choose one of the prehistoric tool technologies we read about in this class (listed below)

For the week 3 paper I want you to choose one of the prehistoric tool technologies we read about in this class (listed below). Tell me who used the technology, what time period it was used, how it was used, and how this technology was both impacted by human evolution and how the technology in turn impacted human evolution. Be as thorough as possible when talking about the complex connections between hominins and these tools. You may not have much information on some of these toolkits in our readings and so for this week you can do some outside research. Just remember, we have very little time and don’t set yourself up for failure. If you cannot find one or two good resources (from our class or your research) move to a different tool technology.

Prehistoric Toolkits from our class:

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Lomekwian industry

Oldowan tradition

Acheulian tradition

Mousterian Industry

Chatelperronian tradition

Aurignacian industry

Gravettian industry

Solutrean industry

Magdalenian industry

Levallois tradition


All sources should be cited within the paper and in a bibliography (Bib) or works cited (WC) at the end of your paper in whatever citation style you have chosen – APA, MLA, Chicago Manual Style.

Minimum word count – 1,000 words excluding the WC or Bib

The first page of your paper should include your name, the name and number of our class, and a title that reflects your thoughts about these tool technologies.