Discuss operational management quantitative techniques

Operational management quantitative techniques

analyze the operations of a company of your own choice by using at least 2 quantitative techniques (the listed followings and according to the pdfs)? lecture 2: aggregate planning lecture 3: materials management (material resources planning, lot sizing techniques) lecture 4: plant location and facility layout lecture 5: operational scheduling (first come, first served, shortest processing time, slack time remaining etc.) lecture 6: project management (Critical Path Method, Program Evaluation and Review Technique) lecture 7: quality management lecture 8 : supply chain management * Data can be obtained through the company websites, reports, newspapers, journals, case studies, and databases, or even be made up by yourself in a reasonable way. ? * You may choose a small-scale company or a large enterprise, depending on how much data you could obtain to do the quantitative analysis. ? Note : Provide a concise and precise abstract in bulleted list format on the cover page of the report. In the abstract, you should provide the following information and other summary information about the report. What company do you choose? What are the quantitative techniques you use? What kinds of data do you use and where are the data from? What are the important/interesting findings, if any, of your project? Have you come up with some useful/feasible recommendations based on your work? The following example is for your reference. ? Abstract: * We study the operational issues encountered by Starbucks in its expansion plan in Hong Kong. * We conduct aggregate production planning for coffee beans by using sales forecast and inventory records obtained from the company’s annual report. * We design the facility layout of a new Starbucks store by using made-up data. * We find that … * We recommend that …… Report Assessment (35%) Assessment criteria o Introduction (15%) –  A concise and precise abstract of the report –  Relevant company information from appropriate sources ?-  Clear analysis of the problem/ issues from operations management perspectives –  Proper referencing ?o Methodology(10%) ?-  Clear description of how the study is carried out and how data are collected ?-  Accurate and appropriate use of the quantitative techniques ? o Results (30%) ?- Findings are articulated clearly o Discussion / Recommendations (20%)?- New and useful insights based on the analysis o Structure (15%) –  A logical and structured way of presentation ?-  Format easy to read (Font size:12, Times New Roman) ?o English (10%) – Professional English

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