Discuss Amazon Supply Chain strategy, Inventory Costs, and Demand Forecasting.

I chose Amazon, and the three topics will be Supply chain strategy, inventory costs, and demand forecasting. Please try to use our textbook for the course in your references: Wisner, J. D., Leong, G. K., & Tan, K. (2019). Principles of supply chain management: A balanced approach (5th ed.). Boston, MA, USA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781337406499 Directions: Complete an APA formatted 7-10 page paper on the supply chain management of a desired company. Use the subject areas covered in at least three chapters of the textbook as well as scholarly journals to support your project. You should incorporate the core values as it relates to your desired company. In Module 2 state the company and chapters topics you will research for your project due in module 7. For example; “My company is Walmart and my selected chapter topics are JIT, supply chain strategy and negotiations.” You will also present a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the written assignment with a time limit of 20 minutes. Please see the project rubric attached to the assignment in module 7. There will be an assignment folder for your project submission and a project folder for your PowerPoint submission in Module 7.

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