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Earth sciences are the study of the solid Earth and its waters as well as the air surrounding it. These include the atmospheric, hydrologic and geologic sciences.

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Earth sciences aim to understand Earth’s past and present features, and then to apply this knowledge to the benefit of humanity. The Earth scientist’s primary concern is to examine, describe and classify all features of Earth. This is how the best, most acceptable, and longest-lasting ideas are created.

The Earth sciences today are divided into many different disciplines. These are then divisible into six groups.


These subjects deal with water and air above or below the Earth’s solid surface. These subjects include hydrology, glaciers and ice cap (glaciology), oceanography (oceanography), meteorology (meteorology), as well as the study of the climates around the globe (climatology). These fields are separated from the geologic sciences which are focused on the solid Earth and are included in the hydrologic and atmospheric sciences.

-Disciplines that study the physical-chemical composition of the solid Earth. These include the study minerals (mineralogy), three main types of rocks (igneous and sedimentary), the chemistry and structures of rocks (geochemistry), and the physical properties and geophysics of rocks at Earth’s interior and surface (geophysics).

Geomorphology is the study of landforms. It involves the description and analysis of features on the earth’s surface as well as the investigation of the processes that created them.

-Disciplines that study the geologic history and evolution of Earth. This includes the study of fossils (paleontology), stratigraphy (stratigraphy), and isotopic chemistry (geochronology).

-Applied Earth sciences, which deal with practical applications that are beneficial to society. These include studies of fossil fuels (oil and natural gas, coal), mineral deposits, geothermal energy for heating and electricity, the structure and compositions of bedrock to locate bridges, nuclear reactors and roads; hazards involving rock, mud, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; coastal, cliff and soil erosion.

Astrogeology is the study of the rock records on the Moon, planets, and satellites. This field also includes the study of terrestrial features, such as tektites (glassy objects that result from meteorite impacts) or astroblemes.

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