Does Frankenstein Redeem himself

Does Frankenstein Redeem himself- Assignment Help

Mary Shelley was born in Somers Town (London, United Kingdom) on August 30, 1797. Shelley began Frankenstein writing when she was eighteen. The novel was published anonymously in London in 1818 when Shelley turned twenty-two. Frankenstein is a gothic story that is widely considered to be the first example of science fiction. The novel centers on Victor Frankenstein, a scientist and creator of a disproportioned creature. The novel switches between Victor and the Monster playing villains. Victor did not show up for the Monster, broke his promise, didn’t help Justine when she needed him and didn’t inform his family about the danger they were in. Frankenstein’s family is killed by the Monster, who plants evidence…show More…

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Frankenstein spent almost two years dedicating his life to the creation of life for an inanimate body. Frankenstein was so happy to finish his work that he brought the creature to life. Frankenstein left Frankenstein after the creature was born. Victor stated, “Unable, to endure the aspect I had created, [I rushed out] and continued a long while traversing my bedroom, unable to concentrate my mind to sleep (Shelley 43).” Victor dismissed his creation simply because he couldn’t get past their looks. Victor could have accepted the Monster and made a better relationship. Frankenstein’s rejection was his first step towards losing his happiness and future. He was able to redeem himself before the Monster, and he promised him that he would make a companion for him. But again, he denied him that right. Victor spent months crafting a companion for the Monster and when he was nearly done, he “tore up” the Monsters companion.

Victor Frankenstein wishes he could kill the Monster he created at the end of Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s body is visited by the Monster. He informs Walton that the Monster regrets the crimes he committed and plans to commit suicide. Frankenstein’s suicide suggests that he didn’t learn much from his own life. Frankenstein’s final collapse is caused by his desire to pursue the Monster. “You may give-up your purpose, but my purpose is assigned to me heaven, and I dare to not.” Frankenstein starts the story determined and ambitious to create the Monster. At the end, he remains motivated and ambitious in his quest for the destruction of the Monster. Frankenstein’s final words reaffirm his warning about ambition and the dangers it can lead to: “Yet, why do I say that?” Frankenstein’s death was the result of his inability to learn from his mistakes.

The Monster, on the other hand, shows that he has learned much over the course of his book. He has learned to overcome anger, envy, and vengefulness. He regrets his actions. Frankenstein is disturbed by the fact that the Monster remains alive and dies, but the Monster reconciles with him to the point that he plans to commit suicide. The Monster’s decision not to commit suicide demonstrates the importance of companionship. He knows that Frankenstein is dead and that he is now alone in the world. Therefore, he recognizes the importance of companionship. Some readers believe that Frankenstein is the villain in the novel. He continues his destructive behavior until the end, while the Monster grows and changes. Others have pointed out that Walton didn’t see the Monster actually kill himself. We all know the Monster is smart and persuasive. It’s possible that he may announce his intent to kill himself so Walton doesn’t follow him.


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