Critical Thinking Essay on Abortion

Critical Thinking Essay on Abortion-Assignment Help

You can think of critical thinking as a set of skills. The three key skills of critical thinking are defining words, identifying arguments structures, and evaluating explanations. These and other critical thinking skills will help to improve advocacy and conversations about abortion. Let’s take a look at them in action.

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Plato, an Ancient Greek philosopher, taught us that only those who define their terms clearly can be able to think critically about a topic.

Pro-choice advocates define abortion as “termination of pregnancy.” But what exactly is that and how does it happen? This definition does not explain the situation. It is more accurate to define abortion as “killing the fetus in order to terminate a pregnancy via medical means”. Although some may react to this definition by assuming that abortion is wrong, it’s not. As we’ll see, critical thinking shows it doesn’t. Pro-life advocates often define abortion as “murder of the fetus.” However, this definition is problematic because it can also refer to “illegal killing.” That fact complicates many prolife claims.

Sometimes, “murder” can also mean “wrongful killing”, which implies that abortion is wrong. You can look up the word to find out more. However, no one can assume the position of another person on this controversial issue. You cannot prove that you are correct by using the dictionary alone. Arguments are required.

There are many ways that definitions can be improved or worse. This is why critical thinking can help us to understand it, which in turn improves communication, discussion and debate.

Even if their opinions are purely their feelings, everyone has reasons to believe in them. However, critical thinkers need good arguments to be able to tell if an argument is good or not. This is something we care about in medicine and science, so it’s important to do the same here. How does one know if beliefs are supported by valid reasons?


The study of logic — or logic — is a great help. Logic demonstrates the steps involved in reasoning. It uncovers any assumptions that are necessary to support an argument, but are not stated explicitly. This is crucial because assumptions, such as overtly stated premises are often false. Many argue that abortion is wrong because fetuses “are human.” But what is the definition of “human”? If “human” is biologically human, then it would be wrong for human cells to be killed like skin and hair cells. This is not a problem.

Therefore, “human” must refer to “human beings” and “humans”, not just “biologically humans”. The premise is that it’s wrong “to kill humans or human beings,” not just any human. What are the differences between these terms? And what does it make to the argument.

To ensure everyone is discussing the same topic, critical thinking requires asking such questions about the subtle meanings and implications of terms. These questions help to establish whether arguments’ premises are true or false. This is a fundamental task in evaluating arguments.

Another valid reasoning pattern is to see if a presumption leads to false claims. If it does, then the premise itself is false. Sometimes pro-choice advocates are too naive to realize that women have the right “to do whatever they like with their bodies.” However, if this premise was true, women would be able to use their bodies for the purpose of murdering human beings. This premise cannot be used to justify abortion, as women do not have that right. A better, more carefully stated premise might work, but critical thinking can help you find it.

Many pro-life advocates argue that fetuses are entitled to “the right of life”, and therefore abortion is wrong. How is this right defined? Does it include the right to all things necessary for life? Is it the right to use someone else’s body even if they aren’t willing?

These are the questions that supporters of this argument don’t usually ask. These questions are rarely answered if they are not asked. However, the common argument against abortion that states that “fetuses are entitled to life” is not true is that it is wrong to assume that they have any right to the body of a pregnant woman.

Many common arguments against abortion are just soundbites or slogans. False and questionable claims can be found on both sides of the debate. These arguments are not just “opinions”: critical thinking skills show that.


Engaging the ethics of abortion requires that you start with a simple moral truth — it is wrong to kill children or adults. Then, critical thinkers look for the best reason why it is so and then see if that explanation applies to fetuses. This would make abortion illegal.

Common explanations for why killing children and adults is wrong or why humans have human rights are that they are human beings.

However, a critical thinker will point out that saying it is wrong to kill humans because we’re all human or that we have human rights because of our human nature doesn’t make sense. These are uninformative circular explanations. The question is not whether humans know that they are human, but why would this give them rights.

Better explanations are that killing children or adults is wrong, as it stops them from having a future.

Is this the same for fetuses as well? Fetuses can be compared to children and adults. The difference between children and adults is that they are more aware of their futures, or at least have been aware of it in the past. Early fetuses were unaware of any.

Does this mean that fetuses have no futures, like children and adults? Some say they don’t and that’s why it’s not right to kill children. But fetuses may be wrong to murder for different reasons than those that apply to born people: What could these be?


These discussions require you to think critically about complex, challenging issues in order to engage. It is often difficult to think critically. People must admit to their mistakes and accept their limitations in order to improve their skills.


Many abortion responses are not based upon critical thinking. They involve poor definitions, false assumptions and inadequate explanations. Sometimes they even go so far as to be a bad idea. Recognizing this is an important step towards having better informed opinions. This in turn encourages better arguments that can persuade, and make a positive effect in many ways.

Critical Thinking Essay on Abortion-Assignment Help

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