paragraphs short since readers will most likely be frustrated by large blocks of writing and end up skipping your essay. Very long paragraphs create confusion because there are no breaks between different ideas.

Organizing your ideas logically through paragraphs will enhance the clarity and accuracy of your document. Paragraphs provide structure and flow to your content by allowing you to transition from one idea to another. Effective transitional writing provides greater cohesion in your article by alerting readers of the shift of information so that they can easily understand your ideas.

Topic sentences should appear early in the paragraphs. It should clearly and concisely present the main point or idea you are making in the paragraph. A topic sentence must be general enough to show the concept or subject you wish to elaborate. A good topic sentence should be specific enough so that the readers can easily understand the paragraph’s main idea or argument.

Each body paragraph should include a target point and supporting evidence. Supporting your ideas or arguments with relevant facts, evidence, or examples improves your essay’s credibility and reliability. No matter how strong your points are, readers will be unconvinced without the relevant supporting evidence.

After defining your claim and introducing the evidence, you should interpret and explain the evidence to the reader. You should show how the evidence relates to the other ideas in your article and also explains the importance of the evidence to your overall argument. Without this, your informative essay will hold no value. .

Finally conclude you body paragraph with a sentence should that gives a general summary of the argument presented. The primary purpose of this sentence is to strengthen and display clarity in your argument or thesis.


Writing a conclusion may seem an easy task, but it requires more focus and effort to produce excellent content. An excellent conclusion should outline your main points or ideas. It is also important to re-affirm your thesis statement to make it striking and compelling.

Your summary should be short and focus on your content’s main ideas or thoughts. While concluding your essay, avoid introducing new information or ideas that was not initially included in your content. Finally, highlight the significance your essay to the audience and recommendations for future results.

Edit and Proof-read your essay

Before handing in your informative essay, it’s essential to do editing and proof-reading to ensure your document maintains a high-quality and optimum readability status. Editing requires you to re-read the whole document to check and ensure the organization and structure of the report is correct. Editing helps in eliminating structural mistakes, identifying and removing inconsistencies, and adjusting the content to ensure it remains relevant to the target audience.

Proof-reading on the other hand is essential in checking and eliminating all spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Proof-reading is also used in correcting inconsistent terminology, formatting, and referencing in an article or essay. It does not involve in-depth changes but deals with minor errors.

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Perfect paraphrasing guideline

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Paraphrasing involves re-writing a passage or text in your own words without changing its original meaning. When paraphrasing, always cite the source. Paraphrasing is not an easy as it sounds since it requires finding relevant information, understanding the purpose of the information, and interpreting it using other words without losing its meaning or intended purpose.

Proper citation, while paraphrasing, is crucial since it will help you avoid the plagiarism trap that may occur intentionally or unintentionally. However, a citation will not help you avoid plagiarism, but correct and appropriate citation will. You must ensure you document your sources appropriately using the proper style guide. Improper use of citations and wrong style guide will not help you escape plagiarism.

Paraphrasing is acceptable if you understand and interpret information from other materials and adding correct citations at the end of a sentence or paragraph. Therefore, it’s not fair to copy information from another source and slightly change some few words or use synonyms.

The main aim of paraphrasing is to show you understand the information you have to write it in your own words. Writers must understand how to paraphrase content to avoid unintentional plagiarism altogether. If paraphrasing is challenging to you, seek professional and reliable paraphrasing services from for the best experience.

Why Is It Important to Paraphrase My Sentence?

Sometimes you may write a paper for school only to realize that it difficult to understand because of errors; in such a case, it is essential to rewrite the work to make it clear and easy to understand your message. For paraphrasing essays, you need our expert writers who will paraphrase it for you such that your message in the text remains unchanged, but they can improve its outlook. Other reasons you may want to rephrase text include:

  • To remove plagiarism

Paraphrasing is a technique that enables a writer to rewrite the original text in their own words. It’s vital because it proves you have understood the concept of your research to formulate it in your own words. When you use another author’s words exactly as they appear, then your work may be flagged for having plagiarized content. To avoid plagiarism, avoid copying verbatim more than two words in a row from the information you are using.

  • To improve flow

Paraphrasing is also used to correct and improve the flow in a document to make it clear and easy to understand. If you have limited writing skills, you may find it difficult to produce a free-flowing paper. The good news is that through our services, we can help you to achieve better flow in your work that will improve the overall quality of your document.

  • Gives better explanations

Sometimes you may find it difficult to find the correct words to express your ideas or arguments clearly. Lack of better explanations may also take away your creativity and prevent you from producing an excellent paper. However, by requesting paraphrasing services from us, we can improve your explanations, which will improve the overall quality of your document.

  • Avoid redoing the work

Sometimes a student may submit their paper only to be returned for revision since it wasn’t well executed. The good thing about paraphrasing is that you don’t have to write the document from scratch. with our help, we can deliver to you a perfectly paraphrased paper without the need to write a new one.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Paraphrasing services?

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  • Text Accuracy

One of the core aspects of rephrasing is to ensure the original meaning of the text remains the same. Even though paraphrasing involves rewriting a text using your own words, the message that was intended by the author should not change whatsoever since altering the meaning in any form would no longer be a paraphrase. We have experienced and skilled writers are very attentive when paraphrasing an article to ensure that they understand the message while maintaining high levels of accuracy throughout.

  • Native Writers

One of the other reasons for rephrasing any work is to improve the quality of grammar and language used. Students that are not native English speakers are bound to make numerous spelling and grammatical errors that may reduce the overall quality of a document. Poorly constructed sentences may take away the message of the work and may make it difficult to comprehend what you are trying to communicate.

However, when you seek paraphrasing services with us, you are guaranteed to receive a masterpiece that is clear, easy to understand, and is written in excellent English. We also ensure the final piece undergoes a vigorous editing and proof-reading process to eliminate structural, spelling, and grammatical errors. This means that your document will be easy to read and understand your message.

  • Fast and on Time Delivery

One of the advantages of paraphrasing is that virtually no new information should be added, which makes it a lot easier to complete the task. This means that our writers will take a shorter period to complete your assignment compared to if you were getting a new paper. Even though paraphrasing take a shorter period of time to complete, we still ensure quality is highly maintained.

When you place a paraphrasing order with us, we ensure it is worked on immediately to ensure it is delivered back to you as soon as possible. Therefore, even when you have a strict deadline, you can get help fast and have it delivered on time. You also have the chance to check your work for errors or corrections, which you can send back to us for revisions which are absolutely free

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How to write a remarkable book report

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A book report refers to a genre of writing in which the writer offers a description, summary, and evaluation of a piece of literature. The purpose of the report is to provide potential readers with enough details to help them decide whether to read the book or not. Instructors usually request students to write book reports as a means of testing their ability to read, understand, and evaluate a given text or concept.

Writing a book report can be quite a challenging task since it requires students to have excellent reading and evaluation skills. Some students find it difficult to write, and format book reports. In such circumstances, it is important to seek professional help. By so doing, you will be able to learn how to compose this kind of paper. You can get top quality and reliable book report help from

Tips for writing a good book report

To understand how to compose the report, you first need to know its primary characteristics. They are as follows:

  • The book’s title & publication year/date
  • The author’s name
  • The category/genre of the book
  • The subject, theme, or plot of the book
  • A synopsis of the primary elements or ideas discussed within the text
  • A response offered by the reader giving his/her opinion about the book
  • A few quotes from the book that support the general observations

A book report enables the writer to inform others about that particular book. Book reports usually combine facts as well as opinions. The writer should provide a summary the hard information within the text and give their opinions and judgments.

Importance of Hiring Book Report Help

Book reports are usually used to assess whether students have read and understood a particular piece of literature, and contribute towards the  student’s final grades. However, some learners experience many challenges in composing this type of essay. Some of the common problems experienced by students include:

  • limited writing skills

Most students are unable to present their ideas in a clear and logical manner. Writers need to remain consistent in their writing to prevent contradiction and ambiguity when presenting their ideas. Inconsistency is a common error found in academic writing, and it undermines the overall quality of the paper, causing it to be rejected by the audience.

  • Performance anxiety

Poor academic failures can greatly affect the students’ confidence. Therefore, It is essential to undertake a lot of writing practice to boost your confidence and to remain consistent to ensure effective communication of thoughts and ideas to the relevant audience.

  • Poor citation of sources

To write an effective book report, it is imperative to insert relevant citations to all external sources of information. Poor insertion of references and in-text citations usually leads to plagiarism which can result in a student being expelled from a certain academic program.

  • Family responsibilities and partial occupations

Some students have multiple responsibilities apart from learning. Some of the responsibilities include taking care of family members in addition to attending part-time jobs. Finding the perfect balance between academic work and such obligations can be quite challenging. The student is usually left with inadequate time to focus on academic assignments leading to poor grades which hampers their academic performance.

  • Burn out

Even the most prolific writers have their limits that may be physical, mental, or psychological. Spending too much time writing can lead to exhaustion. Writers are not only stressed about the quality of their writing materials, but family and personal issues may lead to burnout. Writing may seem like an easy task, but it takes its toll on writers like any other job. Writing requires one to spend a lot of time researching, writing, editing, proof-reading, and meeting the required deadlines. This hard work with too many demands may leave a writer fatigued and stressed out, eventually affecting their creativity and productivity.

  • The need for leisure

Leisure time is very important for students to relax and rejuvenate their energy. Taking time off from academic activities enables them to focus on other personal activities and interests.

Benefits of Seeking Book Reports from Us

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  • Multiple Subjects

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  • All Academic Levels

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