Top 100 Dissertation topics for MBA international business

Dissertation topics for MBA international business

International Business Dissertation Topics Titles and Ideas

Many students have difficulty creating interesting International Business dissertation topics. You don’t need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for business and international marketing topics that will help you get top grades. This list contains topics that will help you write your International Business Management dissertation. It was created by incredibly talented dissertation experts.

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Exciting Dissertation Topics for MBA International Business 

While we will be giving you a list, we also have some open-ended topics for international business management. These ideas are intended to inspire you to create your own dissertation topics. This is because brainstorming can be a miracle if done correctly.

These ideas can be used to create as many topics and as many topics you want. When writing dissertation topics on international business or other subjects, make sure you keep your interests and the instructions of your teachers in mind. It will also help you to kick-start your research by being clear about your instructions.

Global Politics and Global Business Dissertation Topics

This is an important aspect of international business because it examines the relationship between global politics, and global business. This course examines the key factors, institutions and processes that impact international business. It also studies the political environment in business, which has been volatile for the past five years.

  • Evaluation of the performance of global business units within multinational corporations: The test of an intervening model.
  • How does Corporate Governance affect internationalisation, globalisation and the performance of firms?What images and themes might cause trans-cultural resonance or dissonance in an international classroom with diverse nationalities?
  • Is it possible for business groups to mobilize together through production on global markets? What conditions can globalization allow the private sector to create independent organisations and establish effective relationships with the government?
  • Study of emerging economies: How different business-government relationships affect industrial upgrading processes
  • How can multinational organisations manage the increasing complexity of managing themselves, given the rising power of non-governmental organizations?
  • Let’s take a look at what Brexit will do to British businesses, particularly the average small- and medium enterprise (SME).
  • What will Brexit mean for large corporations and businesses in Europe and the United Kingdom?
  • Relations between business and government within a contingency theory framework – strategy, structure, fit, performance
  • What does globalization mean and how can it affect the way business teams collaborate?
  • Is globalization still a major market driver in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis?
  • Global strategy and local implementation: How multinational corporations use Corporate Governance in China
  • How can Chinese companies manage political undercurrents as there is talk of a new Cold War between China and the West?
  • What factors influence multinational corporations’ decision-making process regarding corporate political strategy? Analyzing the impact of regulatory pressure on political strategies.
  • A legitimacy perspective is used to analyze how Chinese firms manage political risk.
  • Critical examination of the possible implications of Brexit on UK-based supply chains.
  • Brexit and foreign direct investments into the UK: A study of the possible impact on new venture start ups in the UK.

Global Strategy for Business Dissertation Topics

Global business strategy is about understanding the major strategic issues organisations face when operating as global businesses. The issues are specifically focused on three areas: understanding global strategies, formulating global strategies, and identifying competitive advantages in a company.

  • What are the benefits and risks of an International Joint Venture (IJV)?
  • What strategy should you use to grow your business internationally?
  • Comparative study of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Aviation Sector: Case Study of Qatar Airways’ Joint Venture with the International Airlines Group.
  • Research on exit strategies for foreign venture capital investments in the international private sector.
  • What are the key success factors and business strategies of Financial Holding Companies operating in international environments?
  • What can an organisation do to benefit from a successful vendor management strategy?
  • Why is it that some vendor relationships are more successful than others?
  • Establishing a framework that facilitates knowledge sharing and utilisation within global project teams.
  • Is entrepreneurship possible as a management strategy for a business unit?
  • What impact will consumers’ increased use of the internet to shop for fashion have on strategies employed by UK clothing retailers?
  • A study of the UK’s DIY multiple market sector to determine if there is a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Create your own definition of logistics that you believe reflects the evolution of logistics and explain why it is appropriate for today as well as in the future.
  • An analysis of the challenges of international collaboration in military aero-engine manufacturing.
  • Big Data offers new possibilities for logistics and supply chain management: Examining the growth and birth of supply chain analytics.
  • For improving sustainability in global business practices, design a closed-loop supply network.
  • The case of Suzuki Motor Corporation: Creating a strategy to win in India.

Technology and Innovation Management Business Dissertation Topics

These topics examine the way in which businesses use technology to develop strategies and incorporate innovative capabilities into their business operations. These topics focus on how technology has changed the business environment, creating disruption and new challenges for businesses to face.

  • An analysis of how innovation has impacted business operations: Is there a common approach?
  • What are the challenges faced by UK mobile telecommunications companies?
  • What will the impact of 5G technology on the UK’s digital consumer market growth?
  • A study of the electronics industry reveals how online branding can give you a competitive edge in the digital age.
  • An analysis of how ICT integration has changed the way that procurement of goods or services is done.
  • Building virtual dominions – A comparative study on mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances within e-commerce. Case studies from as well as eBay.
  • What technological factors influence the relationship between performance and organisational growth?
  • An investigation into the role of internet marketing in creating global supply chains networks.
  • An investigation into the effects of technology on organisations.
  • What are the key factors that influence the success of corporate online branding?
  • Assessment of the role of social media for global branding: Case studies of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Analyzing the effects of technology on call centre operations in the UK. What factors affect employee well-being?
  • Study of British Energy’s e-HR system implementation opportunities: Case study
  • Study of how technology and innovation are influenced by companies: Case study of Apple
  • Technology diffusion models in the UK: An assessment
  • A critical analysis of the factors that influence Saudi Airlines’ BPR initiatives, including business process reengineering.
  • What are the barriers to successful/profitable e-commerce deployment in government organisations?
  • Comparison of government e-commerce portals and private ones like Amazon and eBay: Which offers the best user experience and business outcomes for users?
  • How has technology integration in HR helped improve organisational efficiency?
  • What impact does technology have on the FMCG industry in order to meet consumer demand in the UK?
  • Assessment of the role of innovation in creating new opportunities for SMEs within the UK
  • What are the determinants of technology integration in Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Topics in Corporate Social Responsibility Business Dissertation

Media, activists, and governments have become skilled at holding companies accountable for the social effects of their actions. Corporate social responsibility has become a priority for business leaders across all countries. Many CSR approaches are not aligned with strategy. CSR should be considered a central part of a business’ strategy. It should also be viewed as a core competency for all organisations. These topics discuss how businesses can use CSR practices to increase organisational success.

  • What impact does corporate social responsibility have on customer loyalty?
  • What role does staff training play in the development and execution of CSR skills?
  • What strategic decisions must companies make to increase their performance in Corporate social responsibility?
  • How does corporate social responsibility impact on company reputation? Tesco is a case study.
  • What are the main challenges faced by ethical businesses in the UK to move into the mainstream?
  • How can CSR be used to benefit businesses in relation to climate change?
  • An investigation into the effects of green and lean practices upon organisational performance.
  • Case study of BAT.
  • How does CSR impact sustainability? Case study: Coca Cola
  • How can multinational companies deal with the increasing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in large markets such as India and Germany?
  • In what ways will CSR be sacrificed to increase economic growth after the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • How can companies make Corporate Social Responsibility work in today’s corporate environment?
  • What is the relationship between diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and organisational performance?
  • How does CSR impact brand equity? Case study from Toyota UK
  • What impact does CSR have on the organisation’s performance?
  • Unilever’s case study on CSR and society expectations

International Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

International Human Resource Management is a term that refers to activities that support organisations in managing their human resources internationally. This helps to maintain competitive advantage at both the national as well as international levels. This subject includes an understanding of cultural factors. These include the beliefs and attitudes of international employees as well as international employment legislation.

The study of this area can provide insight into how corporate HR functions can be used to support international business strategy. It also provides functional knowledge about the major developments in management of expatriates as well as other forms of international management.

As more organizations operate globally and have their head offices in home countries and operations in other countries, it is important to shift perspectives. This can include expatriates, but it increasingly involves the use of virtual technology to establish links between operational sites in host and home countries. These topics represent the current focus of research in this field.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in virtual environments with inter-cultural teams? How can these teams impact competitive advantage?
  • Virtual working environments were a common feature of the pandemic. This will also apply to the home countries of multinational corporations.
  • What is the basis of employee commitment to a multinational multi-national company in terms of normative, affective and calculative commitment?
  • What effect does organisational change have on employee commitment in multinational large companies?
  • What are the effects of mergers on employee motivation, commitment, and how can they be managed?
  • How can cultural differences be managed in international collaborative projects?
  • Are job-swaps among international workers able to improve inter-cultural work in multi-national organizations?
  • What is the relationship between organisational commitment and perceived success?
  • How will Brexit affect economic migrants in the UK? What can IHRM practices and policies do I need to manage this?
  • What will Brexit mean for British workers working in the EU? Can IHRM policies and practices help to manage this?
  • How can one manage employee engagement in the not for profit sector across diverse national cultures?
  • Analyzing strategic human resource management models to assess how BAE Systems achieves strategy through the use of effective people management practices.
  • What are the key factors that influence employee retention in international call centers?
  • What are the best practices to implement a Human Resource Policy that is unique across multiple divisions in large, diverse companies?
  • An analysis of the changing global business environment and how human resource planning can help organisations achieve their strategic goals.
  • What impact will the Brexit decision and subsequent negotiations make on the management EU operational sites by UK-based companies?
  • What role does IHRM strategic thinking play in negotiating joint ventures between the UK, BRIC and other countries?
  • Is IHRM able to deliver culturally-appropriate work-life balance for multinational firms and flexible working hours?

International Change Management Dissertation Topics

For innovation to continue and for maintaining competitive advantage, it is essential that organisations undergo change. Understanding the various aspects of this topic is essential in order to create awareness about existing views and practices for managing and implementing successful change, especially at an international level.

This topic focuses on the how, why, and what of managing change in modern organisations and social systems, as well as how it may affect the effectiveness and efficiency of change. It focuses on the challenges and solutions faced by those who manage change and the skills needed to adapt and evolve, particularly in international settings.

  • What are the most important factors that have an impact on employees during cross-national mergers or acquisitions?
  • Technology and virtual project management for managing multi-cultural change: The impact of social understandings and digital media.
  • What will be the most significant changes in home work practices following Coronavirus? And what effect will these have on employee retention?
  • Management of change: Establishing a framework to link unanticipated and intended strategies.
  • Organisational level and occupation play a role in employee adjustment during organizational change.
  • How can employees be motivated during organizational restructuring?
  • The Implementation of Product Lifecycle Management Success – An investigation into the electronics manufacturing sector.
  • The power of emotion management in organizational change: How emotion management works.
  • How can an organization undergoing change benefit from the measurement of stress levels in its employees?
  • Gender equality in international firms: What role can management play in encouraging increased female representation in traditionally male firms?
  • Management of change in Asian businesses – Comparison between English-educated Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese-educated Chinese entrepreneurs.
  • A case study from a financial company demonstrates the effects of feedback on organisational culture changes.
  • Stakeholder communication and transformational change: A case study of the use a proprietary system for managing change.
  • How does organisational change led by a spiritual or servant leader have an effect on conflict and resistance?
  • How social media can be used to facilitate acceptance of change within international organizations
  • Soft skills alone are not enough. Change management strategies require strong project management planning in order to succeed.
  • What are the essential project management skills required to implement a significant change in an organization’s working culture?

Leadership and Innovation Business Dissertation Topics

Innovation is a key driver of company growth, performance and valuation. Sometimes, however, there is a gap between executives’ aspirations to invent and their ability to actually execute. Many companies make the error of trying to stimulate innovation through relying on unreliable best practices and ignoring organizational structures and processes.

Executives who are focused on promoting and supporting innovation through their employees will be able to promote and sustain it more effectively than if they use other incentives. This area is focused on innovation at both the individual and group levels within organizations.

  • What is the impact of leadership clarity and team innovation on organisations? A health care case study.
  • Is the influence of top-management leadership on innovation influenced by socio-cultural context?
  • What effects does leadership style and team processes have on innovation and performance in functionally heterogeneous groups?
  • A study to explore leadership, organisational culture, and organizational innovation in non-profit organizations.
  • What is the difference between non-profit and profit leadership styles?
  • What does it mean for business leaders to enable innovation within large organizations?
  • Transformative or transactional? Leadership’s role in encouraging individual-level creativity within organizations.
  • How do we combine leadership and innovation? How can a company lead with innovation?
  • What are the essential elements of a creative organization? What are the barriers to implementing these key factors?
  • Organisation for team creativity: Establishing an organizational system to harvest ideas for leadership or innovation.
  • What are the characteristics and roles of leadership in three types of public management innovation?
  • What makes leadership different in engineering? Airbus UK: A review
  • What are the personality and behavioural correlations between transactional and transformative leadership?
  • What is the relationship between creativity and leadership style? The literature is being reviewed systematically.
  • Leadership facilitates innovation through cultural change: From managing to enabling it
  • Leaders play a key role in maintaining balance between creativity and standardization in the company.

Globalization and Strategy Business Dissertation Topics

Globalization is complex. It involves many forces and many consequences. Multinational Enterprises are rethinking their strategies in order to gain a competitive edge. Globalization has transformed the global market. These topics examine the different strategies that business firms use to position themselves on the global market.

  • Analyse of Porter’s Generic Strategies and their suitability and application in light of emerging business trends, and an uncertain operating environment after a pandemic.
  • Is globalization possible in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic or is it doomed?
  • What does ICT integration mean for business strategies?
  • The case of BRIC nations demonstrates how globalization has affected trade tariffs and broken down trade barriers.
  • What strategies do you have in place to help your business meet the changing demands of consumers?
  • How much is corporate innovation influencing consumer demand? Comparative study of Samsung and Apple.
  • Assessment of the effects of globalization on UK companies operating at both local and international levels.
  • Is Brexit a sign of a slowdown in globalization in Europe and the UK?
  • A study of empowerment, conflict, and corporate vision as factors in the development of global business strategies for multinational companies.
  • What are the key strategies companies use to transform themselves in this era of globalization?
  • What has been the impact of global market challenges on trade policy?
  • Study of Vodafone’s FDI strategy: A case study.
  • Examining the role of strategic alliances when creating global supply chains networks.
  • Tullow Oil case study: Assessing the effects of internationalization strategies on multinational corporations
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