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Think of your most positive experience with a community from any point of your life. After you have read the lecture notes and the textbook reading on sense of community, tell the story of your experience in that community. What has stayed with you? Why was this such a positive community or group to be a part of? Do them proud. An alternate Graded Post is offered. Substitute negative for positive in the above assignment, and substitute the worst for the best. Here is the question you are answering in this case: Why was this such a negative community or group to be a part of? Do them justice. Begin your post saying that community you will be writing about, and whether it was a positive or a negative experience. Then tell the story. Apply some concepts from this week’s reading. Show that you know what at least three terms mean by connecting them into your story. Someone reading your post who has never heard of the terms and concepts you choose should have an idea what they mean after reading your post, because your story illustrates what they mean. Some key terms you could use in this week’s post include: – sense of community – membership – influence – integration and fulfillment of needs – shared emotional connection – locality-based community – relational community – social capital – “the myth of we” – locality development Jason, L.A., Glantsman, O., O’Brien, J.F., & Ramian, K.N. (Eds.) (2019). Introduction to Community Psychology: Becoming an agent of change. This is an open-access textbook: https://press.rebus.community/introductiontocommunitypsychology/. Minimum 250 words maximum 500 words

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