Esponse to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Towlson’s Lecture

Esponse to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Towlson’s Lecture;

Respond to a specific point in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the attached lecture by Towlson. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUOTE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WRITING TO WHAT YOU ARE RESPONDING TO AND TO INCLUDE REFERENCES TO BOTH SOURCES OF MEDIA! Here are the details below: Your journal responses should reflect your thoughts, reactions, and questions from the readings. Of course, these responses should reflect a close reading of the analysis and of the narrative (whether read or viewed). You might extend the author’s argument or you might counter it. You should avoid summarizing. Feel free to be daring in your response, but remain relevant to the material. Your response should be between 200 and 300 words and follow the specified MLA format. Example Post: Scott Poole (from “Preface”): “But before we start talking about ‘monsters as metaphors,’ let’s examine that construction a bit and you will see why I would rather just assert my belief in monsters [. . . .] Metaphors can be beautiful, inexact, or just plain silly, but, regardless, nobody takes them seriously. The phrase ‘just a metaphor’ sounds suspiciously to me like ‘just a waste of time.'” Of course, Poole is wrong in saying that no one takes metaphors seriously. In fact, they are so integral to our language and the way we communicate that without them our ability to communicate would suffer immensely. Poole, himself, will depend on metaphorical language in paragraph after paragraph. He refers to the “slipperiness of monsters”; he acknowledges the power of Judith Halberstam’s metaphorical depiction of monsters as “meaning machines.” The truth of monsters is metaphorical. We understand our world better and even ourselves better by seeing the similarities between the make-believe world of monsters and the real world without them. Poole will even say “Monsters have been, from ancient times, invested with meanings divine and demonic, theological or fearfully natural.” When he uses the phrase “invested in meaning” he is referring to their metaphorical meaning. Without metaphors, things only refer to themselves. Metaphors help us see similarities in differences.

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