Essay about immigration causes and effects1

Essay about immigration causes and effects
In recent years, the issue of immigration has been a major concern around the world prompting tutors to encourage and guide students on how to write essay about immigration causes and effects. The increasing number of immigrants living in developed countries is the reason. People who leave their home country to settle in another country are called immigrants (Williams). The region they are allowed to reside in determines how many immigrants can be divided into these two groups.
There are legal immigrants, who, before they settle in another country, apply for authority from the immigration department. They are issued legal documents, such as passports, to show that they are not from the country but are allowed to enter it (Williams p.83). Illegal immigrants, on the other hand choose to not seek permission and instead sneak past the border to enter the country.
Because they aren’t identified, illegal immigrants create more problems for the country where they settle. The illegal immigrants have caused protests from citizens. The United States of America is just one of many countries that illegal immigrants have invaded.
Essay about immigration causes and effects must mention the main categories of immigrants who enter another country as legal and illegal. The legal immigrants are those who seek authorization from the immigration department in order to enter the country. They can then obtain legal documents and be treated as citizens of the nation.
Illegal immigrants are those who illegally enter a country’s borders and decide to stay there without permission (Williams, 83). Illegal immigrants are often the ones who cause the problems of immigration, not the legal ones. This paper is therefore a summary of the problem of immigration, especially in the United States.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Migration’s Impacts
The city’s life is increasingly influenced by migration. Large numbers of people move to cities because of the many opportunities and attractions they offer. The life of migrants can have both positive and negative consequences.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Positive Impact
• People get better job opportunities and unemployment is lower.
• Migration can improve the quality of life for people.
• As they learn new cultures, customs and languages, it helps improve the social life of individuals. This helps to foster brotherhood between people.
• The region experiences greater economic growth due to the migration of skilled workers.
• Children get better opportunities for higher education.
• The population density decreases and the birth rate drops.
• Learn more about Seeds.
Negative Impact
• Loss of a rural person can have an impact on rural development and output.
• Urban workers are more competitive for jobs, housing, and school facilities.
• A large population places too much stress on natural resources, amenities, and services.
• A villager cannot survive in urban areas. There is no pure air and no natural environment. They must pay for everything.
• The population changes with migration. India’s distribution is therefore uneven.
• Many migrants are completely unliterate and not educated, so they are not only unable to do most jobs but also have a lack of basic knowledge and skills.
• They are unable to lead a normal, healthy life due to poverty.
• Children who grow up in poverty do not have access to good nutrition, education, or proper health care.
• The growth of slums in cities has led to an increase in problems like unhygienic conditions and crime.
• Sometimes, migrants are exploited.
One of the major causes of an increasing number of nuclear families as discussed in Essay about immigration causes and effects is migration. Children grow up in a smaller family circle and are unable to have a larger family.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Illegal immigrants
Because of its open borders policy, the United States of America is a popular destination for illegal immigrants. The United States allows illegal immigrants to enter the country through its constitution. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the United States is the country with the greatest number of immigrants. The 2009 population of illegal immigrants was 10.8 millions (Espenshade195).
Students writing Essay about immigration causes and effects need to note that illegal immigrants to the United States of America have had both negative and positive effects on economic and social status. They have caused problems such as a bilingual society and drug trafficking. The society is greatly helped by illegal immigrants who perform tasks that civilized Americans wouldn’t do, such as the construction industry.
The causes of immigration
It is also critical that student address the issue of causes of immigration when writing Essay about immigration causes and effects. For instance, people flee their home country because of various problems in the surrounding areas. They decide to relocate to safer and more comfortable areas. The following are some of the main causes of immigration in today’s world:
Unrests and wars in politics
Essay about immigration causes and effects have to explain more about unrests and wars in politics. This is one reason why people move to other parts of the globe. People move to peace and harmony because they are often in areas where politicians and governments practice corruption. People will flee from civil war-torn nations to seek peace in peaceful areas.
Freedom and Rights
Essay about immigration causes and effects explain in deep what freedom and rights meant during immigration era. Everyone wants to be free and have the right to do what they want, provided it is legal. Another reason for immigration is the deprivation rights. People who are being prosecuted for their religion or cultural beliefs tend to flee from those areas and seek out places that will accept them.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Poverty
When hunger becomes too much, people are forced to leave their homes in search for better pasture. This is often due to areas that are flooded or have been draught-stricken. People move to areas where they can eat food to avoid starvation.
Migration in Africa: Causes
Students also at liberty to reveal what led to migration in African when developing essay about immigration causes and effects. Preindustrial times saw environmental factors such as droughts, natural catastrophes, and climate influencing human migration decisions. This relationship between environment and migration is illustrated by the expansion of Bantu-speaking communities through Central Africa.
Before we get into the migration of Bantu peoples, it is important that we remember that Bantu doesn’t refer to one community. It refers to a language family that has many speakers who also share many cultural practices. There are many hundred different Bantu languages. Swahili is the most common.
Bantu language speakers spread from West Africa to Central and Southern Africa around 2000 BCE. See the map below. Yellow indicates areas that are predominantly Bantu-speakers. Bantu-speakers settled in areas that were well-suited for Bantu agricultural practices.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Migration in the Pacific:
Factors that limit the number of people who can live in an area are most significant include their ability to produce food. Migration was a result of limited production and space on many islands in the Pacific Ocean. Although we don’t know the exact population of the prehistoric Pacific, we can make guesses using other evidence. It seems that the general trend was that the bigger the island, it would support more people.
Long stretches of open ocean between islands in the Pacific are the biggest obstacle to traveling. The technology used by Pacific Islanders to navigate between islands was a combination of outrigger canoes and catamarans.
Immigrants’ effects

Both the positive and negative effects of immigration on the country where they settle are mixed. The cons outweigh any benefits, with the only benefit being the availability of low-cost labor for informal jobs (Swanson 1). These are the negative effects of immigration.
First, the United States of America is overpopulated by immigrants. The result is that resources are limited because they have been overwhelmed with the growing population.
Overpopulation is what leads to other problems like increased crime rates, pollution and congestion in housing. If the immigrant population continues to grow, they could cause conflict with natives and fight for their lands.
Current Immigration Policies and Remedies: Essay about immigration causes and effects
It is unacceptable to accept immigration as a social and economic problem. One way to reduce immigration to a minimum level is by enacting strict rules regarding immigration.
The Secure Fence Act of 2006 and the Comprehensive Immigration form have been implemented by the United States government at the border with Mexico. In an effort to decrease the number of Mexican immigrants entering the United States, Bush initiated this.
The act allowed the construction of a fence at the southern border with Mexico. The Act also authorized additional vehicle barriers, checkpoints, and more lighting at the border to ensure legal migration. The Comprehensive Immigration form, on the other hand has increased funding for border security and ensured that border safety was improved by adding border patrol agents to the mix.
Exploring The Roots Immigration: Essay about immigration causes and effects
In its simplest form, immigration is simply the movement of people from one country to another. It is an essential aspect of human history.
The concept of immigration predates all existing laws. Nomadic tribes moved from one place to another long ago to seek out fertile lands, pastures to raise their livestock, and areas that were rich in hunting and fishing.
Modern immigration continues around the globe. The demographic composition of those who cross borders has changed significantly over the last decade. It can be attributed to many factors, which we can divide into two groups: push and pull factors.
These factors must be examined in order to fully understand the rise of global migration over the years.
Factors For Pushing and Pulling
It is crucial to understand the factors that drive individuals to move to reach well-developed immigration policies and solutions.
People all over the world migrate for many reasons, which we call “push” or “pull”.
People are forced to move away from their home area by pushing factors. Common factors include armed conflict and disaster exposure, gender inequalities, lack of job opportunities and political corruption. Simply put, push factors are reasons people leave.
On the other hand, pull factors are the exact opposite to push factors. They are what attract people to settle down in an area. Some common pull factors include greater job opportunities, better security, and easy access to quality healthcare and education. Simply put, these are reasons that encourage people to move.
However, immigration is more complicated than being pulled and pushed as revealed by students when writing essay about immigration causes and effects: Push and pull is a combination that encourages a person leave their place of origin and draws them to a destination.
The push and pull factors for immigrants are not the same for everyone.
However, although factors can change based on age, gender and health, a push/pull factor can describe a pattern that can also be attributed to many reasons.
Quality of Life Factors
It is also important to discuss the quality of life when drafting essay about immigration causes and effects: Individuals’ quality of life can be affected by many factors, but they could also influence immigration. These include poverty and labor standards.
Most people are drawn to work opportunities in an area that aren’t available back in their home country. Data analysis shows that immigrants experience a higher quality of life because of migration. This is evident in their financial status and job satisfaction.
People from countries like Syria, which has a high unemployment rate at 50%, often migrate to the United States in order to escape poverty or lack of job opportunities. People from developing countries such as the United States have many benefits, including a social network that can be beneficial for those who are not native to these countries.
Nearly two-thirds (or nearly 164 million) of international migrants were immigrants in 2017. Access to quality education and access to health services that are not available in their country is another important factor in determining a person’s quality life.
Factors that War-Torn Countries Need to Know
The presence of conflict and war is a major socio-political factor that encourages people to leave their home country.
Oppression based on one’s race, religion, gender, or culture can have a serious impact on quality of life. This increases the likelihood of someone settling somewhere else.
Asylum seekers are people fleeing persecution, conflict zones and human rights violations. They seek international protection and a safer area. Refugees are people who have been forced to flee because of external factors such as war.
A large number of people have fled their homeland to seek refuge in Europe in recent years to escape persecution and terror, conflict, or persecution. More than 25% of Syrian asylum seekers were granted protection status. Afghan and Iraqi refugees followed suit.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Environmental Factors
Climate change and natural disasters are two environmental factors that have a significant impact on poor families, particularly in less developed countries.
People who are subject to frequent flooding, hurricanes, or earthquakes are more likely to migrate. Climate change will likely increase immigration flows by making weather events more severe.
To avoid suffering from the natural calamities, environmental immigrants must leave their home country.
These are the three environmental factors that could have a significant impact on immigration according to the United Nations Environment Programme’s Statement on Climate Change and Immigration
The effects of warming: A constant increase in temperature will slow down the productivity of agricultural land, which can lead to poor soil fertility and a shortage of clean water.
Extreme Weather Events may increase: Millions of people could be affected by extreme weather events such as severe storms or flash floods.
Rising Sea Level: Sea level is rising, posing a grave environmental threat to low-lying areas. It could lead to permanent displacement of over a million people.
Why Do People Immigrate to the USA?
The United States of America is the main destination for foreign migrants, according to the UN’s World Migration Report of 2020. This report was published in 2020.
In just 50 years, the number foreign-born citizens of the country has quadrupled — from 12 million to nearly 51 million in less than 50.
Although the reasons for many immigrants to the US have changed over the years, the core factors that make the US a top destination for immigration remain the same.
The Best Place to Live
Because of its better living conditions, essay about immigration causes and effects reveals that the United States is a top choice for immigrants.
It has a vibrant economy that offers many opportunities for all ages. The wages are higher than in most other countries and the cost of living is relatively low. Individuals who come from a larger society tend to prefer American individualistic values.
Long-distance family members are a great example of why immigrants are encouraged to move to the United States. These people want their children to immigrate to America with them when they get their green cards.
The United States also has access to quality education and healthcare that isn’t available in other countries.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Impacts
The complexity of the factors and patterns involved in immigration is increasing each year. It is crucial to be aware of the impact of immigration on our society.
What are the causes and consequences of immigration?
Economic output growth: Increased labor force and productivity can be a result of net immigration. This can lead to an increase in living standards and a decrease in dependency. Higher economic growth is a result of immigration. This allows for greater national spending opportunities and higher tax revenues.
Better Workforce: Immigration has a positive impact on the economy. For example, the UK attracts highly-skilled professionals to fill vacant jobs. This contributes further to the country’s tax revenues. This is because immigrants tend to have higher education and skills.
Flexibility in the labor market: When wages are high, immigrants move to countries that have higher labor needs. High mobility of immigrants keeps a booming economy in check from overheating. They provide labor to meet growing demand.
Undesirable Job Opportunities: Native-born people have difficulty filling certain positions due to their low wages or lack of prestige. Employers and businesses that rely on flexibility to fill job vacancies make a profit from immigration. Native-born workers can also seek work that is more skilled by immigrants who fill low-skilled jobs.
In a world of tight labor markets, a growing shortage of workers is widely recognized as one of the most significant obstacles to sustained economic growth.
Without fail, immigration is the key to the success of many businesses and the filling of the growing labor market shortage.
There are many factors that influence immigration decisions. This complex process requires good research and political will. But most importantly, it requires collective action by citizens.
The immigrant community is bringing new life to rural and urban areas, shaping labor markets and building a dynamic society. All of this starts with a simple “push” and “pull”.
Solved Example
Q1. Q1. What are the advantages of living in villages?
Sol: Villagers live in natural environments. There are many soothing sounds. There are many soothing sounds, such as the murmurs of trees and the gurgles of rivers. The people here live as a large family and support each other in all things. Elders resolve disputes among them.
Q2. Q2. What are the detractors of village life?
Sol: Villages offer less opportunity for earning. Hospitals are not equipped with the necessary facilities. The latest technological advances are not known by the majority of people. The quality of education is lower than in a city.
Essay about immigration causes and effects: Conclusion
The above discussion shows that immigration is the root cause of most economic and social problems. The actions of the immigrants can’t be held responsible, as they are seeking peaceful areas. Therefore, it would be against human rights to chase down and discipline immigrants. In fact, some immigrants cross the border to be safe or get cheap work to support their livelihoods.
This is a great way to help in the construction, restaurant, truck driving, and masonry industries, which all heavily depend on immigrants. Employers prefer to hire illegal immigrants as they can save so much on wages. Even though illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, their contribution to the economy is counterbalanced by the fact that they do not enjoy public goods or services.

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