Critical Thinking application paper

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Critical thinking is the ability to critically analyse information and to make informed judgments. This involves evaluating sources such as facts, data, observations, phenomena and research findings. A good critical thinker can draw reasonable conclusions from a variety of information and distinguish between the useful and insignificant details to solve problems and make decisions. Employers value critical thinking skills. Find out why and how to demonstrate this skill during the job application process.

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Why Critical Thinking?

The Problem

Everybody thinks. It is part of our nature. However, much of what we think is biased, distorted and partial. The quality of our thinking is a key factor in the quality and quality of our lives. Poor thinking can lead to a loss of quality and money. However, it is essential to cultivate excellence in thought.


Critical thinking refers to a way of thinking that improves the quality of thought on any topic, content or problem. It involves taking control of the structure of thought and applying intellectual standards.

Why do employers value critical thinking skills?

Employers are looking for people who can think logically and find the best solutions to a problem. A person with strong critical thinking skills is able to make their own decisions and not require constant supervision. A critical thinker will not need to be micromanaged. In almost all industries and workplaces, critical thinking skills are highly sought after. Use related keywords in your cover letter and resume to demonstrate critical thinking.

Examples Of Critical Thinking

Different industries have different requirements for critical thinking. Examples include: A triage nurse analyses the case and determines the best order for the patient to be treated.

A plumber will determine the best materials for a job.

Attorney examines evidence and develops a strategy to win the case or decide whether to settle.

Managers analyse customer feedback forms to create customer service training sessions for their employees.

Promote your skills in job search

You should emphasize your critical thinking skills in your job search if critical thinking is a key word in the job postings you are applying for.

Add keywords to your resume

Critical thinking keywords can be used (analytical problem solving, creativity, etc.). In your resume. Include your top critical thinking skills when describing your career history. If you have them, they can be included in your resume summary.

Your summary could read, for example, “Marketing Associate with five year experience in project management.” Competent in market research and competitor analysis to evaluate market trends and client requirements, and to devise appropriate acquisition strategies.

Use Skills in your Cover Letter

These critical thinking skills should be included in your cover letter. Include a few of these skills in your cover letter. Give specific examples of instances when you have used them at work. Consider instances when you were required to evaluate or analyze materials in order to solve a problem.

Tell the interviewer your skills

These skill words can be used in interviews. Talk about a time you faced a problem or challenge at work. Then, explain how critical thinking helped you solve it. Interviewers may ask you to think critically and solve a hypothetical problem or scenario. The interviewer should be able to understand your thinking process. Interviewers are more interested in how you arrived at the solution than on the solution itself. Interviewers want to see how you can analyze and evaluate the situation or problem. Each job requires different skills and experience. Make sure to carefully read the job description and pay attention to the skills that the employer lists. Critical thinking skills include communication, creativity, open-mindedness, problem solving and analysis.

Top Critical Thinking Skills

These critical thinking skills are in high demand as you update your resume or write your cover letter. These skills can be emphasized at other points in the application process as well, like your interview.


Critical thinking involves the ability to critically examine something. Analytical skills allow people to analyse information and understand its meaning, as well as properly explaining the implications to others.

You will often need to share your findings with your employer or a group of co-workers. To effectively share your thoughts with others, you need to be able communicate with them. Sometimes, you might need to work in groups and engage in critical thinking. You will need to collaborate with others to find solutions to complex problems.

Creativity and innovation are often key components of critical thinking. It might be necessary to identify patterns in the information or find a solution that is unique. This requires a creative mind that is open to new approaches.


You must be able to think critically and not make assumptions. It is important to be objective in evaluating ideas and not bias.

Another critical thinking skill is problem-solving. This involves the ability to analyze a problem and generate and implement a solution. Then, you need to evaluate the success of the plan. Employers aren’t just looking for people who can critically think about information. Employers also want employees who can think of practical solutions.

Key Takeaways

Add relevant keywords to your resume to show that you are a critical thinker.

Include a cover letter that mentions critical thinking skills and a specific example of when you have used them at work.

Lastly, you should highlight your critical thinking skills in your interview. You might, for example, talk about a time you faced a problem at work and how you used your critical thinking skills to overcome it.

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