Double ABC-X Model paper

his assignment requires you to critically reflect on the content you have learned in module 1, including the application of the Double ABC-X Model. You must complete all the required readings for module one in order to complete this assignment. For this paper you will use the case study described in lecture 1 and one of the two stressors presented in that case study to complete the following task: Using the Double ABC-X Model, please explain the process by which family X might respond to one of the two stressors provided. Be sure to explain, A—the stressor/stress event, B—the family’s resources to respond to the event, C—the family’s perception of the event, and X—the crisis the family experiences as a result of the original stress event. This short paper assignment should be 2 to 3 pages double spaced (app. 600 to 900 words) not including an APA formatted title page. Be sure to include a clear introductory paragraph as well as a conclusions paragraph. Please review the “APA Formatting PowerPoint” in BeachBoard under content for APA formatting instructions. CASE STUDY: • A DUAL-EARNING COUPLE WITH TWO CHILDREN (AGES 7 AND 10 YEARS OLD) HAVE BEEN GREATLY IMPACTED BY THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. ONE PARTNER IS A SELF-EMPLOYED PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE OTHER PARTNER IS A SALE REPRESENTATIVE FOR A FOOD DISTRIBUTING COMPANY. BOTH PARENTS HAVE BEEN RESTRICTED TO WORKING FROM HOME WHILE JUGGLE THE CARE AND EDUCATION OF THEIR CHILDREN WHILE SCHOOLS HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS AND IMPLEMENTED AN E-LEARNING FORMAT. STRESSOR: • ONE OF THE TWO PARENTS IN THIS FAMILY HAS JUST LOST THEIR JOB DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. OR • ONE OF THE TWO PARENTS IN THIS FAMILY HAS JUST BEEN HOSPITALIZED AND TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. • **YOU CAN DECIDE ADDITIONAL PERCEPTIONS AND RECOURSES AVAILABLE TO THIS FAMILY AS THEY PROCESS THESE ADDITIONAL STRESSORS.

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