Civil engineering personal statement 1

Civil engineering personal statement


Civil engineering personal statementSince you will need to write a personal statement whether you are writing for chemical engineering, civil engineering, or another discipline, here are some tips for writing a satisfactory civil engineering personal statement.

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Tell university admissions and tutors why engineering is something you are interested in. If you are interested in a degree, explain how the A-levels you have taken will be of benefit to you. Demonstrate that you are engaged in engineering beyond the classroom. Admit to admissions tutors that your skills and abilities will allow you to succeed in the course and contribute to the university.

Good skills to highlight in personal engineering statements include problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and the ability to communicate clearly and simply, particularly when discussing technical concepts.

What should you include in a civil engineering personal statement?

Civil engineers must communicate with clients, the public, and politicians. This communication will be both verbal and written. Your personal statement should show that you are able to communicate well,” Emma McGivern is a senior lecturer in our Civil Engineering courses at USW.

You must be passionate about the subject matter you choose for university. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will put in the effort to succeed. Consider how your personal statement can show a strong interest in civil engineering.Civil engineering personal statement

Discuss any trips, visits, or extracurricular activities that have helped or influenced your interest in civil engineering.

Participation in scouting, cadets, or guiding may have helped you to develop a lot. It is possible that you were able to participate in Engineering Taster Days or Engineering Competitions while at school.

How to Avoid when drafting a civil engineering personal statement

You should be careful not to make general remarks that could be applied to everyone, such as “I’m a good communicator,” without supporting them. It is possible to say, “I am a great communicator,” and be part of the school debate team that won the national competition last year.

Examples of what you should include in civil engineering personal statement

Most universities recommend that around two-thirds (or more) of your personal statement be dedicated to explaining why you are applying for the course, how you feel about the subject and why you think you would be a good fit. The third should focus on your extracurricular activities, which are not directly related to engineering, and how they have contributed to your development of useful skills and qualifications.

Here are some ideas to help you get started. This list can be used to help you create your own personal statement or make sure you don’t forget anything. These suggestions may be helpful if you are looking to boost your personal statement.

Engineering-related activities

  • When writing a civil engineering personal statement, any type of work experience is acceptable, including a day or two of work shadowing. You don’t have to work for an engineering company. Admissions tutors will appreciate any experience that helps you understand how things work and how they are made. You can work at an architectural or surveying company or in a local garage or computer repair shop.Civil engineering personal statement
  • You can also read more about engineerings, such as news articles, books and journals, and magazines like New Scientist or New Civil Engineer.
  • Talks with engineers about their work.
  • You’ve been to career fairs or events. You may also have attended other events, such as talks, workshops or lectures (or online lectures) or taster days hosted by engineering employers and engineering professional organizations.
  • You can share a trip that you have taken, with school or alone, like a factory tour, or visiting an exhibition hosted by a professional institution. You may be recognized for academic achievements that go beyond the exam results. You’ve participated in engineering competitions.
  • You may have personal projects such as programming, building an app, or learning how to program. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a great place to start if any of these sounds appealing.
  • Any other story that has sparked your interest in engineering. This could include a story about a local project, TV or film, including Hidden Figures, Robot Wars, Scrapheap Challenge or Incredible Engineering Blunders.

Other Activities to include in civil engineering personal statement

You have held positions of responsibility such as prefect, team captain, or member of school council.

  • Anything you have held as a part-time job, such as a paper round or in a local café.
  • Volunteering and fundraising. It is a good idea to volunteer at your local soup kitchen, even if it is not directly related to engineering.
  • You can also take part in extracurricular activities such as playing the guitar, cycling, or being a member of your school’s debate club.
  • A career in engineering requires the ability to communicate in another language. You can work anywhere in the world.

Write your personal statement pertaining to the engineering degree that you are applying for

Civil engineering personal statement

Except if you are writing a personal essay for a general engineering degree where you will study many different disciplines before specializing in engineering, it is important that your personal statement is specific to the engineering course you have chosen and clearly explains why you are interested in this field.

For example, if you are writing civil engineering personal statement, ensure that it demonstrates how you have engaged with the discipline. Maybe you went to a tunnel exhibit run by the Institution of Civil Engineers or did two weeks of work experience in a local construction company. Describe the experiences and tie them to your future plans to study civil engineering at university.

Perhaps you have learned programming languages in your spare time, or shadowed an engineer friend of your family if you are writing an electronic engineering personal statement. You can link these experiences back to your decision to apply for electrical engineering courses.

It is important to demonstrate that you have done extensive research on the subject. For example, if you are writing a personal statement for mechanical engineering, it is important to remember that mechanical engineering goes beyond building cars or formula one cars. This is something we see often in popular culture. Students who are more knowledgeable about other subjects, such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, stress analysis, and thermodynamics, will impress admissions tutors.

You are only submitting one personal essay to five universities

Civil engineering personal statementUCAS allows you to apply for five courses, but only one personal statement is required. Your statement will be read by each admissions tutor with the course in mind. If you are applying to multiple degrees with different content or career prospects (e.g., an assortment of civil engineering and electrical engineering courses), it will be more difficult to make your statement specific to that discipline and you could appear indecisive. If you aren’t sure what discipline you wish to study, you might consider general engineering degrees.

Be careful to not mention the name of a university or unique aspect of one of your courses. Using the words “I am excited about the chance to design my own chemical engineering plant in my second year” or “I have always wanted to study at University of Warwick” could be interpreted as a statement that you are enthusiastic.

Civil engineering personal statement let us know that you are interested in careers in engineering

An engineering degree is intended to prepare you for a particular career. Your personal statement should demonstrate that you have researched engineering careers and considered which path you would like to take after graduation. This is particularly important if your course leads in an obvious direction, such as automotive or aerospace engineering.Civil engineering personal statement

It doesn’t matter what you do, and you don’t have to know everything. However, it is important to show that you are at least able to understand the potential careers in the program you’re applying for. You could say, “I am interested in a career as a mechanical engineer working in the marine or power generation industry. However, I would like to explore other industries while at university.”

Learn more about the different jobs that engineers can do.

Don’t use too many statements

Avoid writing things that are similar to what other students might write. Admissions tutors can quickly get tired of the same thing being repeated over and over. As a child, you won’t be alone in your love of LEGO and K’Nex. You might also enjoy taking apart parts to find out how they work. You’re not the only one who admires The Shard and the Empire State Building. You should avoid quotes from famous engineers; you won’t always be the only one who has that idea.

Good civil engineering personal statement starts with a plan

Civil engineering personal statementPersonal statements can run up to 47 lines of 4,000 characters. You need to make the most of the space available. Before you begin writing, take some time to plan.

  • You can brainstorm all the reasons why you want to study engineering at university. Also, think about everything you have done in the past. It might be helpful to separate these into different lists such as academics, engineering-related extracurricular activity, and other interests.
  • You should decide which points you want to include in your personal declaration. This will allow you to give more space and priority to your most important points.
  • A few sentences or bullet points should be included about each experience. These could include what it was like, what you learned, and what skills you have developed. Your personal statement should include details about each experience and, if possible, explain how it influenced your decision to study Engineering.
  • These bullet points/sentences can be used to create your first draft. Do not worry about exceeding the character limit. It is better to write too many words and have to trim them down than to write too few and need to enlarge them.

How to structure civil engineering personal statement

A personal statement does not have to follow a specific structure. Your personal statement will impress admissions tutors, but they won’t be impressed if it is arranged in a coherent, logical, and focused manner. For example, it is better to place your most important and relevant points at the beginning of your personal statement than to follow a strictly chronological, or reverse chronological, order.

Civil engineering personal statementYou can use the three-section approach in our article about how to structure your UCAS personal statements if you aren’t sure how to structure them.

We can help you with your personal statements, including how to start them and what to include. You can also read our answers to common questions about personal statements.

Advice from former engineering students

Jack Walker is an electronic and electrical engineering graduate of Loughborough University.

Talk about situations where you have demonstrated your problem solving, analytical, and teamwork skills. This will show that you are interested in the world around us. For example, I used to purchase a magazine each week that helped me build my robot. You shouldn’t show that you quit at the first hurdle. Engineering is not always perfect so it’s important to avoid showing your frustration or making you quit.

Aideen Rods, a Queen’s University Belfast chemical engineering graduate:

Engineering is for you if you are interested in maths and science and want to use that knowledge to solve everyday problems. Although it is difficult to gain engineering experience before university, you can talk about your experiences and what interests you in a factory tour.

Rob Law is a graduate of mechanical engineering from Loughborough University.

Talk about past projects, such as solving a problem or building something. You don’t have to focus only on the technical aspects of engineering. Engineers are good at both people and technical matters.

Tips to help you write a quality civil engineering personal statement

Prospective undergraduates don’t have to write a Civil Engineering personal essay. Graduates also require a personal statement for masters programs in civil engineering.

Civil engineering personal statementTo get an idea of the tone and content required, read a sample personal statement for civil engineering. It is important to be professional and friendly, but not too formal. There are many good examples of engineering personal statements here. So get started today! A civil engineering personal declaration template can be helpful for some people.

Divide a page into achievements, ambitions, interests and skills to see what you come up with. These could be the foundation of each paragraph. Before you submit your UCAS personal statement, ask a teacher for a review. It is only possible to send it once so make sure you have the best version. These are some essential tips to help you write your personal statement for Civil Engineering.

Your personal statement for master of engineering should include your motivation. Consider how you can show your passion for the course leaders.

Perhaps you have a clever composting system at home or installed rain collection barrels in your backyard. It doesn’t matter what it is; it could enhance your civil engineering personal statement. Have you ever placed third in an international Lego building contest? Did you design and install shelving units for your grandpa?

This information will help you improve your civil engineering personal statement and architectural engineering.


Consider certificates, awards and clubs. Also consider part-time jobs, volunteering, reading, and other opportunities. These factors will help you market yourself as a civil engineer student.