Character analysis project

CHARACTER ANALYSIS (Fictional characters)

Please do not select movies or tv shows that are specifically about people with a disorder. For instance, The TV show MONK is specifically about a detective who has OCD. The purpose of this assignment is for you analyze one of your favorite characters. There is no analyzing to do if the work has already been done for you. You may NOT use films/TV shows like the following where characters have already been diagnosed: Monk I am Sam A Beautiful Mind Identity As Good As it Gets The Aviator **others films/shows that give you diagnosis already Set-up: 1) brief summary of show/film/book and include actors, authors (approx 1 page) 2) diagnose one character with ONE psychiatric disorder as listed in the textbook. (disorders can only come from one of the following categories: mood, anxiety, psychotic, or personality disorders) 3) Explain behaviors of your character that support diagnosis. Give many, many, specific examples of behaviors that support diagnosis. This is crucial! Make it count. This should be about 2-3 pages. 4) After you have diagnosed your character and gave evidence to support your diagnosis, you then must write a brief research paper on that particular disorder. For this portion of the paper, you will need to use three sources. For instance, if you diagnose your character with borderline personality disorder, you need to write a 3-4 page paper about the disorder and have at least 3 sources OTHER than your textbook cited within text of paper. 5) Sources- you need 3 sources and these need to be documented. If you quote or take an idea out of a source that is not your own idea, then cite the source. Citations within the text should look like this: …… (Rynier, 2000) author’s last name and year it was published. (cite sources within text and provide works cited page ) Format for reference page: Follow APA format. If sources can’t be validated, this is considered plagiarism and will result in a grade of “0.” **BE SURE TO INCLUDE A REFERENCE PAGE*** **Your paper will be between 5-7 pages of text and then a reference page in addition. You do not need a cover sheet. Papers will be double spaced and written in word format. Be sure to check grammar and spelling. If papers do not match this format, they will not be graded.

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