Discuss community psychology

For this assignment, students need to virtually attend a public community meeting. Even if the meeting is taking place in person, for this semester, please attend virtually but still “live” while it is happening. Students can find ideas on choosing a meeting, and a clarifying list of what’s not allowed, in the assignment guidelines later in this syllabus. The meeting is the student’s choice, but I need to approve that choice. My decision to approve is based on my confidence that such a meeting will provide a rich enough experience from which the student can complete the assignment. Find something you like; the parameters are wide. The purpose of this paper is not an assessment of the meeting, but for you to discover how a community accomplishes its goals, using the lens of community psychology. Remember, you need to (virtually) attend while the meeting happens, not watch the video recording of it later. As one option, anyone can virtually attend the Regular Meeting of the Lowell City Council for this assignmen Section #1 of the paper: About the Meeting (2 – 4 pages) You will write about the meeting in your paper in about 2-3 double-spaced pages, which is not a lot. Yes, you can go a little over if you need to but do not go more than one additional page. Mostly, you need to convey an overall sense of what transpired at the meeting from the time it began until the end. You might want to write a lot of notes during the meeting, so you can later select from a lot of detail what clear and concise illustrations you want to ultimately write up in the paper, and delete the stuff you end up not really talking about. Nothing every single thing from your notes belongs in your paper. Four pages is a hard maximum page count for section 1. It is not necessary to say more than that. Start this section with what you saw or heard when the meeting began, and end with how you felt at the end. In between those points, describe the highlights. Do your best to “attend” by not doing other things while the meeting is in session. As best as you can, try to immerse yourself in the process by minimizing distractions for the duration of the meeting. “Attend” to all the details that you can virtually attend to. This paper is worth 30% of your course grade. Make it count. Section #2 of the paper: Community Psychology Reflection (4–7 pages) This is your discussion of both the presence and the absence of the ten core principles of community psychology. These ten core principles are covered in the textbook and in lectures and in my explainer videos. This section of the paper is where you earn your grade. It must be no less than four full pages, double-spaced. Shorter than four full pages is not enough words to cover this part of the assignment. Seven pages is a hard maximum page count for section 2. Do not give any space to defining the terms. I am your target audience, and I already know what these words mean. Section 2 of the paper is a reflection on the ten core principles or core values of community psychology, indicating both their presence and their absence, based on what you heard and observed. These are the ten core principles of community psychology: 1. prevention 2. social justice 3. ecological perspective 4. respect for diversity 5. active citizen participation 6. grounding in research and evaluation 7. interdisciplinary collaboration 8. sense of community Page 11 9. empowerment, and 10. promotion of wellness link to meeting go tohttps://www.ltc.org/on-demand/ch99/city-council

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