Do colleges check for plagiarism in applications essays

The importance of original thinking for college admissions

College admission essays can help colleges get to know the applicant better. Admission officers are able to get a better understanding of the applicant’s thought process and work ethic than just their writing.

Candidates who are able to create original pieces of writing can show their vision and passion for the subject. A student who writes persuasively and is well-written can show that they have the ability to think for themselves and are able to put in the work. These students are genuine learners and have a passion for the subject matter. These are exactly the qualities college administrators seek when they accept new students.

The student uses their college admission essay to prove that they are a good candidate for the school. Plagiarized essays are a strong indicator that a student is negligent.

It is important to identify unoriginal papers prior to enrolment. This will ensure the school’s long-term success and the students’ success. This will reduce academic misconduct at the school and allow you to accept more passionate, dedicated students who will foster a culture that encourages original thinking and innovation.

What’s plagiarism in college essays?

Most students always ask themselves, “do colleges check for plagiarism in applications essays.” Plagiarism in college essays is when written parts of a higher education application include the use of existing resources without proper credit to the original author.

Sometimes students may paraphrase or copy other works online. It is important to properly cite and refer to any borrowed material. This could be considered unethical theft of intellectual properties by colleges if students do not do it, regardless of whether it was intentional or not.

The 3 Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Checker to Help You Get into College

DreamApply has integrated Turnitin SimCheck in September 2019 to assist educational institutions with checking for plagiarism in college essays. SimCheck by Turnitin provides DreamApply customers with an integrated solution that allows them to verify the originality and scale of applicants essays. These are three reasons to include plagiarism detection software into your admissions workflow

Quickly check for plagiarism

How do colleges check for plagiarism in essays?

Modern information technology has forced universities and colleges to adopt new strategies to fight plagiarism. This is when students pass off other people’s work as their own. Professors have access software that can evaluate suspect words and phrases and check reports, papers and essays. Sometimes, additional methods are used such as reviewing writing styles and referencing.

Style Analysis

It is possible to identify if a paper has been plagiarized by getting to know the writing style of a student. According to the MIT Writing and Humanities Program’s anti-plagiarism guidelines, a mixture of amateur and complex sentences could be a sign that a paper is plagiarized. Unusual choices of phrases and diction are also good indicators. These may be inconsistent with student writing samples.

Plagiarism Search Services

Colleges and universities also use search services such as or Turnitin to verify the integrity of their work. Students will often submit their work through these services sites, and instructors will send an email if they find any plagiarism. These services will scan essays and student papers against a list of papers, books, and web searches. The institution can then review the report by compiling matching web links and phrases. As a student, it is best to write your own words and use high-quality essay writing services such as Boom papers.

Format Reviews

Inconsistencies in suspicious papers could be a sign that professors are accustomed to seeing over the course of their careers. Missing subheadings, mixed tables and margins not following requirements can all indicate plagiarism. Mixed paragraph styles could indicate that the writer copied and pasted text blocks from a webpage. Out-of-date reference or use of material that isn’t available at the institution might also indicate that the essay was written by someone else.

Electronic Screening Software

In the 1990s, universities adopted more software programs to protect against plagiarism. These programs enable instructors to search millions of sources including journals, books, and websites for similar passages appearing in essays or research papers. These programs also allow instructors to identify whether a paper is from an online essay mill or term paper mill. Many low-quality papers reuse similar content and references, increasing the likelihood of being caught.

Other Applications

Anti-plagiarism measures can be used outside academia. According to the Los Angeles Times over 100 colleges and universities use programs such Turnitin for reviewing admissions essays for plagiarism. Although most of this scrutiny is directed at graduate students, some institutions also conduct similar reviews on undergraduate applicants. The college can reject applicants if plagiarism is found.