Discuss The Differences Between The Museum Of Modern Art And The Old Museum.

Museum of modern art vs the old museum

Examine the Museum of Modern Art and discuss how this museum differs from the traditional art museum model. Analyze the new building characteristics that the museum used, resulting in the development of the new art museum model. Break down the characteristics of the art museums of Louis I. Kahn and how he contributed to the modern art museum. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, FULLY What were the features of the new museum model established by the 1939 building of the Museum of Modern Art? What features of the traditional model did the Museum of Modern Art incorporate, and what features did it change? What contributions do the art museums of Louis I. Kahn make to the modern art museum? What is the relationship of the building to the art in a modern art museum? Do modern art museum buildings reflect different attitudes toward art than earlier museums did?

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