Discuss Physical Security Plan Assignment Resources

Physical Security Plan Assignment Resources

Download the Physical Security Plan Maps and save it as FirstName_LastName_Physical_Security_Plan. The file, containing three maps of the hospital, should download as a Microsoft PowerPoint. You may have to click the “Enable Editing” button. For each map, click the icons in the map key and drag them to the place on the map you believe they should be located. If you want to place an icon multiple times, you can copy the icon by right-clicking or selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C, and then pressing Ctrl+V as needed. The Physical Security Plan Template contains follow-up questions related to the maps. These resources are about physical control planning, which will help with your assignment:

Physical Security Plan Template


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  • Why did you propose the lighting where you did?
  • What factors did you consider when increasing security of the parking design and the differences between the visitor parking garage and the staff parking lot?
  • Why did you place cameras where you did?


  • What kind of windows are required? What kind of access control security are you providing for the visitor, employee, and patient?
  • What kind of information would you collect from all nonemployees to enter the hospital for security reasons?
  • What kind of security would you have at the door (e.g., physical, ID badges, cameras)?

 Maternity Unit

  • From a security perspective, why is the placement of the nurses’ station important?
  • For security reasons, why do you encourage visitors to stay in designated areas or tell them where to go (e.g., signs, maps, paths, etc.)?
  • How do you secure the newborns from potential abduction and accidental switching?
  • Would different secondary ID badges for maternity ward employees be recommended and why?

Security Training

  • What kind of security training would you offer to employee staff, and how often would it take place? Why?
    • Would the training be different for each group? How?