Clinical Outcome of Abdominoplasty Cases- A five Years Retrospective Study

Aim: The aim of this study is to analyze the outcome of cases who underwent abdominoplasty surgery in our facility for the last five years.
Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective study analyzing the outcome of patients who underwent abdominoplasty from the beginning of January 2015 till the end of December 2019. Postoperative complications were recorded. The effects of risk factors including age, sex, smoking, body mass index, associated comorbidity, previous bariatric surgery and combined procedures were evaluated.
Results: 213 patients were included in this five years study. Majority of the patients were females 161 cases (75.6%) while males presented 52 cases (24.4%). The mean age was 38.3 years. The mean BMI was 27Kg/m2. 127 patients had previous bariatric surgery (59.6%) while 86 patients had not (40.4%). There were no major systemic complications in the cases as deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or paralytic ileus. There was no mortality in the study cases. Out of the 213 cases included in the study, 23 patients developed haematoma (10.8%), 8 patients developed seroma formation (3.8%), 3 patients had wound infection (1.4%) and one patient had tissue necrosis (0.5%). The complication rate was higher in males 36.4% compared to females 9.9%. The patients who were 40 years old and above had less complications rate than those who were below 40 years 9.6% and 21% respectively. The patients with BMI of 28Kg/m2 or less had less complications 14.3% compared to those above that level 21.2%. 55.7% of the smokers had complications while the incidence among non smokers was 8.5%. Those who underwent previous bariatric surgery had more complications 19.7% compared to those who had not undergone this surgery 11.6%. Those who had liposuction, plication of the recti muscles or both in combination with the abdominoplasty procedure had 8% complication rate compared to those who had not these combined procedures done 23.9%. Associated comorbidity did not have statistical significance in the complication rate.

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