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Chemistry is the science of the properties, structure, and composition of substances (defined by elements and compounds), and the transformations that they go through. It also deals with energy released or absorbed in these processes. Each substance, natural or artificially made, is composed of at least one of the hundreds of species of atoms known as elements. These atoms are made up of more elementary particles but they are the fundamental building blocks of chemical substances. For example, there is no atom of any substance that contains less than one atom of oxygen, mercury or gold. Chemistry is therefore not concerned with subatomic domain, but rather with the properties and laws of atoms. This knowledge can then be used to accomplish specific purposes.

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Chemistry faces a great challenge. It is difficult to explain the complex behaviour of materials. How they behave, what makes them last, how they interact with other substances, and how they can be formed or destroyed. Since the beginning of human attempts to understand the world, chemists have been trying to create theories that can explain the nature and effects of change and permanence. While the ordered assembly of indestructible molecules into small and large molecules or extended networks with interconnected atoms is accepted as the basis for permanence, theories of change rely on the reorganization or reorganization atoms or molecules into new arrangements. Chemistry is the study of the atomic structure and atomic composition of substances as well as the diverse interactions between substances that can cause sudden and often violent reactions.

Chemistry is also concerned with the creation and use of new substances. All chemical processes, including cooking, fermentation, glassmaking, and metallurgy, have been around since the dawn of time. Chemical technology has produced vinyl, Teflon and liquid crystals as well as semiconductors and superconductors. There were dramatic improvements in understanding the complex chemistry of living organisms during the 20th century. A molecular interpretation for health and disease is a promising area of research. Modern chemistry is aided with increasingly sophisticated instruments that study materials as small and simple as single atoms as well as complex ones like DNA (deoxyribonucleic acids), which has millions of atoms. Even new substances can be created to have desired characteristics. It is amazing how fast chemical knowledge keeps growing. More than 8,000,000 chemical substances, both artificial and natural, have been identified and created over the years. In 1965, the number was just 500,000.

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