End of the season Coach Speech

End of the season Coach Speech – Assignment Help

Hello, my name is Martin and I am the U12s coach. This is Paul, one of my partners in crime. Another season is over and it has been quite an interesting one! Twelve months ago, I wouldn’t have believed that we would do so well. We started pre-season with 8 players and now have 23 players, which includes a mix of U11s/U12s/U13s. We’ve won 11 games against teams such as Phoenix, Reading Abbey. Chesham, Thatcham, Abbotts, Chesham, Ruislip and Thatcham. The Thacham coach commented on how concerned he was about our running game when his team had to face us at Slough Tournament. This is a big plus as we had a positive result against them earlier in the season. We’ve had our fair share of difficulties, including when training was cancelled and the loss at Bracknell in the early part of the season.

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Season Review

The initial plan was to get the players playing together and improve support play. This was a success because both Our Forwards as well as our back line showed a flair for open, running rugby. As the season progressed, so did their confidence. By the second half of season, they were able to assert themselves in training and games. It was then that the team started to feel like they had been playing together their whole lives.

We have done well, and we all probably felt a little disappointed in the first half of the season. However, it is important to remember that next year will be better and we have learned some valuable lessons. The great thing about this sport is that we all have the ability to improve and do better. The results can be incredible when everyone works together.


We first give out the Individual Awards. Then we award the three main awards for each age group: coaches’ player, most improved, and player of the Year.


Megan No8/Centre. Josh Prop. Ryley Hooker. Zac Prop. Harvey 2nd Row. Robert 2nd Row. Reiss 2nd Row. Ned scrum half/fly, Dan Fly half. Dan Fly half/Centre. seb Wing. Aran wing. Luke G wing. Jaden wing/full back. Charlie wing/centre. Matthew wing. Jack Centre Kieran Srum Half.

U11s Coaches Player, Although small in stature, this player has a great heart and is always willing to do his best. Luke Gardner

U11s Most Improved: This player was shy and timid at the beginning of the season. But, by asserting himself in training, listening, and wanting to learn, he has become a better player. This was evident in the match against Reading Abbey, where he displayed some great running and support play = Sebastian Gray

U11s Player Of The Year: This award goes to someone who is fast, good at tackle and has never been intimidated by anyone of size.

Harvey Blasquez, U12 Coaches Player: This player is a listener, and shows teamwork and discipline. You can ask him to play anywhere, and he won’t moan. He will just go for it and play his game= Harvey Blasquez

U12 Most Improved, All players have made technical improvements, but this award goes beyond the pitch. It is clear that he enjoys his rugby and his attitude this year. In previous seasons, his parents thought us coaches were blaming him for his behavior. But this season, we coaches have not had the need to drag him to the side to have a conversation.

U12 Player of Year, This player exemplifies all core values: Respect, Discipline Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship and Sportsmanship. Phoenix is always happy to see this player and the opposition coaches often comment on how great he is.


These guys were U10s the last time I coached them. It was difficult to make a decision, but eventually it was made.

U13 Coaches Player: – This player can talk easily and understands the game well. He can also be vocal and assist younger players. = Dan Harris

U13 Most Improved: – This player is a cheeky, smiling face and displays all core values. He has also improved since he was coached at U10s = Ryley vanstone

U13 Player of Year: It is obvious that there are only three U13 players. This player cares about others and assists players with less experience during training and games. Kieran Lanigan is a great communicator and helps to make others feel at ease.

Player player

We also did the Players player vote this year as a whole team, giving players an opportunity to vote for their team mates. It was close vote, but Aran emerged victorious.

I can’t stop thanking the gentlemen and ladies who do such a wonderful job making sure that we don’t starve or thirst. They have fixtures to play. We are grateful for all you do for us. A big thank you to the parents who support us as coaches and help us achieve our goals on the pitch. I want to thank all the players who showed up for training in spite of the weather. It doesn’t matter if you win, it matters how you play the game. This is why it’s such an honor to be associated with people who are so passionate about the game.

End of the season Coach Speech – Assignment Help

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