Dissertation topics on domestic violence

Dissertation topics on domestic violence-Assignment help

Below is a list of domestic violence research papers topics. This will demonstrate that domestic violence can take many forms. Recent scientific research has shown that domestic violence can occur in different households. The purpose of creating this list is for students to have available a comprehensive, state-of-the-research, easy-to-read compilation of a wide variety of domestic violence topics and provide research paper examples on those topics.

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The topics of domestic violence research papers can be broken down into seven categories

Domestic violence victims

Theoretical perspectives on domestic violence and their correlates

Cross-cultural and cross-religious perspectives

Research on domestic violence is often understudied.

Domestic violence and the law

Abuse of elders and child abuse

Topics of special interest in domestic violence

More than 100 Domestic Violence Research Topics

Part 1: Research Paper Topics

Victims of domestic violence

Initial research identified wives as victims of domestic violence. It was later discovered that even unmarried women could be victims of domestic violence by their boyfriends. The term “battered women” became synonymous with “battered wives”.

Battered Husbands

Battered Wives

Battered Women: Held in Captivity

A Study of Battered Women Who Kill

Cohabitational Violence

Date Rape

Dating violence

Domestic violence in the workplace

Intimate Partner Homicide

Intimate partner violence, forms of

Marital rape

Mutual Battering


Spousal Prostitution


Learn more about domestic violence victims.

Part 2: Research Paper Topics

Theoretical Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Correlates

Domestic violence is not caused by one factor. Scholars have found that domestic violence is caused by many factors. Feminists discovered that domestic violence was often committed by partners against women. They used feminist theory to explain the relationship between patriarchy, domestic violence, and other forms of violence. In explaining domestic violence, researchers have looked at other theories such as attachment theory and identity theory. There are many factors that could not be categorized under one theory. Some factors, such as pregnancy, socio-economic status, education level, animal abuse, or substance abuse, can influence victimization risk.

Family Violence: Animal Abuse is a Link

Assessment of Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence and Attachment Theory

Battered Woman Syndrome

Batterer Typology

Bullying and the Family

Coercive Control

Domestic Violence and Control Balance Theory

Cycle of Violence

Domestic violence and depression

Education is a risk factor for domestic violence

Exchange Theory

Feminist Theory

Domestic Violence and Identity Theory

Intergenerational transfer of intimate partner violence

Popular Culture and Domestic Violence

Post-Incest Syndrome

Pregnancy-Related Violence

Domestic violence and social class

Family Violence and Social Learning Theory

Stockholm Syndrome for Battered Women

Substance abuse/substance use and intimate partner violence

The Impact of Homelessness and Family Violence

Victim-Blaming Theory

Learn more about domestic violence theories.

Part 3: Research Paper Topics

Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence

Recognizing that domestic violence can occur across cultural and religious boundaries was crucial. Victimization is not limited to a single society or religion. In order to understand the extent of domestic violence in their societies and their strategies for handling it, a variety of countries from both developed and developing were studied. Sometimes it is misunderstood, that one religion is more accepting of family violence than the other. The three main religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. We explored their beliefs in relation to domestic violence acceptance and prevalence.

Africa: Domestic Violence and the Law

Africa: The Criminal Justice System in West Africa and Domestic Violence

Asian Americans and Domestic Violence: Cultural Dimensions

Child Abuse: A Global Perspective

Christianity and Domestic Violence

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Domestic Violence in China & Pakistan

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Domestic Violence in Latin America

Cross-Cultural Perspectives On Domestic Violence

Cross-Cultural Perspectives for Dealing with Batteryrs

African American Couples are at Risk of Dating Violence

Native Americans are subject to domestic violence

Domestic violence in the African American Community

Domestic Violence in Greece

Rural Communities: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in South Africa

Domestic violence in Spain

Trinidad and Tobago: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

Human Rights, Refugee Laws and Asylum Protection for People fleeing domestic violence

Introduction to Families and Minorities in America

Medical Neglect in Relation to Religion and Culture

Multicultural programs for domestic batterers

Qur’anic Perspectives On Wife Abuse

The Religious Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment

Rule of thumb

The United States and Venezuela: A comparison of same-sex domestic violence

Global Sociolegal Precedents for Domestic Violence Supporting Domestic Violence, Ancient to Modern Times

Part 4: Research Paper Topics

Research on Domestic Violence is understudied

Domestic violence has typically examined traditional relationships, such as husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, and parent-child. Scholars have traditionally ignored non-traditional relationships. Due to the lack of scholarly publications on this topic, some entries only have limited cross-references. Scholars have only admitted violence among gay men and lesbians since the 1990s. This encyclopedia does not address violence against lesbians and gay men, violence in pseudo-family settings, violence within military and police family, violence against children with disabilities, violence against women, and violence against children with disabilities.

Caregiver violence against people with disabilities

Community Response to Gay and Lesbian Domestic Violence

Comppassionate Homicides and Spousal Violence

Domestic violence against women with disabilities

Domestic violence by law enforcement officers

Domestic violence in military families

Factors that Influence Male Domestic Violence Victims’ Reporting Behavior

Domestic violence against gay and bisexual males

Gender socialization and gay male domestic violence

Inmate Mothers: Policy and Treatment Implications

Intimate partner violence and mental retardation

Intimate partner violence in Queer, Transgender and Bisexual communities

Lesbian Battering

The Domestic Violence Victims and the Reasons Males Stay With Their Abusers

Medicalization of Domestic Violence

Police Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Gay Domestic Violence

Pseudofamily Abuse

Females Perpetrate Sexual Aggression

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Need for Education to Serve Victims of Trauma

Part 5: Research Paper Topics

Domestic Violence and the Law

The 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which was passed in 1994, helped to make domestic violence issues more legislatively enforceable. Family violence used to be dealt with through informal means, often leading to mishandling of cases. Victims were able to have their cases resolved legally through VAWA. This allowed for the seperation of family and domestic violence courts from criminal courts. Domestic violence victims deserve to be recognized and addressed by the law. For domestic violence cases, law enforcement agencies could be civilly held responsible. Police officers are now required to follow mandatory arrest policies in order to reduce their discretionary power. Domestic violence offenders are now being addressed by courts. There are currently programs for batterer intervention and mediation available to offenders in certain jurisdictions. The program’s goal is to lower the rate of recidivism among batterers.

The Battered Woman Syndrome is a legal defense in cases of Spousal Homicide

Batterer Intervention Programs

For battered women, Clemency

Divorce, Child Custody and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Courts

Electronic Monitoring of Abusers

Expert testimony in Domestic Violence Cases

Judicial Perspectives on Domestic Violence

Lautenberg Law

Legal issues for battered women

Mandatory Arrest Policies

Mediation for Domestic Violence

In domestic violence incidents, police civil liability

Domestic Violence Cases: Factors that Influence Police Decision Making

Police Respond to Domestic Violence Incidents

Prosecution for Child Abuse and Neglect

Protective and Restraining Orders

Shelter Movement

Training practices for domestic violence cases law enforcement

Act on Violence against Women

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