Civil Rights Thesis Statement

Civil Rights Thesis Statement – Assignment Help

civil rights are guarantees of equal opportunities and equal protection under law. Civil rights include the ability to vote, right to fair trials, right to government services and right to public education. Individuals are denied civil rights if they are denied the opportunity to be part of democratic society. Civil liberties are freedoms that can be secured by placing restrictions on government. However, civil rights can only be secured by positive government action. This is often done through legislation. Civil rights laws are designed to ensure equal citizenship for all people, regardless of their group characteristics. Many people find the enforcement of civil right laws inadequate. This is when a civil rights movement can emerge to demand equal application of the laws and avoid discrimination. Civil rights are not like other rights concepts such as natural or human rights. People acquire rights by nature or God, but must be granted and protected by the state. They are subject to change over time and culture and can be affected by the form of government. The civil rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual, transgender (LGBTQ), community have recently been brought to the forefront of Western democracies’ political discourse. This paper will discuss the American civil right movement and its constituents.

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