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The study of the environment is an inter-disciplinary academic field that combines ecology, meteorology and engineering. The quantitative discipline of environmental science has both theoretical and applied aspects. It is influential in forming policies for governments all over the world. The study of environmental science can be considered separately from environmental studies. This discipline focuses on the human relationship to the environment as well as the political and social dimensions. An example: A researcher in environmental studies may focus on the political and economic aspects of international climate-change protocol protocols. However, an environmental scientist would attempt to understand climate change through modeling its effects and evaluating mitigation options.

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Although the study of the environment has been around for as long as human endeavors, the modern field in environmental science was born out of growing public concern and awareness about environmental issues in the 1960s-’70s. The rise of nuclear proliferation, growing concern over the anthropogenic release toxins and chemicals and books like Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), and Paul R. Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb (1968) raised awareness of the need to study the environmental effects of human activities. Environmental science, a rapidly growing field, began to quantify the impacts of natural disasters like the Three Mile Island explosion in 1979. The job of an environmental scientist is to analyze the environment and find solutions. They can be employed by government, industry or universities.


Engineering is the application of science to maximize the use of natural resources for human benefit. Engineers Council for Professional Development in the United States defines engineering as “the creative application of scientific principles to design or create structures, machines, apparatus or manufacturing processes or works using them alone or in combination; or construct or operate them with full cognizance; or to forecast their behaviour in specific operating conditions; all as respects a intended function, economics, safety to life or property; all that is necessary to ensure they are safe to use; especially in Great Britain where the term engineering is used loosely to describe the manufacture or assembly engines, machine tools and parts

Ingenious and engine are both derived from the Latin root ingenerare which means “to create.” Civil engineers were the counterpart to the military engineer. They used the same skills and knowledge to design buildings, streets and water supplies as the military engineer.

Magnified phytoplankton (pleurosigma Angulatum), as seen through a microscope. This is a popular object to test the high power of microscopes. Photomicroscopy. Blog 2009 Hompepage, History and Society, Science and Technology, Explore Discovery

Engineering is associated with a wealth of knowledge. Professional practice requires extensive training in how to apply that knowledge. Professional societies are formed to maintain standards in engineering practice. They are usually organized on a regional or national basis. All members acknowledge a responsibility to the general public above and beyond their responsibilities to employers or other members of the society.

Scientists are expected to be able to understand, engineers must do the opposite. Engineers bring the knowledge gained by scientists to practical problems. Scientists contribute to the body of scientifically verified knowledge about the physical world. Engineering is a combination of physics, mathematics, and chemistry. These knowledges can be extended into materials science and thermodynamics.

Engineers are limited in their ability to choose the problems they are interested in, unlike scientists. Engineers must address problems as they arise and must find solutions that satisfy all competing requirements. Efficiency is expensive, safety is more complicated, and better performance means that you will gain weight. Engineering solutions are the best, which is the result that takes into consideration many factors. It might be the most reliable within a certain weight limit, the easiest that meets safety requirements or the most cost-effective. Many engineering problems have significant social and environmental consequences.

Engineers use two types of natural resources: energy and materials. Materials have many useful properties. These include their strength, ease-of-fabrication, lightness or durability, their ability to conduct, insulate, conduct, and their chemical, electrical or acoustical characteristics. Fossil fuels include coal, petroleum, natural gas, wind, sunlight and falling water. Engineers must be concerned with both the continuous development and efficient use of existing resources, as most resources are finite.

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