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Are you looking for an inspirational essay about love? You are at the right place. All of us have experienced different types of love at one time or another. Our parents teach us how love is expressed through words, actions, and feelings as we grow up. Love is life. Without it, life would be empty.

We see love in many aspects of our lives. A beautiful feeling of affection that expresses love and friendship is often called love. We can solve many social problems in a world that is full of them if we love more. People have forgotten to love, which is why there is so much violence and senseless murders.

Although love can be expressed in many different ways, it is important to remember that it hurts when love is not shown the right way. We are happier and more satisfied with our lives when we love. It is a universal theme that pervades our lives and makes life better. We read many texts about love throughout the semester. Here is a look an essay about love including the theme of Love in various texts, movies, and everyday life.

Essay about love: Love is a theme in various texts

Love is multidimensional in that it can also be seen from different perspectives. You can see love in all areas, including religion, morality and psychology. The following texts show how love can be expressed in many ways; some are interrelated. There are many ways to express love, such as in movies and texts. The power of love is to stand up for the people and things we love. The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson is the first text.

This text defines love as taking a strong stand to defend the rights of your people. Colonialism was an evil act that displayed hatred and superiority over other people (Barnet 201). Jefferson believed that all men were created equal and that government should respect their rights. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For the betterment of all citizens, government should be removed from power if it is abusing its authority. We must fight for what we value or believe in in life. One simple example is that our family members are loved unconditionally and no one can take them away.
If love isn’t contained or directed towards the right person, it can cause harm.

The poems Daemon Lover and “Christine”, as well as the book “Natural”, show that even romantic love can cause harm. It is not our choice to choose who we love. However, we can choose to love wisely. It is important to love someone/something that serves our best interests. Roy Hobbs, in The Natural, was destined to greatness. However, he couldn’t realize his lust after Memo, who was a negative influence on his life. Roy Hobbs saw Lemon Iris as his true love and gave him a chance for happiness. People often become addicted to things that lead to their downfall.

Drug addicts for example are so dependent on drugs that they don’t realize how much it is ruining their lives. Like Roy Hobbs in Natural, many people fall in love with beautiful people but not because they are best for us. We end up confused about life and love. Love should be in our best interests and bring out the best of us. This was not the case with Roy Hobbs (Malamud 123). True love does not conform to popular culture beliefs.

Christine (film/book) – Arnold’s blinding, obsessive, and self-destructive love for Christine is the focus of his movie/book. This is the type of love we should avoid. Arnold falls for a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Strangely, he can’t see the car’s condition the same way his friend does. Arnie says to his friend “Whoa whoa!” It appears that the obsession is mutual. “You better be careful what you say about me car. “She’s really sensitive” (King 56).

To Arnold, Christine is an absolutely flawless car so that he bought it impulsively. Arnie spends his time fixing Christine and he leaves his family and friends. Christine also falls in love with Arnie and runs over Arnie’s enemies when Arnie goes out of town. The tragic tales of love gone wrong are shared by Christine and The Natural. Roy cannot let go of his love for Memo and therefore, he can’t find happiness. It is frustrating to see him so attached to Memo. Roy’s obsession in Memo prevents him from moving on. This causes his personal growth to be stifled. Roy’s obsessive tendencies end up ruining his life.

Christine was killed by the possessive car. Arnie’s love of Christine blinds him to the warning signs of the car. Arnie was aware that Christine had self-repaired. He also knew the history of Christine’s life, but he loved it so much that he ignored it. Christine destroyed his relationships with his girlfriend, family and friend. If we don’t take care, the things/people we love can cause us to lose our relationships with them.

Modern society is obsessed with material possessions and has abandoned real relationships. People are attracted to success, money, power, and all the benefits they bring. As in The Natural or Christine, falling in love materially or with power is not a way to feel the void. Without love, life is meaningless. We make it worse by falling in love with inanimate objects.

Arnold was a geek who struggled to find meaningful relationships. His love for Christine led him to lose his few relationships and gave him a false sense about himself (King, 112). This concept of love is that love shouldn’t destroy the relationships we have. As inanimate objects can’t love us back, love for inanimate objects is not a substitute for love for our loved ones, family, friends, and loved ones.

The text also mentions the common concept of love as the fact that we are more confident when we love someone. We cannot bear to disappoint someone we love. The main character in World War z would do anything for his family. Everyone is trying desperately to keep their loved ones close, but the post-apocalyptic zombies seem in control.

Because he is capable, the Main character is assumed to be in charge. This is a risky situation that he takes because he loves his family. Hobbit (book) also features Bilbo, who is shy and timid and becomes a hero when he overcomes his fear to help hobbits, dwarfs, and elves along his journey. Bilbo admits that he has never used a sword in his life (Tolkien 8). Bilbo is confronted by evil wolves and Gollum, but he manages to escape.

Bilbo defeats the giant spiders by his own means. . . It made a huge difference to Mr. Baggins. “He felt a new person and more determined and bold despite having an empty stomach.” (Tolkien 54). Love should encourage people to fight for what they believe in, even when it’s hard. The main character in World War z could have given up and gone home with his family.

But because of his love, he chose to fight for the greater good (Brooks 58). We are compelled to act of kindness even though it does not always benefit us. However, it is a blessing for the entire population. Thomas Jefferson, a brave man, had a deep love for his country and fought for independence. The characters in the above texts, such as Bilbo and Roy Hobbs from The Natural, or Dennis in Christine, are willing to take chances to protect the people they love.

We see how society’s expectations can affect our love. The Daemon Lover is Chapter 5 of Writing Essays about Literature. It’s a story by Griffith. Janie, the main character in the Daemon Lover wakes up to find her husband gone. She was meant to marry, but she is unable to decide which dress to wear to her wedding. She’s 34 and cannot wait to get married. Society looks down upon women older than 30 who have not been married (Griffith 78).

Sometimes, how we love can be determined by society. Sometimes our socio-economic background can influence how we love. People who are attractive, thin, and with a good personality are portrayed in popular culture and movies. Janie insists on marrying him even though she loves him. However, society was closing in on her window to get married. This is also true in our daily lives. When we reach a certain age, our parents expect that we have found the love and should settle down.

We can see many different definitions of love in the movies and articles. The stories show how love makes characters do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Love can be a motivator, but can also cause us to do the wrong thing. Christine’s Arnie is nearly destroyed by his love for his car. Janie, the Daemon Lover is near insanity as she is expected to marry and is lonely. If you need an exciting essay about love, do not hesitate to contact boompapers for the perfect piece.

Essay about love: Meaning/value of love in modern society

It seems that love in today’s society is more expressed in movies than it is in real life. It seems that people have forgotten the importance of love in their daily relationships. It is evident in all areas of our lives. How we relate to our friends and what we read in the news are often a source of distrust rather than love.

An Essay on Love-800+Words - Education and Career

Love has lost it’s value in our lives. Violence has fostered our current society. Violence is what entertains most Americans. People love violent films and video games. Statisticians have proven that living in Chicago is safer than going to war in Afghanistan. We wonder if people have forgotten the importance of love and family. In America, a toddler cannot access a gun. To legalize deadly weapons that can be used to kill, bills are being introduced. People have grown so used to violence and hatred that they are unable to give up the chance to love.

We are seeing a decline of love in society. But even romantic love is on the verge of dying. America appears to have higher divorce rates than ever before. It seems that society is encouraging divorce, rather than taking steps to stop it. Many children are raised in single-parent families or dysfunctional families. Society has evolved a new set of values which have changed how people love and perceive each other. If love is not treated with the respect it deserves, there will be fewer divorces, less crime, and a more peaceful society.

The current state of materialism is alarming. It is not the same kind of materialism that Christine portrays in the movie. People are so obsessed about getting the best cars and money that they lose sight of the important things in life. American society is a man-eat-man society. Popular culture values materialistic materialism, status and immediate satisfaction of needs at the cost of moral values, love, and ethics.

With so many problems in society, it is important to reconsider the importance of love and how we can maintain it. Perhaps we can take the positive ideas of love from movies and apply them to our lives.
The first benefit of love is its ability to help us live a fulfilled life. Leo F. Buscaglia, 1924-1998, said that it is not enough to have lived. It is important to be determined to do something. “Creating joy for others, sharing our resources for the good of other people, bringing hope and love to the brokenhearted, is what I would suggest?

We can show others love by showing it. They will reciprocate our love. Giving is more important than receiving. The characters in the articles were open to doing whatever was necessary to express their love. The main character in World War Z, Bilbo, and Bilbo in Hobbit seem to live meaningful lives as they are dedicated to caring for others.

Love brings peace. The love we have for one another makes us more compassionate and kind. People from different backgrounds can come together through love, which creates a sense peace. Modern society is diverse. Each group has its own values. Through love, we can learn to connect with other members of society. The answer to many of the most pressing problems in society is love. If we were more loving than hateful, violence, bullying, and immorality would be addressed.


Love Essay

Love is the glue that holds our society together. It should not be underestimated. Reason and love are the foundations of civil society. Modern society is comprised of many people with different agendas. This makes it easy to get caught up in conflict and disagreement. People would easily be caught up in their own agendas and not care about the consequences for others without love and reason.

Love is more than a movie or literature theme. It is also the most important theme in life/ society. Each of us can show, attract, and maintain love if we have a solid sense of the worth of love. A love that is inclusive of equality-consciousness fosters self-empowerment and doesn’t limit one’s immediate circle of friends and family.

The beauty and fragility of love is like a rose. However, its stems are full of thorns. These articles and movies have shown that love can be fraught with jealousy, hatred, and conflicts. However, that shouldn’t stop us from loving. Shaye Smith says that love is a plant that dies when it is let go. Love fades when it is betrayed, lies, and indifferent.

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